Why do not start the game on PC

All gamers sooner or later face these or other problems of freezing, slowing down of performance or even spontaneous shutdown of games. But perhaps the most popular problem that both a novice PC user and an experienced IT specialist can face is a situation in which games are not launched after installation. This is partly due to the abundance of pirated copies and repacks, but sometimes even the licensed version of the game refuses to work. We will discuss further what to do in a situation when the games do not start for one reason or another.

games do not startPirated copies

The most popular reason for not playing games is the so-called “broken repack”. What it is? Any repack (from the English Repack) is nothing more than a licensed version reworked by craftsmen, working without any activation keys or connecting to the game server. Of course, for many it is very convenient: I bought a disc for 100 rubles or even downloaded a toy from the Internet, installed it and played it without overpaying extra money, but there are more problems with it than with licensed versions.This is due to the fact that, unlike professional programmers of large game development companies, those who convert them into pirated versions do not have all the necessary coding skills. Depending on various compatibility problems, the game does not start 50% of the time. Moreover, this problem cannot be solved in any way, and no one, too, can make any claims.

System language

the game does not start

Often, games do not start (for example, “Prince of Persia: Warrior With”) for the simple reason that the default language in the language bar of the operating system does not meet the technical requirements of the game. But, as a rule, these requirements are very precisely described in the file “Read Me”, which is located in the folder with any game and, having read it carefully, you can avoid such situations.

Page file

Another very popular reason for not playing games (for example, “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.”) is the insufficient amount of the paging file, which creates an additional amount of RAM, due to the virtual space on your hard disk. It can be configured very simply by selecting the appropriate section in the control panel and increasing it to a multiple of 64 or 32 depending on your operating system.

File not found

games don't start

Often, you may encounter a situation in which after installing a game (for example, “Call of Duty”), the OS will give you a window in which you will be notified that the game cannot start due to the absence of one or another file. Most often, games with embedded “.dll” format files that may be lost during the installation process are not launched. To fix this problem, the easiest way is to download the necessary file from the Internet, as they are freely available on the same official game sites that are well aware of the bugs of their own installation system.

Poor performance

And finally, let's talk about the cases when the game (for example, “Prince of Persia: Two Thrones”) refuses not only to start, but even to be installed, indicating to you that your computer is too weak for this toy. It is possible to get around this problem simply by going into the disk partition and instead of running “autorun”, run the file “setup”.

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