Wooden billboards for furniture: overview, views and recommendations

Wood in the design and decoration of space has been used for a long time. It stands out among other raw materials for its environmental friendliness and attractive appearance. Modern furniture designers in the manufacture of products quite often began to use wooden shields. What it is?

wooden shields

Material characteristics

Wooden shields are slabs of wood that can be solid or glued. For their production use such raw materials:

  • birch;
  • oak;
  • pine;
  • larch;
  • spruce and other trees.

The main advantage of wood is environmental friendliness.

Note. In order to producewooden furniture boards, it is necessary to select high quality raw materials. The wood must be dry and properly treated.

Application area

Wooden shields are often used for the manufacture of the following designs:

  • furniture - doors, shelves, decoration of individual elements;
  • countertops on metal and wooden bases;
  • doors - the canvas itself with decorative inserts;
  • steps;
  • flight of stairs;
  • window and door openings and much more.

wooden furniture shields

Sometimes you can find the original design of the facade of the structure with the use of this material. In this case, it is possible to conduct additional work to improve the quality indicators of the tree. The surface of such shields is painted or varnished.

Council If the external walls of the building are lined with wood panels, they should be protected from moisture and climatic phenomena with the help of special means.

Solid Wood Shields

This material is particularly durable, since in its manufacture the structure of wood is almost not disturbed. Sheets of a certain size are cut from the raw material and are further processed. It includes the following stages:

  • drying - in natural conditions or a special chamber;
  • anti-insect treatment;
  • the application of primers, which increase the fire resistance and moisture resistance of wood;
  • re-drying.

Wooden shields for furniture, which completely went through all stages of preparation,distinguished by their quality indicators:

  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • practicality.

wooden furniture boards

They are not deformed under the influence of too high or too low temperature regimes. After proper processing, their structure becomes dense. They will not easily ignite or absorb moisture.

Their surface is polished on specialized equipment. Then it is coated with varnish or means that allow you to change the shade of the product. Due to this, the structure of the wood looks more attractive.

Laminated wood panels

In the manufacture of such material using similar raw materials. All elements of the canvas are interconnected by special adhesive solutions. Then the product is placed in a high temperature chamber, where it is located until the gluing process is completed.

glued wooden shields

According to its characteristics and properties, glued wooden shields practically do not differ from solid ones. Their service life is at least 20 years. They are not able to absorb moisture or sharply ignite when exposed to a direct source of fire. Shields maintain considerable physical activities.

Recommendations for selection

Solid and glued wooden shields are popular today. They do not have special differences in their quality indicators. The difference will be in the cost of the product. Solid wood shields are much higher than glued. This factor is explained by the fact that the material is much more expensive and more difficult to produce.

Glued shields are more accessible, as they are made from planks, slats, and slats. Such raw materials are now in abundance and not very expensive.

Material disadvantages

The structure of the wood may deform over time: shatter or shrink. It all depends on the conditions of its operation and proper care. Solid wood shields for furniture that have been poorly processed can burst during exercise.

Council When choosing a material, it is worth paying attention to its production technology. It would not be superfluous to ask the manufacturer about the quality of processing raw materials.

Glued cloths will last longer, since the structure of wood is heterogeneous. The small elements that are used in the creation of the shield will not allow the product to shatter or shrink. This significantly extends the life of the material.The structure of the raw materials will be heterogeneous, which may adversely affect the appearance of the shield.

The process of making material from solid wood

To save money, you can make a wooden board with your own hands. To do this, you first need to know the dimensions of the future product:

  • height;
  • width;
  • length

Also need wood of any breed. It is prepared and processed. The process of natural drying of this raw material takes from 3 to 6 months. You can buy already dry wood.

wooden shield do it yourself

For the work will need the following:

  • the sawing machine (it is possible manual if the sizes of a product small);
  • grinding equipment;
  • sandpaper;
  • auxiliary tools.

Initially, wood is sawn according to specified parameters. Then grind and process special solutions. After that it can be painted or varnished.

Manufacturing of glued shields

In this process, need manual grinding and sawing machines. All elements of the future canvases are selected not only in size but also in the wood structure. There should be no knots on the surface of the shield. It is not desirable that the elements differ from each other externally.

How to glue a wooden shield? In these works, attentiveness and patience are important.

Council The process of gluing one web should not be interrupted. Otherwise, the shield after manufacture may begin to deform.

Quite often, PVA glue is used to join wooden elements. For the strength of the product is better to use special adhesive solutions. Glued shield parts secure clamps for a certain time. As a rule, the whole process does not take more than a day. After completion of such work, you can proceed to grinding the surface and its subsequent processing.

how to glue a wooden shield

Wooden shields in operation

Any material requires proper care. The surface of wood panels should be treated with solutions that increase the quality indicators of raw materials. If the canvases are varnished or painted, it is necessary to carry out surface restoration once every several years. You can do this yourself or entrust the work to professionals. It is not recommended to clean the boards with detergent solutions or abrasives. It is best to do this with a dry or wet cloth.

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