"Xena - Warrior Princess": actors and roles

In the late nineties and early 2000s, millions of teenagers riveted on the TV series "Xena - Warrior Princess". The actors and the roles in the film are perfectly matched. Strong and charismatic Xena, sweet and romantic Gabrielle and dozens of equally attractive heroes plunged the whole world into the history of battles, feelings and friendship.

Story line

According to the script, the actors of the film “Xena - Queen of the Warriors” become the heroes of a classic action-plot with elements of melodrama, sitcom, comedy, musical and even a thriller. Starring Xena, who used to be a ruthless killer. Together with her army, she did not spare neither houses, nor people, nor animals. She committed arson, robbery, murder without a drop of pity and compassion. But now she has become different. Her path to good is based on protecting the weak and fighting evil. One day, Xena, defending a village from thieves, meets Gabrielle. A new acquaintance is young, educated, romantic and planning to marry a resident of the same village.Struck to the core by Xena’s boldness, Gabrielle decides to follow her, leaving behind her relatives and fiancé. Despite the reluctance of the warrior to take her with her, Gabrielle is still tied up behind her idol and becomes for her not only a fellow traveler, but also her closest friend. They go hand in hand, going a long way, and fall into different situations, fighting against tyrants and demons.

Zena Warrior Princess Actors

Cast: list

The work in the film "Xena - Queen of Warriors" actors performed very high quality. This is not surprising, because the main role went to the most talented actresses. Many heroes disappeared from the screens after filming the series “Xena - Warrior Princess”. Actors are now in business or director, such as Rene O’Connor. Below is a list of the actors and characters they played:

  1. Lucy Lawless - the main character, warrior Xena.
  2. René O’Connor is a fellow traveler and closest friend to the main character
  3. Kevin Smith is the god of war called Ares.
  4. Alexandra Tydings - the goddess of love relationships Aphrodite.
  5. Kevin Sorbo is the son of Zeus, the demigod Hercules, who is on friendly terms with Xena.
  6. Michael Hurst - companion and friend of Hercules Iolaus.
  7. Bruce Campbell is the king of the thieves of Autolycus, a friend of Xena and Hercules.
  8. Ted Raimi is a friend and ally of the main characters, Xena and Gabrielle, named Joxer.
  9. Robert Trebor is a companion of Xena and Hercules Salmoneus.
  10. Meg Foster - the queen of all gods Hera.
  11. Paris Jefferson - goddess patron of wisdom and strategy of war, Athena.
  12. Megan Desmond - the goddess of contention. Disharmony.
  13. Eric Thomson is the death god Hades.
  14. Joel Tobek - the god Deimos, patron of enmity.
  15. Mark Ferguson and Edward Campbell - Titans Prometheus and Krayus.
  16. Hudson Lake is the main opponent of Xena, Callisto.
  17. Adrian Wilkinson is the daughter of Xena Eve.
  18. Claire Stensfield is an Alti shaman.
  19. Daniel Cormac - Efini, a heroine who has friendly relations with Xena and Gabrielle and is Amazon.
  20. Jackie Kim is a friend of Xena Lao Ma.
  21. Jennifer Skye - Amazon Emery.
  22. Derian Thuckl is Xena Siren's mom.
  23. David Franklin - Brutus.
  24. David Taylor - Solan, a child born to Xena and Borias

TV series actors zena warrior queen

Gorgeous Lucy Lawless

Before becoming the stars of the rating project, the actors of the series “Xena - Queen of the Warriors” passed a path that was not always associated with the cinema. Lucy Lawless was born to a New Zealand family and was the fifth child of her parents.She never lagged behind her four brothers and was still a tomboy. Primary education received at the school at the monastery. She also participated in various musicals and performances. She did not graduate from Auckland University, as she decided to devote all her time to traveling in Europe with her beloved Garth Lawless. Then they decided to work on the gold mine in Australia, where they were married. In 1988, they returned to New Zealand, where they became the parents of their daughter Daisy. 1989 brought Lucy the title of Miss New Zealand 1989. After that, she began to work in the advertising field, so she got a role in the show Funny Business.

In the role of Xena, Lucy appeared before the viewer in several episodes of the TV series "The Amazing Adventures of Hercules." Charismatic villain conquered the audience at first sight. After a time about Xena, it was decided to film the whole picture with Lucy Lawless in the lead role. Participation in the series made the actress a real star. At ninety-eight, she had feelings for the producer of the main series in her life, whom she had married and had a son, Julius. Now the actress is found in occasional roles in the series. Works leading.Also in 2002, she had another son.

Zena warrior queen actors now

In the role of Gabriel

Renee O’Connor caught luck by the tail, becoming the heroine of the series “Xena - Warrior Princess”. The actors for the film were carefully chosen, and the producers noticed Rene in the film “Flood”. In 1994, she was tried in the role of Princess Dejanira in the film “Hercules and the Lost Kingdom”. The successful collaboration provided Rene the role of Gabrielle in the TV series “Xena - Queen of the Warriors”. Actors starred in the film for six years and at the end not all were able to find a place in the cinema. After filming the series, Rene moved away from her acting career and plunged into directing and producing. Under her leadership, the paintings "Diamonds and Weapons" and "Unspeakable Words" were shot. Rene got married twice: first to restaurateur Steve Muir, then to actor Jed Sur. From the first she had a son Miles, from the second - a daughter Iris. Among the advantages of the star are professional skills of the artist and skillful mastery of martial arts.

zena warrior queen actors and roles

Products based on the series

The series "Xena is the warrior queen" is so in love with the viewer that every fan dreamed of becoming the owner of some attribute associated with their favorite characters.Magnets, posters, calendars with the image of Xena or Gabriel were especially popular at that time. Some even used posters with the characters of the series as wallpaper. And the most loyal fans bought their own books, games and CDs with the series.

Based on the series, five books were released for sale:

  • "Warrior and Sphinx."
  • "The Empty Throne of Odyssey."
  • "Conspiracy against Athens."
  • "The Abduction of Helen of Troyan."
  • "The last battle with Cerberus."

The author of the first four is Ryu Emerson (E. S. Trusovoy translated into Russian), the last one was written by Stella Horvard (L. Sadovskaya was translated into Russian).

Also on the basis of the series in 1999, the game was released on Sony PlayStation Xena: Warrior Princess and an animated film in which she sang Lucy Lawless, titled "Heracles and Xena: The Battle for Olympus." For lovers of pictures of erotic nature was a parody for adults "Xena - Queen of Warriors". Porn actors in this film are: Phoenix Marie, Lexi Belle, Nicole Aniston, Juelz Ventura and others.

TV series remake

NBC plans to launch a remake of the series "Xena - Queen of Warriors." The actors of the series, including Lucy Lawless, have not heard anything about it. From which we can conclude that the audience will not see the favorite main characters in the remake.Also, the actress notes that even if she were offered to play in a full-fledged series, she would have to refuse, because she is not young and not ready to devote so much time to shooting.

Changes in the appearance of Lucy Lawless

In the past, the winner of the beauty contest, and today the popular actress Lucy Lawless looks just as fresh and expressive. It is impossible to even think that she is forty-eight years old. Careful care of the face, hair and figure helped the actress to carry over the years unfading youth.

movie actors zena warrior queen

Dear Renée O’Connor

When Xena, the warrior queen, was filmed, the actors were much younger. But the fact that in more than twenty years, many have not changed, is pleased. Rene O’Connor now looks as if time has stopped and has no power over it at all. If she is now dressed in Gabrielle’s outfit and retake a couple of episodes, no one will notice the difference. But the actress is already twice a mother, but despite this, remains the owner of a slender figure.

Zena warrior queen porn actors

Lack of wrinkles, full of life hair, shining eyes - these are the main components of the ever-young image of Rene O'Connor.

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