Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon

What is the name of the capital of Cameroon? Surely few will be able to answer this question. Meanwhile, it is the city of Yaounde that will be the topic of our today's article. In addition to being the capital of the country, it is also the administrative center of the department of Mfundi and the Central Region. Almost the entire territory of the city is occupied by the districts located along Kennedy Avenue (main street) and on the hills adjacent to it. The name of the capital of Cameroon comes from the name of the local ethnic group, which belongs to the people of Fang, which is part of the group of bantu-speaking peoples.the capital of Cameroon


Yaounde is located in the south-east of Cameroon, on the Cameroon Plateau, at an altitude of about 730 m above sea level. The city has a subequatorial climate. There are two short dry seasons (in January-February and July) and two long wet ones. In July, the average air temperature is about +21 degrees, in January - +23. The average annual rainfall is 1750 millimeters. It rains mostly from April to June and from September to November.


The capital of Cameroon - Yaoundé is a fairly large city, with a population of over 1.8 million. Representatives of different ethnic groups live here: Bamileke (about a quarter of all residents), Fulani (about 10 percent), as well as Duala, Fang, and Fulbe. The state languages ​​are French, English, and some African dialects (mostly from the Bantu group) are also common. Approximately half of the believers are Catholics, the rest are loyal to local beliefs and Islam.


The city was founded in 1888 and for a long time served as the center of the colonial administration of the German state. During World War I, in 1916, troops from Britain, Belgium and France entered Yaounde and occupied its territory. Then, in 1919, Cameroon was divided into zones of influence of France and Britain, and in 1922, when the eastern regions of the country became part of the French protectorate, Yaounde received the status of the capital of French Cameroon.

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Important railway tracks, which were built during the German colonization, passed through the city. After the independence of the state was proclaimed in 1960, Yaoundé became the capital of Eastern Cameroon, and in 1972 was declared the main city of the United Republic of Cameroon.

After the suppression of a coup attempt in 1984 in a state prepared by the troops of the north, the Republic of Cameroon was proclaimed, and the city of Yaounde was called its capital. Later on, its development took place within the framework of a program for the restructuring of the economy.

Now the main branches of the city’s economy are sugar, cigarette, metallurgy and logging.


The capital of Cameroon (photo below) provides opportunities for higher education. In the city in 1962 opened the university. In addition, there are other educational institutions: the Higher Pedagogical School, the National Polytechnic School, the Higher Agricultural School, the Institute of International Relations and the National School of Administration. The largest public libraries are national and university. In Yaounde is the state archives of Cameroon. The capital of Cameroon in 1996 hosted the African Championships in Athletics.capital of Cameroon


Tourists coming to the city first of all want to visit Njong Melen Church, which is a famous temple building. In the center is a Benedictine monastery, which is also one of the main attractions.

To the north of the monastery is the Cameroon Museum of Art, the exhibition of which contains the rarest examples of art of the country, as well as the states of Western Europe. Although the museum is small in size and large, you can see a huge number of interesting historical exhibits in it. This is the decoration of the tribes in ancient times who lived in the area, and samples of weapons that they used. Also here you can see exhibits that reflect Western art. Walking through the museum, you can create a clear picture of the people who inhabited these lands many years ago.

Certain interest among tourists is also caused by the Museum of Black Art and the Center of Crafts, where it is possible to get comprehensive information on how handicraft and decorative-applied arts developed in the country.

Near the town of Obala, north of Yaounde, is an amusement park.the capital of Cameroon as it is called

It will be interesting to visit the Basilica of Marie-Rene de Apotre, built on the site where the first missionary church in Cameroon was located, as well as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Victory, which is the seat of Archbishop Yaoundé.

One can not ignore another attraction, which is famous for the capital of Cameroon. This Center Artisinel is a shopping district north of Kennedy Square. In this place you can purchase various products made by artists, artisans and other Cameroonian craftsmen. The market is quite large in size and attracts tourists from different countries.

City center

The capital of Cameroon in the center is densely built up with modern buildings belonging to the European type. In the central and eastern parts of the city are the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly (Parliament), banks, the headquarters of international and African organizations, ministries, foreign embassies, shopping districts and markets.

the capital of Cameroon Yaounde

The capital of Cameroon welcomes guests with amazing nature, picturesque streets and elegant buildings and monuments that leave no one indifferent. This city really contains amazing sights that make people admire and rejoice.

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