The writing on "What is good" for school-age children

Often, school students are asked to write an essay on the topic "What is good." This type of work helps students discover their creative abilities and open their inner essay on what is good

The task of parents is to tell their son or daughter in what sequence to express their thoughts and best of all to write an essay on the topic “What is good.”

Composing a composition plan

It is best if the child expresses thoughts in the correct sequence, starting from a previously written plan. The writing on the theme “Good” can be written in the following order:

  • Introduction. It should briefly describe what is good and what is evil. You can compare these qualities.
  • In the main part of the essay, you need to talk about what actions reveal kindness in a person, what to do in order to become kinder.
  • The conclusion can be a brief summary with the conclusion thathow good is quality to a person.

According to such a plan, it will be easy to write an essay, and the child will be able to fully express his thoughts.

A writing on “What is good” for elementary school students

Write your own thoughts about the quality of how good, can ask children of different school age, including in elementary school. For the smallest, an essay on “What is good” may be the following:


There are many good people in the world. This quality helps to live well and be confident in the future. Personally, I have many examples where you can say for sure that a person is kind.

I want to share one story in which I was convinced that good exists. I was walking with my mother in the park. To play with me, I took the favorite ball that my aunt sent me from another country. I was so played that my ball rolled into the middle of the lake, which was in the park. Of course, I did not even try to get a toy, and mom does not know how to swim well. On the shore of the lake was a fisherman. He was with a fishing rod and waited for the catch. Seeing what was happening, he felt sorry for me, the man took the nets and started throwing them into the lake until he pulled out my ball.When he came up and handed my favorite toy, there was no limit to joy. Mom wanted to give him money, but the man did not take them.

I believe that this is true kindness. After all, in order for me not to cry, this uncle gave up his job, scared away all the fish, but he saw a smile, and I will remember it forever. Let there be more people in the world who are ready to help those who are weaker, then it would be much essay on the topic of good and evil

Approximately this essay is quite suitable for children writing elementary school. Naturally, other situations and stories from real life or fictional can be taken as a basis.

A writing on the theme “Good and Evil” for high school students

Pupils older than fourth grade may also be asked to write an essay about good and evil. It may be something like this:


The concept of good and evil, each person perceives in his own way. Personally, I think that the most vivid idea of ​​combining these two qualities is fairy tales. Of course, basically, such stories are fiction. However, in real life there are a lot of situations where you can clearly say where the good is and where it is evil.

In short, I would describe it this way. Good is self-sacrifice for the interests of others.Evil is selfishness and indifferent attitude to the feelings and interests of other people. Evil people are always unhappy with everyone, grumbling and complaining, which is why something good is rarely obtained in their lives. Good people try to express themselves as much as possible and give pleasant emotions to others. Of course, not always, as in the stories of fairy tales, good triumphs over evil. Nevertheless, good people have more chances to gain support and security than evil ones.

Personally, I consider myself a good person, I always try to listen to the opinions of others, and I will never impose my opinion, because each person is individual and has every right to do so. an essay on good

Such an essay is quite suitable for writing by high school kids. The most important thing in this kind of task is to express thoughts beautifully, from the heart. It is then that the essay will turn out to be full and detailed.

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