Why the drive does not work

Perhaps there is no such person who at least onceI did not encounter problems in the computer hardware. Sometimes they just pursue an unlucky user. One of them is that the drive does not work.

the drive does not workMost computer owners who read theselines, barely noticeably smile, thinking that now, in the heyday of carriers based on flash memory, a CD and the corresponding device for reading / writing is a real rarity, the place of which is in the museum. Technology Blu-Ray with its dozens of gigabytes of data on one compact, which predicted a fabulous perspective, in fact was out of work.

Indeed, as a medium, the disk is less convenient,than a small flash drive, and its reliability is much lower. And the task of creating a stock of information, when users collected home collections of programs, films and music, also for many lost their relevance. And after all, it's true: what difference does it make, whether or not the floppy drive is working, because at the current speeds of access to the Internet, the necessary files can be downloaded at any time in just a few minutes. At first glance, it's all true. However, for the time being, CDs by the computer industry are used and they are completely written off early. Therefore, in this article we will indicate the reasons for which, probably, the drive does not work. Perhaps someone will help restore unique information from the CD.

does not work dvd driveFirst of all, if the dvd-drive does not work, it is not necessary to panic - it will always succeed. Sometimes the cause of the malfunction is quite simple and is fixed by yourself in a couple of minutes.

So, the drive does not work ... First of all,it is necessary to clarify exactly how this is manifested. If the inserted CD-ROM is not readable, and its drive spins and stops, the reasons for this may be as follows:

- A laser beam that has sat down. The parameters of electronic components change over time, which leads to other currents, voltage, frequency. The result is that the optical system can not read the data from the track. Such faults are not repaired;

- clouded focusing lens. Plastic (used to be glass) with time begins to dissipate more than to concentrate. Not repaired;

- dust on the lens or photocell. Cleaning is necessary. It is not recommended to use kits - their effectiveness is low, and from them more harm than good. Conclusion - carry the drive to the service center (SC) for cleaning.

Sometimes under the problem "the drive does not work" is understood another:

- when you press the eject button, nothingoccurs. You must call the drive properties in Windows Explorer and select "Eject". If the seat is extended, then the breakdown is mechanical, easily eliminated in the SC;the drive does not work

- access to files on the disk is extremelyslowly, while the processor is loaded. Perhaps a hardware conflict or a failure of the loop. Connect the drive to another SATA connector (or IDE) using a new loop. Also in the BIOS parameters, you can try changing the operating mode for the port to which the drive is connected. In addition, you must install the motherboard chipset driver;

- disruption of work occurs after sometime after turning on the computer and accessing the drive. The reason for this is the banal overheating of the device. Solution: to place it in a different way in the case of the system unit or to use forced cooling.

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