ZAZ Vida (ZAZ "Vida"): technical specifications. Owner feedback

Auto ZAZ "Vida" is a modelpassenger personal transport, which is manufactured both in the body of a hatchback, and a sedan. Large-scale production was launched in 2012. In Ukraine, the car was sold only in March. A month later, the official presentation of the "Vida" hatchback from ZAZ took place. It took place in one of the largest car dealerships in Kiev.

This machine is considered one of the best ondomestic market. It is still actively bought, and the owners express positive reviews even after several years of operation. If you want to buy an inexpensive car of Ukrainian production, then you can safely take this copy.zaz


Machine ZAZ "Vida", the characteristic of whichpresented below, for the first time off the assembly line in 2012. The first batch was, respectively, a trial, while the process of obtaining certification was passing with the release. The body of the T250 was used on some models, including the Chevrolet Aveo, it became one of the line of cars that were produced in Ukraine. This machine was produced at the Zaporozhye plant, its working name is ZAZ "Vida". In Russia it is better known as Point.

February 2012 - it was at this time beganmass production. The complete assembly (stamping, bodywork, painting) was first performed on the main conveyor in Zaporozhye. The car was planned to be exported only when the share of Ukrainian components is more than half. The car ZAZ "Vida" from the original version will be different wheels, logos, options for configuration and, of course, the cost.

The machine in certain versions is equipped with variouspower plants. We are talking about licensing (1.5 liters), Melitopol (1.3 liters) and Korean (1.5 liters) engines. In the market you can see different options for the car. The sedan and a hatchback on 5 doors is issued.

Well-adjusted sale of the car ZAZ "Vida" in the dealershipnetwork of Ukraine appeared in the year of release. The producers faced the task of increasing the number of products and increasing the development of domestic components. It was originally known that the car will go on sale in Russia, however, in what form and with what cost, no one knew. For the first year, more than 10,000 copies were sold.

zaz type of engine

Special car version

In August 2012 in the Moscow Motor Show and inSeptember of the same year in the Metropolitan Motor Show (Ukraine) was presented the concept car ZAZ Vida Special Version in the body sedan, but with the front of the hatchback of the same modification.

The model is an independent developmentZaporozhye Automobile Plant. ZAZ Vida Special Version received a 1.4-liter power unit, running on gasoline, the maximum figure of power - 94 horses, which was produced directly by General Motors. The motor is paired with an automatic transmission (4 stages). A car like the Chevrolet Aveo for the Mexican market and the Chinese model Chevrolet Lova, but with another front bumper and grille. ZAZ Vida Special Version can go to mass production.zaz-like reviews


In May 2013 in the Kiev InternationalSIA car dealer presented a prototype of a van called ZAZ Vida Pick-up. The developers claim the 3000-liter boot and cargo capacity, which can reach seven hundred kilograms. Under the hood of the car is an 86-horsepower engine 1.5 liters, the type of fuel - gasoline. The launch of series production was scheduled for the end of 2013. This car is a copy of Chevrolet-Aveo, the only thing the company did was put up for sale the same model under its logo. The suspension has a lever structure, due to which the movement is carried out most smoothly. Potential buyers who were going to acquire ZAZ "Vida", the owners' reviews were studied in sufficient detail. From which we can draw a definite conclusion: there were no significant shortcomings. This is explained by the professionalism of the workers of the Zaporozhye plant.


The length of the car is: sedan - 4300 mm, hatchback - 4000 mm. Width: sedan - 1700 mm, hatchback - 1600 mm, height - 1500 mm; wheelbase - 2400 mm. These dimensions do not differ from the dimensions of Chevrolet. However, they made it possible to increase controllability and improve maneuverability at corners. The weight of the equipped car makes 1000-1200 kg., Therefore in the car it is possible to transport heavy enough cargoes and a considerable quantity of passengers. Due to this car ZAZ "Vida", the characteristics of which can be read in this article, received a lot of positive feedback from the owners. The volume of the fuel tank is 45 liters. The capacity of the luggage compartment of the sedan is 400 liters, the hatchback is 220 liters. If you need more space for large-sized cargo, you need to fold the rear seat, and the capacity will rise to 980 zaz type


Transmission of vehicles is made byfront-wheel drive with front wheel drive of different lengths. The model with the engine capacity of 1.5 liters is equipped with a mechanical five-speed gearbox, and the "Vida" 1.4 liter with an automatic transmission.

Prices and completing

ZAZ Vida is offered in five trim levels. They differ in their technical characteristics. Two models are equipped with an automatic transmission and are produced in the body of a sedan and a hatchback. The basic equipment of the sedan has a standard set: an airbag for the driver, a manual transmission that works with a medium-sized engine.

The next improved package includes manual transmission,air conditioning, airbags for the front passenger and, of course, the driver. There are electric windows and fog lights. Similar characteristics are available in both sedan and hatchback.

Prices for ZAZ "Vida" sedan with manual gearbox start from 90thousand UAH. (300 thousand rubles) for the base version. Improved LS with the same engine, hydraulic booster, air conditioning, airbag, power windows and fog lights costs from 98 thousand UAH. For completing the LT machine will have to pay a little more: from 117 thousand UAH.

Cars with a body hatchback in a complete set LS (5-step mechanics) cost 95 thousand grn. Version LT (automatic) - from 116 thousand UAH (302 thousand rubles).zaz type hatchback

Detailed description of the hatchback

So, ZAZ "Vida" in the body of the hatchback ispractically a copy of the Chevrolet-Aveo model, as already mentioned. What you should expect, the car is not much different from its original version in terms of technology and appearance. The front suspension has some features that are peculiar to the details of the foreign manufacturer, while the rear suspension is a design of levers. ZAZ "Vida" (hatchback) is very fond of both Russian and Ukrainian buyers. On the front wheels you can see installed disc type brakes, and on the rear wheels - drum. The car's parameters do not differ in any way: all dimensions remain the same.

The basic type includes the minimum required for medium-level security. Expensive versions differ by their comfort.zaz kind of owner reviews


The car ZAZ "Vida", whose engine, inprinciple, has quite acceptable characteristics, moves along the roads due to the gasoline power plant. The manufacturer installs two types of units:

  • four-valve - gearbox of mechanical type, and the speed of 100 km / h can be developed in 12 seconds;
  • the eight-valve engine is able to develop a power of 64 horsepower. And you can get the speed from the spot in 14 seconds.

zaz type of characteristicsIn principle, for a Ukrainian carproduction of these characteristics are really good. In the end, it's not about Germany, Japan or America, but about Ukraine. It is worth noting that this car ZAZ "Vida", the reviews of which confirm all the claimed characteristics, comes off the same assembly line as "Lanos", known throughout the country. The manufacturer had to create an excellent machine, improve it and completely bring under all the requirements of a modern driver. However, it is not easy to do this, if only because it was remembered by customers for their longevity, good endurance and complete immunity to the climatic conditions of any region.

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ZAZ Vida (ZAZ Vida): technical specifications. Owner feedback ZAZ Vida (ZAZ Vida): technical specifications. Owner feedback ZAZ Vida (ZAZ Vida): technical specifications. Owner feedback ZAZ Vida (ZAZ Vida): technical specifications. Owner feedback ZAZ Vida (ZAZ Vida): technical specifications. Owner feedback ZAZ Vida (ZAZ Vida): technical specifications. Owner feedback ZAZ Vida (ZAZ Vida): technical specifications. Owner feedback