Who are the informals. Informal teenagers

Sometimes on the streets there are people whose appearance raises questions. Who are they? Why are they so bright colors, absurd forms and screaming accessories? Why are they so eager to break out of the norms of decency and morality? They are called onewho are informalthe general term is "informal", not dividing into castes and groups. Who are the informals and what is the meaning of their being - is it really just different from others?

Grayness of the world

No one knows when humanity began to strain the similarity of features and behavior. After all, there was a time when people were content with an animal skin as clothing and ate one mammoth together. How would a tribe react if one of its members suddenly painted ocher with leather and tied it in a new way? Probably, at first the elders would be outraged, and then, realizing the convenience or beauty of the novelty, they would have taken the weapon into practice.

What is the difference between today's days and the past? There are also rebels who do not want to be like the rest of the world. For them, kitsch in clothes is a way of self-expression, a sort of cry from the soul, with the help of which they declare themselves and their rules.In general, informal teenagers are inspired by the idea of ​​being bright, but in fact they do not even realize that each subculture has its own history and its own values.

Beauty in its own way ...

Every person is beautiful and unique. Therefore, it is impossible to equate humanity to the gray mass. But sometimes we get a little of these facts, and we strive to color everyday life.informal photos of girls

The informal "emo" in today's world has become somewhat limited, although the original idea of ​​their education was truly amazing. The abbreviation "emo" comes from the word "emotional", thus expressing the essence of the subculture. Emo is not afraid to express their feelings. They laugh when their soul is well and cry when tears come to mind. Such an openness of the soul coexists quite logically alongside external fragility and tenderness. But these are not human-shaped pupae, but real romantic informals. Photos of girls dressed in the style of "emo", give only a rough picture, and not a guide to action. Indeed "emo" love pink and complement it with black, but this does not mean that they bring the big picture to the point of absurdity. Just their main values ​​- the brightness and power of thought, and the easiest way to express it in clothes is to combine the most gentle and the coarsest colors.If you are really interested in the culture of "emo", do not limit yourself in color. After all, who are the informals, if not the insurgents who break the rules? Combine juicy green and golden-red in your image, add softness of gray color or create an image in pale-turquoise shade.

Darkness in the world

informal emo

Although emo and appreciate the black color, but they tend to dilute it, but the true adherents of darkness - this, of course, the Goths. Initially, they were equated to punks, and the style was characterized by sharpness and cynicism. Gradually girls came to the image of the goth. Adherents of style can be easily recognized on the street. Long coats, corsets and black leather, boots on a high platform and black lace. There is also a gothic makeup, which, by the way, is applied not only by girls. Men with thickly let down eyes look somewhat strange, but with a reasonable approach, even stylish.

Somewhat aside from the style of a ready-made gothic Lolita. Remember this heroine of the novel Nabokov? So her seductiveness and puppet features complemented the notes of the Victorian era and Gothic darkness. As a result, fragile girls in lace dresses and coarse boots with accessories in the form of crosses, skulls and other elements of darkness appeared.

Was there a boy?

Do males have weaknesses? Do they also want to express themselves in everything? Concerned parents who notice how their children change,informal guysstart to frantically monitor the media and look for the answer to the question of who are informals The fear for his child, his desire to take care of and control every step affects. But rebellion is a natural part of growing up, which only says that life goes on. It is important for a younger boy to know that he has his own world, where he can be anyone, regardless of his social status.

Informal guys unite on the basis of common musical interests, joining a special social group. Sometimes the cause of interest and love falls. And not necessarily a girl, far from accepted ideals of beauty. Who are informal, if not bright birds in the mass? Girls often distinguish them at least for the brightness of the image. And there is already close to mutual interest (with the right approach). On a subconscious level, the guys are trying to be remembered and stand out from a group of friends to be worthy of the attention of their chosen one.

Internal crisis

Unfortunately, often adjoining any subculture is not part of self-expression, but a desire to impersonate someone else. To be tough, like representatives of the punk style, not to be afraid of your feelings, like emo, enjoy life, like hippies. Sometimes it even makes life easier, because even the same hairstyle is chosen by many informal people. Photos of girls in the article - a bright indicator.teenagers informal

Many of them are sincerely experiencing, seeing a person with a similar haircut, and tend to stand out due to the new styling or hair coloring method. And adherents of the same style sometimes just copy each other. So where is the essence of this separation from the masses? It turns out that a crowd of freaks who resemble each other like clones stand out from the crowd of habitually dressed people. A superficial attitude towards a subculture gives just such an effect, therefore, to answer the question of who are informal, you will first have to understand yourself.

Who are you and who are they?

Who do you want to see yourself? What attracts you in the subculture? Does it fit your lifestyle, and can you exist inside such a society? If the answers to these questions are affirmative, then go ahead - to new achievements, but it is worth remembering about the reasonableness of the approach. It is not enough to be bright, like a parrot, you have to be beautiful, like a phoenix bird.Direct your style to your image. What colors do you like? Not pink, but yellow? Great, this is also an emotional tint! This is the color of the sun and joy, so make your image appropriate. Complement the yellow color with blue - and get a harmonious combination. But do not forget about the rules of three colors. If there are more shades in your ensemble, then you risk causing ripples in your eyes.

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