Who is Jason Voorhees?

Jason Voorhees - the invincible killing machine, is the main antagonist of the Friday, the 13th horror franchise. The terrible and overwhelming killer maniac is often compared to the white shark, with which it is impossible to agree, you can only hope for salvation. The monster does not have pronounced personal qualities, but it is known for its sophisticated methods of reprisals against unfortunate victims. In most cases, his murder weapon is a machete.

Virtually indestructible

Jason Voorhees, whose photos adorn the posters of each episode of the slasher series, often underwent external transformations throughout his screen life. The fact is that different masters of makeup and special effects worked on the creation of the character image. The initial design of T. Savini became the basis for subsequent variations. A distinctive badge of the villain - a hockey mask - was revealed only in the third episode. Before that, Jason Voorhees was walking around without her. Photos without a mask can be seen in reports from the shooting of the first two parts of "Friday the 13th."With the film "Jason Alive," the creators endowed the already terrible monster with supernatural abilities: fast regeneration and virtually complete invulnerability.Jason Voorhees

In pop culture

Jason Voorhees is endowed with an irresistible thirst for murder. Explanations of this fact have tried to find many film reviewers. The majority agreed that his frenzy was explained by the fact that he performed the punishing function, punishing the heroes for pronounced amoral behavior. Including premarital sex, debauchery, abuse of psychotropic and narcotic substances, alcohol. Initially, he also avenged his tragic sudden demise at an early age.

Jason Voorhees (photo without a mask including) often appears on the pages of humorous print publications, his name is mentioned in various television series and movies, comic parody shows. The character even inspired musicians to create a punk band of the same name. Some versions of the external appearance were made in the form of souvenirs and toys, and the hockey mask is considered one of the well-known attributes of modern world film culture.Jason Voorhees photo


Jason Voorhees appeared in the film industry in 1980 after the release of the horror movie "Friday the 13th". Not many people know that the maniac in this masterpiece was far from being a key part. He appeared only as the nightmare of the main character, and the atrocities were committed by his mother Mrs. Voorhees. From the first picture, it became known to the viewer that Voorhees was very ugly from an early age due to a disease of hydrocephalus. In the same part, the child drowns in the lake due to oversight of camp leaders on Lake Crystal Lake, and his mother Pamela, not having overcome her grief, kills others. Although the main character of the tape manages to cut short the life of a mad woman, the creators give an unequivocal hint that Jason is alive and intends to continue the work of the deceased.jason voorhiz photo without mask

Endless nightmare

Further, Jason Voorhees (the titles of the films are evidence of this) is a key figure in all episodes of the epic. In 1981, the sequel comes out Friday, the 13th. Part 2, in which the nightmare of the heroine of the original tape becomes a reality. Jason not only deals with the murderer of his mother, but also decides to destroy all the aliens who find refuge on Lake Crystal Lake. In this series, Jason Voorhees (photo from the poster - confirmation of this) hides his appearance with the usual sacking.At the end of the picture maniac allegedly win, but, as usual, not definitively. And literally a year later in the movie “Friday, the 13th. Part 3 in 3D "he recovered from his injuries, continues to hack teenagers. It is in this film that the maniac removes the mask from one of the victims, which has become his legendary feature. Of course, in this part of the surviving heroine manages to destroy it, but the triumph was temporary.

In the subsequent, fourth, part of The Last Chapter, events unfold in a proven pattern, but in the fifth, called the New Start, Jason himself acted as an inspiration for his imitator who killed young people in the form of persistent hallucination.jason voorhees all movies list in order

Like phoenix

In Jason Alive, Tommy Jarvis, character 4 and 5, is inadvertently guilty of another psychopath's rebirth. He decides to make sure of the death of his torturer, so he pierces his corpse with a pin of steel. At this time, the pin gets a lightning bolt and awakens Jason. Maniac becomes even stronger, dangerous and unstoppable.

Subsequent episodes in the script also do not differ diversity. The monster every time comes back to life, to always be exterminated at the end of the film.In Novaya Krovi, the main character, who is endowed with the ability of telekinesis, enlivens him, and the ghost of her late father helps her seize the murderer. "Jason storms Manhattan" is different because the rebel killer manages to get on the ship with graduates heading to New York. There his bloody feast stops the toxic waters of the sewage system, turning the maniac into a small child, who, as once, is drowning again. In the episode "Jason Goes to Hell" the monster seems to be finally defeated, his soul goes straight to Purgatory.jason voorhees movie titles

Not fitting context

Thinking about who Jason Voorhees is, all the films (the list is presented in order in this publication) should not be revised, as individual pictures can confuse an uninformed synephil. For example, the tape "Jason X" (2002) transfers the character to the year 2455. Among the futuristic scenery, he is confronted not by minded teenagers, but by astronauts who are getting rid of a killer who has survived for more than one century in a cryogenic freeze, throwing him into outer space.

The horror of “Freddie vs. Jason” and the short film “Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers” can cause bewilderment,in which eminent movie villains converge in mortal combat.


According to the Hollywood fashion for remakes of cult paintings, in 2009 a similar project appeared about Jason's initial misadventures. Virtually nothing innovative in the first version of the remake does not bring. The only addition is the fact that according to the plan of the creators, Jason Voorhees is not a victim of careless behavior of educators. A mature bloody maniac kidnaps a girl who looks like his mother and keeps her imprisoned for some time. After a certain time, her brother comes in search of the missing. Here the confrontation begins. Jason sent to the light of his captive: using the ill-fated resemblance to Pamela, she beckons the killer and takes the life of his machete.

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