Cocktail "White Russian": composition and recipe

Cocktail "White Russian", a feature of which is simple and quick preparation, as well as its pleasant taste, has been pleasing its fans for many years. Treat yourself to them after a hard week of work, try to create your own version of this drink and surprise them with your friends. You can also prepare it for relatives and close people on your birthday or long-awaited meeting, creating a special warm atmosphere.

A few words about the history of the drink

Cocktail "White Russian" appeared in 1949. Initially, he was called "Black Russian", because the composition was not cream. On November 21, 1965, the Oakland Tribune print edition published a new composition of the old drink, as a result of which it “turned white”, so to speak: the Old fashioned glass was half filled with soft vodka, and the second half with coffee liqueur. At the end crushed ice cubes are added and whipped cream on top.Gourmets were convinced that the White Russian cocktail was much sweeter and more palatable than its predecessor.

Cocktail white Russian

It is also curious that he was not invented in Russia, but by foreigners because of the well-known name “White Guards”. Also, the appearance of the drink contributed to the fact that in the 1930s, Russian vodka gained popularity in the market of near and far abroad.

The first and main method of cooking

It is extremely important to know how many milliliters are contained in the dishes, in which you will be preparing the White Russian cocktail. The recipe of this drink in culinary sources differs noticeably from each other in the number of ingredients, since the “Old Fashion” glass comes in different sizes. For home cooking single serving (150 ml) you need to purchase:

  • vodka;
  • Kahula coffee liqueur;
  • ice in the form of small cubes;
  • whipped cream.

The cocktail is prepared according to the “Build” method (ingredients are poured in layers) in the same glass in which it is served. A small amount of ice is put on the bottom (four diced cubes will suffice). Do not overdo it, otherwise it will melt and make your cocktail tasteless. Next, add 90 ml of vodka and 45 ml of liquor.To keep their layers, hold the edge of a knife or spoon over a glass and pour the ingredients directly on them. The top of this mixture is filled with a layer of whipped cream (approximately one tablespoon).

Cocktail white Russian recipe

In conclusion, to enhance the taste, thin slices of lemon, chocolate or coconut chips are often used. On the contrary, to soften it, you can add the same amount of vodka and liquor.

Cooking variations

Over the decades of the recipe existence, gourmets have made original additives to the White Russian cocktail many times. The composition changed, and the drink only made it tastier and more perfect.

Instead of the standard “Build” method, you can use the “Shake”, that is, stirring the fully prepared cocktail. It will change its taste. To reduce the strength of the drink, coffee liqueur is exchanged for cocoa or cream, which are thoroughly stirred before use. Cream can be replaced with one tablespoon of milk. Thus, they replace vodka with rum (“White Cuban”).

Cocktail white Russian composition

The result of such experiments was the emergence of new flavors and the names of cocktails. For example, Dirty Russian, which in translation from English means "Dirty Russian".In it, whipped cream is replaced by chocolate syrup. Impale Russian (“Russian Puncture”) - Sheridan liqueur is added here instead of Kahula and cream.

In restaurants and bars a teaspoon of sugar without a slide is added to the standard composition, as well as two spoons of coconut powder (not chips!), After which it all mixes up. Completed "Shake", as usual, a few ice cubes and cream. Instead of the latter, syrup or ice cream is also added.

Why precisely he?

The White Russian cocktail is so famous in the world that it is even mentioned in the movies. He is a favorite drink of the heroes of the films "Geek" and "The Big Lebowski." After the release of the last cocktail was no longer considered "women's". Even Einstein himself managed to cook him in paradise in the American TV series Supernatural.

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