Wooden kitchen do it yourself

Natural wood has long personified warmth, comfort and tranquility. It is widely used for decorating living rooms. However, at present, due to the high cost, not everyone can afford this type of finish. In standard apartments, solid wooden elements are rarely found, but in country houses they fit perfectly into the overall interior.

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the living space. Here it is necessary to carefully think over all the details, as this room should be comfortable, practical and functional. Wooden kitchen do it yourself - the most harmonious option for country houses. However, there are several significant nuances that must be taken into account. The main one is fire safety. During repair, it is necessary to replace the electrical wiring in order to ensure high-quality operation of the devices, as well as to use non-flammable materials.

Features of kitchen in wooden houses

Photos of beautifully decorated rooms are impressive.But how to achieve this result? First of all, being engaged in the equipment of kitchen in houses from a tree, it is necessary to build the ventilation system correctly. Basically, these requirements are due to the characteristic properties of this material. In addition to the central ventilation duct, you will need to install a hood, preferably high power. The hob is better to mount closer to the window. This solution will not only provide natural air circulation, but in the afternoon there will be no need for additional lighting.

New wooden houses with time shrink, therefore it is recommended to carry out communications with its account. As a rule, in such buildings pipes are not mounted in the walls, which makes decoration a bit difficult. Wooden kitchens should be equipped with special elements that are able to completely hide this disadvantage.

Also, some requirements are imposed on the finishing of the main surfaces. If natural wood is used for these works, it will be necessary to necessarily treat it with a special agent in order to reduce the risk of ignition and deformation.wooden kitchens

The advantages and disadvantages of wooden kitchens

Any material that is used in the design of the kitchen has certain advantages and disadvantages. Natural wood is no exception. In order to draw conclusions about the profitability of such material, it is necessary to become more familiar with these parameters.


  • The interior of the wooden kitchen is always associated with luxury, grandeur and elegance.
  • This material is natural and does not pose a threat to health.
  • Wood is of several types, differing in price, so to choose the most suitable option is not difficult.
  • The high strength of the material guarantees a long service life.
  • Elements of natural wood are acceptable in almost all stylistic directions.
  • A variety of design design allows you to adequately decorate any interior.
  • Wooden kitchens never go out of fashion.


  • Untreated wooden surface is afraid of high humidity and direct water.
  • With sudden temperature changes, this material tends to deform.
  • Small selection of colors: only natural wood shades prevail.
  • The use of detergents when cleaning is not recommended, as they destroy the protective layer (lacquer coating).

Ceiling finish

As a rule, there are beams in the wooden houses on the ceilings. This is their special highlight. In order to emphasize and highlight them, it is necessary to give the beams a more contrasting shade compared to the rest of the ceiling. They are quite functional: small wooden kitchens will seem much more spacious, if you fix special fixtures for placing kitchen utensils on the beams. Also, quite often they install lighting fixtures on them, such as hanging chandeliers. The most organic models with lampshades, but for connoisseurs of modern trends, they can be replaced by original models.wooden kitchen photo

The choice of finishing materials for the floor

The most organically fit parquet. However, it is worth noting that for the kitchen is not the best flooring. Dirt, grease and water droplets can quickly destroy the appearance of the parquet. And frequent restoration is expensive.

If you want to completely decorate the interior of the kitchen only with the help of natural materials, then you can prefer a stone. It is sufficiently resistant to all types of pollution.However, its appearance is somewhat cold, so it is recommended to use small rugs to give an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Laminate - a modern type of flooring. It will perfectly cope with a specific climate. Kitchens in wooden houses, photos of which are indisputable proof of their attractiveness, look quite organically with such a floor.kitchens in wooden houses photo

Wall decoration

Country houses should be brought closer to nature, so you should not use artificial materials when decorating walls. The overall concept of wooden buildings, of course, highlights the only view in the first place. This is a tree. However, in order for the interior not to become faceless, you can select a working area, using, for example, the original skinal around the perimeter. Also quite organically look combinations of wood and brick. With the help of such contrasts can be placed clear accents, highlighting certain areas.wooden kitchen design

Wooden kitchens: photos and models of furniture

The name of the kitchen - wooden - speaks for itself. Naturally, all furniture should be made only from natural wood.Not everyone can make a set on their own, but you can try a table and chairs. To do this, you need to decide on the size and shape, order blanks at the factory. And then assemble, observing a certain technology.wooden kitchen interior

A few words about the doors and windows

The design of a wooden kitchen can not be completed without properly decorated door and window openings. At first the window is decorated: depending on the chosen style, drapery is selected. In the wooden kingdom, bamboo blinds, Roman curtains organically look great. If you need to focus on simplicity, the ideal option would be lace curtains. Do not forget about indoor plants, placed on the windowsill - they will perfectly complement the overall interior.

As for the doors, then the most simple recommendations:

  • necessarily natural wood;
  • glass and metal inserts are allowed:
  • decorated with light curtains.small wooden kitchens

Choose a style for registration

Wooden kitchens can be decorated in any design style. The most popular is country music. Its simplicity and ease fits into the interior of a country house.This space will decorate wicker furniture, as well as massive objects, slightly worn and with peeling paint. It is possible to emphasize the made old appearance by means of accessories. Textiles will not interfere, it should be as simple as possible, preference is given to floral motifs.

And for those who want more spectacular design solutions, other design styles will do. Consider them.

Classics of the genre

Wooden kitchens (photo below) in classical style should embody medieval grandeur and luxury. However, one should avoid satiety. Classicism is characterized by conciseness and straightness. The facades of the kitchen set must be decorated with carved elements that are duplicated on the eaves, table legs and chairs. The original addition will be stained glass windows, forged metal and marble elements.wooden kitchen do it yourself

Special colors also play an important role in the classic interior. In order for it to look elegant, apply a noble palette. It is a natural shade of terracotta or ivory.

Vintage style

Wooden kitchens, decorated in vintage style, became quite popular in the 20th century.They are characterized by a delicate palette, an abundance of textiles, floral motifs and antique furniture. For such an interior is important all the details, even the smallest. First of all, it is necessary to fully reproduce the interior of the past century. Modern technology should not be in the foreground, so it is better to purchase embedded models that are installed in cabinets with doors.

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