Yury Vyazemsky, writer, TV host: biography, personal life. The host of the TV program "Clever Girls"

This man is distinguished by extraordinary charisma, deep erudition, the broadest outlook. These qualities helped him to realize himself in several professional roles. Today every second schoolboy knows him.

And, of course, Yuri Vyazemsky received even greater fame and recognition when he became the leading intellectual Olympiad for children, “Clever Men and Clever Girls”, where students from all over Russia compete in mental abilities and breadth of knowledge. And he established himself as a talented writer, releasing a whole series of books on historical subjects. It should be noted that Yuri Vyazemsky always tried to pay attention to the disclosure of potential in children.However, he considers himself not to be the most exemplary father and grandfather.

Yury Vyazemsky

In the biography of Vyazemsky there are many interesting and remarkable facts. Open them in more detail.


Already the answer to the question of who the ancestors of the now-famous writer and TV host were, contains intrigue. Earlier on the "First Channel" broadcast a program dedicated to the Vyazemsky pedigree. As it turned out, Yury Pavlovich turned out to be a representative of a noble family, who is linked by blood ties with the Rurikovich themselves. And the beginning of the pedigree is from Prince Athanasius Ivanovich Vyazemsky, who was the right hand of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The ancestor of the writer and presenter supported the policy of the oprichnina and personally carried out the orders of the sovereign in respect of those who were recognized as "sovereign criminals." However, after some time, Athanasius Ivanovich himself fell into disgrace of the king, after which he was accused of treason. The prince himself died from cruel torture, and all of his relatives were exiled to remote areas, depriving them of privileges and titles.

Paternal grandfather (last name - Stankevich) had Lithuanian and Polish roots. In the second half of the 30s, he became the person involved in the “case of Marshal Tukhochevsky” and was arrested by the Chekists. The Soviet court found Stankevich guilty, after which he was shot.Grandmother, fearing that the same fate could befall her and the son of Paul, immediately marries a man of low rank.

Vyazemsky Yury Pavlovich

But the Chekists later learned that Paul’s mother came from a noble family, and executed her. The young son began to be brought up in the foster family of the sculptor Vasily Simonov, who gave the step-son his middle name and surname.

As for the maternal grandfather, he was professionally engaged in historical science. He managed to collect a giant archive that contained invaluable information about the past of the city on the Neva. My grandfather also came from the nobility, but for obvious reasons he tried to hide his ancestry.

The father of the writer and TV presenter was a doctor and was an expert in the field of physiology, and his mother taught students foreign languages.

Years of childhood and adolescence

Vyazemsky Yuri Pavlovich is a native of the northern capital. He was born on June 5, 1951. It should be noted that from an early age his grandmother was engaged in bringing up the TV presenter of the “Clever and Clever” quiz. The fact is that his father was transferred after the academy to Moscow, having determined him to work at the clinical hospital named after him. Burdenko.Soon his mother and sister Zhenya left for the capital. But Yuri Vyazemsky today thanks the fate for the fact that the grandmother and partly grandfather, enriched by everyday experience and wisdom, engaged in up to 12 years of his moral and spiritual development. He studied music at the State Conservatory. Rimsky-Korsakov, as relatives saw in the Jurassic abilities for this kind of art.

Yuri Vyazemsky biography

For several years he played the violin.


But Yuri Vyazemsky himself to another. The teenager dreamed about the career of an actor, imagining how he plays roles in theater and cinema. The music was not indifferent to him, but Yuri was not ready at that moment to link his life with this art. Although he did not mind becoming an opera singer. “I will still have time to choose a profession,” Yury Pavlovich Vyazemsky reasoned. His family unexpectedly reunited in the first half of the 60s, after which his father contributed to the upbringing of Yuri, who for his merits in the field of medicine received a high title: academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Father and son spent a lot of time together and became very close in spirituality.Communication with the parent soon made the young man seriously think about his place in this life. Yury Vyazemsky then chose between three directions: opera art, ballet art and mummery art. But he soon left the music school and enrolled in an educational institution with in-depth study of the English language. The young man asks his mother to study English in addition to him and for the next six months he is diligently studying this language.


After receiving the certificate of maturity, Vyazemsky Yuri Pavlovich becomes a student of MGIMO, having chosen the faculty of international journalism for himself in advance. Fellow students and acquaintances of a young man simply wondered why he stopped at this profession. It is unlikely that on the first and second courses of the institute, Yuri Pavlovich himself could answer this question, but, as time showed, his choice was the right one.

Yuri Vyazemsky Clever and clever

Now the MGIMO walls seem to him, as never before, relatives, and teaching them is one of his main “missions”. Nevertheless, having received a diploma in international journalism, the young man goes to work in his specialty. But he categorically did not want to lose touch with MGIMO, therefore he entered graduate school for correspondence courses.

Yury Vyazemsky, whose biography contains many interesting and remarkable things, is employed in the “profile” journal International Affairs. In parallel, he is engaged in translations in various international companies.


But doing journalism, Yuri Pavlovich often remembers his childhood dream of becoming a theater actor. Once he argued with a friend that he was quite able to enter the drama school. Shchukin. And Vyazemsky really did it. However, having studied for the entire semester, Yuri Pavlovich was forced to retire. The fact is that there was an acute need to take care of their daily bread, since a graduate of MGIMO became a married man, and a child was born in his family. In addition, he suddenly realized that the acting profession is a heavy burden, which perhaps he cannot cope with. Vyazemsky the fact that the director may, for months or even years, deprive the actor of roles.

Writer's field

Difficult thoughts about the fate of the actor made Yury Pavlovich sit down at the pen. After some time, he will write his first literary work dedicated to the difficult everyday lives that are performed by mummers in the Melpomene temple.He is gradually fascinated by the field of writing, where he and the screenwriter, the director, and the director are all in one person. After some time, the first story by Vyazemsky, entitled “The Guns Were Brought”, goes to the reader’s judgment. This is a work in which the author raises the eternal problem of finding his “I” in this world, the maestro dedicated to his sister Yevgenia Simonova.

Vyazemsky Yury Pavlovich family

In 1982, Yuriy Pavlovich’s debut book was published, consisting of several short stories and the story “The Clown,” in which the ordinary schoolchild, Valia Tryapichnikov, raises profound moral issues. Currently, the bibliography of the writer includes more than 20 literary works.

"I write for" smart ... "

And he tells not only about the events of the past, but also concerns religious topics that the modern reader may not be ready to accept, so some doubt that such works will be in demand. However, the maestro has his own point of view on this. “I do not accept the expression“ mass reader ”. I am writing for smart people, and there are quite a few of them in our country, ”says Yury Vyazemsky. Writer's books make you think about the problem of the destination of a person in the society in which he lives.

In the late 80s, he, together with his father Peter Simonov, and an expert in the field of art history, P. Ershov, produced a joint religious-philosophical work entitled The Origin of Spirituality. The name speaks for itself.

Power, spirituality, the role of man in society - these are the problems that Yury Vyazemsky is trying to draw the attention of modern man to. Books are his instrument through which he tries to reach the consciousness of people who today live in an atmosphere of indifference to the misfortunes of their neighbor and lack of virtue.


In the early 90s, the writer decides to take a break in his work. One of her colleagues, who worked as an editor for the Young Guard publishing house, advises Vyazemsky to try her hand at television. The Directorate of TV was looking for a lead for a new program. Yury Pavlovich, who was not without telegenicity, was selected, but the project was soon closed. But as an alternative, Vyazemsky was offered to invent his own program and become its leader. The idea seemed promising to that, and he became the author of the television literary contest “Image”, which involved high school students.Vyazemsky is leading the project right up to the start of events that have entered Russian history as the August putsch. The creative atmosphere on television is changing, and Yuri Pavlovich does not want to work in new conditions.

Leading Yuri Vyazemsky

However, in 1992, the directorate of the Ostankino channel asks Vyazemsky to return back.

"Clever men and clever"

Moreover, a new project for teenagers was launched. The writer thought about everything carefully and, since he very much wanted to work with a children's audience, he agreed to work again on TV. He was entrusted to lead the program "Smart People". But its initial version was somewhat damp, so the Ostankino management offered Vyazemsky to slightly refine the project and become its lead. This is how the beloved program “The Smart and Clever Girls” appeared now. The purpose of her was to this day is to identify young shots that can show knowledge and intelligence. Moreover, senior pupils living in any geographical point of Russia can take part in the quiz. Well, as a reward, the presenter Yuri Vyazemsky of the “best of the best” honors the right to become MGIMO students without exams.For more than 20 years, the program has been broadcasting on Channel One, and its ratings remain consistently high. But even when, due to the lack of funding, “Clever people and clever people” were closed, Yury Pavlovich continued to issue a program at his own expense.


He repeatedly won the prestigious television award "Taffy" for the creation of the now-popular game show for children. Today he heads the department of world literature and culture at his home university.

Wife of Yuri Vyazemsky

In addition, Yuri Vyazemsky ("Clever and clever") is involved in the creation of serials of historical subjects. In 2006, the writer was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Outside the profession

Yury Vyazemsky, whose personal life is today in the best possible way, was married twice. The first wife of the writer was his classmate. In this marriage were born the daughters Anastasia and Xenia. Today they constantly live abroad.

Tatiana Smirnova became the second chosen by Yuri Pavlovich. The wife of Yuri Vyazemsky works as an editor-in-chief of the “Clever and clever” program. In this marriage, he has no children, but he raised his stepson Sergey. At present, the presenter of a quiz show for children lives and works in the capital.

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