Winter tree: bead weaving

Closer to winter, isn't it? Do you want to decorate the house with something atmospheric, winter, perhaps New Year? We know how. Winter tree made of beads is a great way to decorate a table, window sill or shelf.

The tree covered with snow will please you not only in the winter, but even in the hot summer. From the trees that we offer you, will emanate a feeling of winter, frosty freshness. Let's get acquainted with those master classes on weaving winter trees with our own hands, which we can offer you. Perhaps we start with the simplest.

Cute christmas tree

Tree in the snow

All beaded trees are woven very simply, but they require time and patience. The easiest and fastest way we will offer you now. To weave this winter tree, you will need:

  • beads, better suited with a glare of glass or short glass beads of white, silver or light blue color;
  • fine wire for weaving silver color;
  • white paper, napkins or paper towels;
  • small pot;
  • PVA glue;
  • alabaster, plasticine, gypsum;
  • decorative items, such as ribbons.
Snow twigs

Winter Tree Weaving

We begin to weave, it begins with the creation of branches. To do this, measure 20 cm of fine wire, dial 5 beads and place them in the center of the wire, twist the loop, making 3-4 turns. At one end of the wire, dial another five beads and, stepping back from the first eyelet centimeter, make another, twisting the distance from the eyelet with the free end of the wire.

Make several such loops, 3-4 loops on each side. This is one twig.

To assemble an impressive branch, weave three more such small details. Connect the branch by twisting the excess wire together. It will take some time.

The number of branches depends on how lush you want the tree. Gather all the details together to estimate the size of the future of the tree, twist several branches.

Having twisted large branches, coat the wire with glue near the beginning of the twigs. Disguise its unevenness with pieces of napkins or paper towels. It is not necessary to mask branches completely, the free wire will be closed when the trunk is formed.

When the branches are dry, form a tree out of them by twisting the unmasked wire. Disguise the trunk in the same way as the twigs, richly pasted over with pieces of napkins.You can cover the barrel with acrylic paint, but this will not hide the irregularities of the twisted pieces of wire.

Take the pot, place the tree there and seal it with clay. You can also dilute the gypsum and pour the pot, but do not forget to fix the winter tree in a flat position. Wait until the product dries.

Decorate the tree, camouflage the soil in the pot with cotton wool. Since this is a winter tree, put something that reminds you of winter: a present, a snowman.

Tie a pot with a matching color ribbon.

Your winter tree is ready.

Winter tree


Speaking about the winter tree, of course, everyone remembers the Christmas tree - elegant, beautiful, carefully covered with snow. Let's weave a herringbone of beads together. Such a beautiful woman can be presented to relatives and friends, to decorate her house. Look at the photo of the winter tree, what a beauty!

In order to weave a Christmas tree, you will need:

  • small white bugles;
  • long green glass beads;
  • wire;
  • brown thread;
  • potty
Christmas tree in the snow

Christmas tree weaving

It begins weaving Christmas trees, of course, with twigs. We weave the first branch for the top. Take a 20 cm long piece of wire.First, put on one long green glass bead, then 3 white beads and another long glass bead. Move the beads to the center and form a loop.

By the same principle as in the first master class, weave 3 loops on each side. So you get spruce snow-covered branches.

Put two blanks on top of each other and twist together. Thus, you get fluffy pointed sprigs. According to this principle, it is necessary to twist a few more branches, pieces 3-4, making 2 loops on each side.

Places where the wire shines through need to be decorated. Take a thin thread and gently, evenly wrap the entire wire and between the branches of the thread, giving the details a smooth, neat appearance.

Put them together, dropping twigs five loops just below. For convenience, take a thin wand and attach the twigs with the remnants of the wire to it.

The second row of the Christmas tree is done the same way, only the number of loops increases. On each side of the branches - 3 loops. Weave these a little more, because the Christmas tree should become more magnificent downwards.

In the next rows add a loop on each side of the branch, so that your Christmas tree expands.The trunk is also decorated with a thread.

Put the finished winter tree in a pot or on a stand, tightly fastening it with clay. Decorate the Christmas tree with gifts and toys. By the new year it will be a smart home decoration and a great gift.

Rowan in the snow

There is another way to make a winter tree. It will look beautiful rowan in the snow. Are you curious how to weave it? Then let's find out what it takes.

To weave rowan, we need:

  • red or carrot beads;
  • white beads;
  • silver wire;
  • PVA glue;
  • paper;
  • potty
    Bunches of rowan in the snow

Rowan weave

First of all it is necessary to weave a bunch of mountain ash. To do this, take a piece of wire 30 cm long, put on one bead imitating the berry, place it in the center of the wire and tightly twist the ends. The twist must be at least 7 mm so that the berries hang freely. At one end, dial another bead and re-twist the wire. Add 5-7 beads on each side of the wire so that the bunch looks magnificent.

The bun needs to be decorated with snow. To do this, take a piece of wire and type a few beads of white color, twist the loop.Repeat this action, departing a centimeter from the loop. With a snow sprig, wrap a sprig of rowan and twist it together.

Now, according to the principle of the first master class, form branches a little more from the existing ones.

Do not forget to hide all the bumps under the paper. You can also use a white thread to mask the wire.

Put the finished tree in the pot and secure it. Do not forget to complement your composition with elements of decor.

Cute pock

We hope that you will like one of the master classes. These trees are so beautiful! From imitation of snow-covered branches it smells like winter January freshness.

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