Why does my ankles swell?

According to statistics, every third woman experienced at least once in her life with swelling. The accumulation of fluid in tissues and organs is a frequent occurrence in a variety of diseases.swollen feet in the ankles

And complications such as swelling of the brain or swellinglungs, can become lethal to patients. But most often there is still such a state of the body, in which liquid accumulates in the lower limbs. And for the most part, the beautiful half of humanity is subject to this phenomenon.

But why do some women sweat their legs in their ankles?

The reasons can be different. The most common explanation for why the ankles are swollen is in women's shoes. High heels and narrow shoes, even in the most hardy women, can cause swelling of the calves and feet after the whole day of wearing.

And if you combine the model shoes with a sedentary imagelife, or habit of throwing a leg on the leg or crossing them at the ankles, swelling of the ankles will be inevitable. To avoid them, you must first take care of the convenience of your shoes, give up high heels and platforms and move more.

why the ankles are swollenAnother reason why the legs swell inankle, is the retention of fluid in the body due to the large consumption of water. Sometimes this condition is congenital and does not depend on health indicators. Such a situation is often in the hot season, when you want to drink constantly. Also people with excess weight are prone to such kinds of fluid delays. And in this case, a sedentary lifestyle also promotes swelling of the legs. In any case, if you know that your body is prone to swelling, it is worth giving up a lot of fluids in the afternoon, avoiding excessively salty foods, beer, cigarettes - all these products contribute to water retention in the organs.

But the cause of swelling in only one leg canthere is such a disease of blood vessels as thrombophlebitis. With it, a blood clot forms in the vein, which causes circulation disturbance. The causes of this phenomenon can be infection, varicose veins, recent surgical interventions. Accordingly, the defeat of the right vein will cause swelling of the ankle of the right leg. Also, with thrombophlebitis, the limb will become dumb, hurt, and also the person will experience a general malaise.


Often swollen feet in the ankles whenpregnancy. Especially in the third trimester, this problem becomes relevant for almost every woman in the situation. In themselves, such swelling is not terrible, but they interfere with walking, worsen the well-being.

swelling of the right ankleWith too pronounced swelling of the extremities, pregnant women should definitely pass an analysis for glucose tolerance. Severe edema can be symptoms of gestosis diabetes.


There are many more diseases for whicha characteristic manifestation is the accumulation of fluid in the limbs. Swollen legs in the ankles with kidney disease, cardiovascular insufficiency, violations in the endocrine system. Especially dangerous is a pathology such as an elephant disease due to a violation of lymph drainage. Also, swelling may occur with a lack of protein in the blood. Then you just need to reconsider your eating habits.

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