Which Linux to choose? Top Linux Distributions

When choosing a Linux distribution, users think that it is best to download the latest version. They believe that it looks the best and works without errors. However, this is not always true. For 2016, the company has released several assemblies of this operating system. It should be noted that among them there are both good options and bad ones. That is why before downloading you need to think about which option will be the best. And only after all the pros and cons will be evaluated, you can install the downloaded distribution.what linux to choose

How to choose?

Unfortunately, there is no universal system that will suit any user. Each person needs their own set of features and options.

A beginner needs a simple and convenient interface; a lover of new technologies needs options that are not available in previous versions. Administrator the main security and functionality, as well as functions to support remote control.

In 2016, several Linux distributions were released. Among them is sure to be the option that is needed. However, no rating can make a choice for the buyer. That is why you need to look for the option that suits you most. There are several criteria that are important in any version of Linux.linux distribution

Criterias of choice

  • Security.If there are flaws in the system, then viruses will easily get to the computer. Of course, Linux is an excellent example in terms of reliability, but still it depends not only on the built-in functions, but also on the security settings, access log, and so on. It is best to choose the distribution where there are already optimal settings and no loopholes for malicious systems, then the user will feel completely safe.
  • Support and community.This is a team of developers and users who use this system. The fact is that it is best to choose the option that is more or less popular. After all, then you can go to any forum, ask around people who use the same version, how to solve this or that problem.If a person downloads an unpopular version, then he will have to independently deal with all the problems. Especially this criterion applies to highly specialized modifications. After all, which Linux to choose is a rather complicated question, so you need to look closely at it as thoroughly as possible.
  • Stability.It is important that the system does not fall, does not give an error, and also does not close any applications in abnormal condition. After all, these "benefits" obviously do not like users. A person will constantly have to look for the causes of errors, as well as solve them. At the same time, it should be noted that it is completely unimportant what a particular distribution was chosen for, for any work it is important that the system is stable.
  • Design.The shell of the system is not the main thing, because, in principle, it does not affect the operation of the system. However, if all other functions of the system suit, then you should pay attention to the appearance of the Linux operating system. It should be simple and convenient. You need to notice that each distribution can be designed in different ways. That is why when installing you need to choose the theme that a person likes most.
  • Functionality.The main thing is that the system is useful and interesting, has many options, but which do not interfere with the work of the user. It is also important for many people that there be a zest that has not been previously used in another system. When installing a specific distribution kit, it is necessary to pay attention to all installed applications; many Linux users note that it is quite difficult to work with the device with a large number of unnecessary utilities. This is what most often influences users who think about which Linux to choose.
  • Modernity.In general, it must be said that the old systems, which are known to all, are fairly reliable and time-tested. However, if a person has used it before, then it will be quite difficult to get used to the transition to a modern distribution. If the version was released quite recently, then it should be noted that most likely it will have errors and bugs. However, it is still better to focus on modern development. It is not necessary to download the latest version. You can choose a more reliable and successful, released a year earlier.
  • Convenience.The last criterion to be sure to pay attention.When you turn on the computer, it is advisable to immediately get to work, rather than wait a few minutes for the applications to tune. Accordingly, the interface should be practical and understandable. After all, Linux is a pretty good operating system, the main thing is to download the correct version.

Choosing what modification of Linux for PC to download, you should not focus on the most modern and popular options, because what everyone likes and is in the "number one" rating, someone else will not necessarily like it. You can run the assembly in a virtual machine or using emulators. So you can try to work in the system before installation, in order to determine whether she likes it or not. In addition, when installing Linux, you should note that this operating system is a bit unpredictable. Therefore, to understand what is suitable or not, can only be based on personal experience.linux review


Answering the question about which Linux is better, you need to say about Ubuntu. Often there are new versions, although with the fact that the system was released 10 years ago, it is still being improved. In 2017, it is still quite popular version of Linux. Most often it is established by beginners.Why? The fact is that it is as easy as possible to put it on a computer. It has a beautiful and user-friendly interface, there is nothing superfluous. You don’t even need a terminal here, because you can work without it in Ubuntu.

The modification is a bit different from classic Linux. The fact is that it will have to work through the command line. This is in some way an advantage and a disadvantage. In this environment it is very easy to get comfortable, but if a person installs another build, then using it without instructions will not work. In Ubuntu, new features are constantly appearing, but at the same time there are a lot of bugs. Eliminate them immediately as they are.linux operating system

Cons “Ubuntu”

Of the minuses it should be noted that there may be errors that no one has yet encountered before the user.

If you want to choose any other Linux distribution then it will be very difficult to rebuild.

The stability of this operating system is small. Unfortunately, failures can occur, but this can be avoided if properly configured. In general, errors are non-critical, but they leave an unpleasant impression. This is how this version of Linux works. Reviews confirm this.which linux is better

Pros for Ubuntu

What should be noted of the benefits? Many programs can be put on it, modifications are free to download, and also this system is distributed free of charge. The distribution is installed in 10 minutes.

The interface is very clear and great for beginners. It is easy to understand and understand the essence.

Viruses are almost impossible here. The fact is that the system is set up in such a way that it is simply impossible to install any program even in the background without user participation. And therefore, if the user himself does not miss the malicious software, then it will not enter the system.

Ubuntu is universal, it can be installed on top of Windows. Thus, it is not necessary to demolish the old system, you can use two at the same time.

Together with the assembly comes a special set of software. It should be noted that this Linux Ubuntu operating system is popular and is included in any rating distributions. If any mistake happens, you can solve it by visiting the forum.linux for pc


Another pretty intuitive interface. There are special modules that can be downloaded additionally if a person switches from working with Windows on Linux. It has a slightly similar taskbar, navigation and working principles.There are several working tools, among which the user can choose which one to work with.

It should be noted that the Linux Mint review is complete without mentioning Ubuntu. The fact is that this environment is based on it. Were removed all the flaws that were inherent in the above system. It should be noted that the assembly is a bit special. It has special multimedia codecs. It also installed the programs that are needed to work on the computer. Feedback is just great. The creators constantly listen to users and improve the system. Talking about which Linux to choose, you should definitely get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages. About them below. linux reviews

Cons Mint

Among the minuses it should be noted that the developer of this version is not a company, but ordinary users. In general, this is an advantage, as the developer communicates with users as much as possible, but on the other hand, this is also a minus, as he is not a professional and may make mistakes.

Pros Mint

From the advantages it should be noted that the interface is convenient, you can switch between the working environments. Very often there are updates and various packs for improvement.

Distributed for free. There are plugins that make it easy to install programs, as well as many other useful features, elements are currently one of the most common builds. There are huge forums where the work of this system is discussed and you can find answers to your questions.


The choice of Linux should be considered only if you are thinking of installing a distribution kit. The fact is that there are a large number of interesting options that are worthy of the attention of users. The article describes two assemblies that are considered really the best among those suitable for beginners. They get positive feedback. You should read the above overview of Linux and choose your favorite option.

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