Who is better - men or women? Is there an answer to such a cunning question?

Who is better - men or women? Many people have been trying to answer this question for years. Representatives of the opposite sex are often compared with each other, reveal strengths and weaknesses. In some cases, they compete and try to prove their worth to each other.

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Today, many guys and girls want to achieve some success in life. However, in society there are stereotypes that are not so easy to get rid of. Who is better - men or women? Let's try to figure it out.

Passion for work

Men have more opportunities to devote themselves to a profession or a hobby. They feel themselves more free and self-contained from within. For guys, self-realization is the most important thing in life. The desire to reach some peak can inspire them to deeds and accomplishments. A man is important to have in front of a goal to which he will strive. Then he has the strength to achieve the desired result.Otherwise, he will be aimlessly spending time and will not even try to change the depressing circumstances. The search for meaning is characteristic of the stronger sex to a greater extent.

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It is not so easy for women to even choose for themselves the desired direction in life. They often focus more on the needs and desires of loved ones than on their own needs. This feature, of course, often does not allow them to come to the planned result. A woman is very attached to family and children. Any trouble in this area can force her to abandon personal plans. Focusing on family values ​​contributes to the development of great sensitivity. For a girl, relationships with parents, spouse, and own children are of great importance. When a woman does not have all this, it becomes difficult for her to find peace of mind, in general, to understand why she lives.

Self esteem

It is fundamentally different from guys and girls. Such a thing as self-esteem depends on many factors. If a man for a long time can not take the desired position in society, then his ability to think about himself well will undergo significant changes.A young man may even be disappointed in his own abilities, if he realizes that his efforts were not justified. High self-esteem will be present in a man who has achieved everything, and not waiting for a favorable set of circumstances.

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As for the woman, in most cases her career is not so important. A woman dreams of meeting her soul mate and building a relationship of trust with her. If no one pays attention to the girl, then she begins to feel unclaimed and unnecessary. Self-esteem will begin to rise if romantic dates become an integral part of her everyday reality.

Feelings and emotions

Who is better - men or women - express their thoughts and moods? It is worth noting that the representatives of the stronger sex have a habit of restraining their feelings and do not seek to demonstrate them once again. Some guys generally consider emotions a manifestation of weakness and therefore try to restrain themselves. When someone speaks about their fears with them, they can listen to the person and even advise, calm down something, but are unlikely to support such conversations on an ongoing basis.Still, it is important for men to develop their own consistency and invulnerability. Some of them are very ashamed to sign on their own weakness.

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For women, feelings are paramount. If a girl does not have the opportunity to share her feelings with a loved one, she begins to suffer. It is important for her to speak out, to understand that her feelings are important to someone. That is why women love to communicate with friends so much and hardly endure loneliness. They do not need to be alone with themselves all the time to feel full and happy.

Attitude to stress

Unfortunately, various experiences in no way bypass people. Life often presents surprises to which the body reacts with stress. There is an opinion that weak women are more adapted to various types of troubles, while men often break down and become confined to their failures. However, much depends on the nature of the person. There are people whom the simple situation knocks out of a rut. In some cases, they are ready to give up before taking the first step. Often, men treat stress as a kind of test, and girls consider it to be something initially unfavorable.

Partner selection

Search for a life partner is not an easy task.What factors determine the choice of a partner? Reliability is important for girls, the feeling that the young man will always help her in solving any difficulties. Otherwise, she will never be able to feel confident in herself and her future. She needs to feel the presence of a number of strong shoulders, an accomplished person who is not afraid of difficulties. As for the representatives of the stronger sex, the situation here is somewhat different.

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The best woman for a man is the one who is distinguished by sincerity. If a life partner wants to take care, give herself warmth and affection disinterestedly, then a decent guy will always notice such a girl. This is the psychology of men. The best woman always strives to show her beautiful character traits. She is modest, sympathetic, sincere and attentive.


Some representatives of the stronger sex believe that this is a purely female task, and do not want to have any relation to it. Fortunately, not everyone thinks so. Raising children is an integral part of family life. Both a man and a woman must equally use their resources to address this issue.The fact is that they can teach their children different things. So, the mother will never be able to make up for the mistakes in upbringing made by the father.

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The man, accordingly, will not be able to nurse the baby so every minute to be with him in the first weeks and months of life. Everyone must perform their task. The best woman, according to men, is the one who manages to be a good mother and at the same time does not cease to be an excellent wife and friend.

Physical work

This aspect deserves special attention. What do men do better than women? Undoubtedly, they possess greater physical strength. It is for this reason that men have the opportunity to build houses, to do work that requires endurance. Women are less adapted to carrying weights, they are not able to do certain types of work. They value physical strength even in ex-men. The best women are always ready to give moral support to their partner, instill in him confidence in success. However, it is important for them to understand that the partner is full of determination and is striving for something himself.

Instead of conclusion

So who is better - men or women? A priori there can be no answer to this question. Yes, he is not needed. Yes, we are different.Yes, everyone has his own cockroaches. But this is great! In some components of the stronger sex win. In certain moments, on the contrary, women demonstrate their superiority. The most important thing is that people of the opposite sex are drawn to each other. And only together can they build a truly full and happy life. For happiness, you don't have to go far. Sometimes you just need to be able to take a closer look at the person who is nearby.

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