Which is better to buy a camera: tips on choosing and reviews

In our high-tech century, it is not at all easy to purchase some kind of household appliance or smart gadget. The problem lies precisely in the huge assortment and the abundance of additional features and capabilities. Even a professional cannot quickly and unequivocally answer the question: “Which is better to buy a camera?” To make the right choice will help a detailed study of the market, as well as the needs and capabilities of the buyer. Too many questions: the size of the device, its functionality, compatibility with additional accessories and price.

Why do you need a camera?

To begin the selection of any unit of technology should determine its own requirements for it. It is important to rationally assess the existing skills and potential, as well as the ability to develop. Think, where did the desire to buy a camera come from? The old one broke down, did you suddenly realize that the existing “soap dish” is not suitable for the implementation of the existing ideas, or is it just fashionable to have a SLR camera?

which is better to buy a camera

Another important issue is the amount of the purchase.If the budget is limited, and you want to save, you should choose especially meticulously. Before you think which is better to buy a camera, decide what you are going to shoot. If you need a device for domestic needs (filming home holidays, interesting events), a simple model will be enough. For those who want to learn the art of photography, you need a mid-level camera with some potential. Professional technology is designed for experienced photographers.

What are the cameras?

To date, any photo equipment store will offer its client compact digital cameras, devices with interchangeable optics, as well as mirror technology. In each category there are a huge number of models in a different price range. They can vary in size, functionality and design. Consider the elements that are present in the design of any modern camera.

The body of the product has a front and back. The display is located on the back side, it can be folding and pivoting or mounted in the back panel of the device. In front of the camera has a lens that can be built-in or interchangeable.Asking which is better to buy a camera, many consumers expect to hear in response at least a recommendation of a specific category of devices. Everything is purely individual, depending on what is more important for you: carry the camera in your pocket or enjoy more functionality and the ability to take high-quality pictures?

Compact digital cameras

Often, devices in this category are popularly called "soap cases." Such a definition is not entirely true and relevant only for one of the subspecies. Characteristic features of digital compact cameras are the display viewfinder and built-in lens. Another distinctive feature is a minimum of settings; most often, the best quality images are obtained by selecting the automatic mode.

Which mirror camera is better to buy

Cheap models may not have advanced settings at all. "Soap" appropriate to refer to digital cameras with a telescopic lens. When you turn off the device, it folds up and retracts into the case. According to one version, hence the name - when folded, the camera really looks like a bar of soap or a soap dish. If you don't know which digital camera to buy, think again about the importance of its size."Soap" fits easily in a pocket or handbag. Conventional digital cameras have lenses protruding above the surface of the body. Such modifications, as a rule, differ in more advanced settings. Among them there are expensive options that can be used for professional shooting.

Interchangeable lens digital cameras

Digital cameras with interchangeable optics allow you to take high-quality photographs, but they do not have a mirror viewfinder. The undeniable advantage is the possibility of using several lenses on one “carcass” or replacing them as the user's needs increase. If you are seriously interested in photography, but do not know which digital camera is better to buy, the best solution will be cameras of this type. There is a potential for the development and improvement of the device with minimal investment. However, this group is different priority manual settings and digital viewfinder.

SLR Cameras

The fashion for SLR cameras began several years ago. The official marking of devices in this category is DSLR, which stands for Digital single-lens reflex camera.

Which digital camera is better to buy

The principal difference from digital analogue with interchangeable optics is the presence of a mirror viewfinder, which usually increases the size of the device. An important technical characteristic for such cameras is the size of the matrix. As soon as you decide which SLR camera to buy, carefully review its equipment. The camera itself is called body (slang - “body”, “carcass”), and the kit from the lens and camera is kit. Usually, the basic set is enough to get acquainted with the camera. After taking some time off, you can learn a lot and understand what add-ons your device needs.

What determines the quality of images?

The natural pursuit of maximalism should be set aside when it comes to choosing the value of the optical zoom. The smaller this figure, the higher the quality of the images. Which is better to buy a camera to take high-quality pictures? The answer is simple - one that has a smaller aperture number for the lens. This indicator sets the following axiom: the greater the focal length, the less aperture. When taking a picture, I want the camera to capture the moment instantly.For this feature is responsible for the shutter speed parameter. Photographers who are fond of image processing will also find it helpful to purchase a model that can record raw footage. This preservation option does not require compression, with the result that the image has a larger size and quality, respectively.

Details about the camera matrix

Which camera is better to buy amateurOne of the most unpleasant defects that can be found on the pictures taken is noise. We are talking about the "snow" - small points, similar to the grains. The secret of high-quality photos of moving objects in poor light is the high sensitivity of the matrix. In this case, the absence of noise is important. How to determine this combination by labeling and which mirror camera is better to buy? You can count on the absence of "snow" at values ​​of 800 ISO and above. In low-cost matrices, the appearance of noise should be expected already at 400 ISO. The resolution of the captured frames is important if you are going to print them more than 10x15 cm or view them on the big screen. It is possible to receive photos suitable for these purposes from a matrix of a large size. Fraction marking is the most common, higher quality photos can be expected if the value is close to one.

Significant characteristics

How insulting it is to catch an interesting shot and photograph it blurry! Forget about this trouble by selecting a camera with image stabilization function. It can be built into the body or the lens, however, the result is noticeable in that and in the other case. Focal length is a characteristic of the lens that displays the size of the subject and the angle of the camera. Another answer to the question: “Which is better to buy a semi-professional camera?” Is one that allows more parameters to be adjusted manually. This will allow the amateur beginner to learn new things and learn various shooting techniques.

Which company is better to buy a camera?

Does it make sense to overpay for the brand? This is a controversial issue, and yet among the manufacturers of photographic equipment has its recognized leaders. The most famous companies are Canon, Nikon and Olympus. These are companies for which the production of photographic equipment is the main profile, and there is no doubt about the quality of their products. The next step is occupied by brands that produce a variety of household appliances and electronics.

Which is better to buy a semi-professional camera

The list is closed by lesser-known manufacturers, so what camera is better to buy for an amateur in this case does not matter in principle.Learn technical specifications and user recommendations. But among professionals there is a fierce war, under the motto: is it better - Nikon or Canon? Nevertheless, the choice of brand is important, since any camera is compatible only with accessories of the same company. Practice shows that lenses serve for quite a long time with careful handling of them. Accordingly, choosing a brand once, you will be forced to become its fan for a long time, since it is unprofitable to buy a new “carcass” and a set of lenses to it, provided there are a sufficient number of accessories of a different brand.

Ease of use

You can take pictures quickly and without undue delay if you have automatic settings and autofocus. Most digital cameras have these capabilities, but rarely mirror cameras. Incredibly convenient and useful ability to shoot in series. This option is called bracketing and allows you to do several frames instead of one. Theoretically, the same effect can be achieved manually, but with automatic installation it turns out faster. The electronic viewfinder is useful, it will replace the optical in bright light.The only negative is that it displays a picture for one eye. Most likely at this point you have already decided on the choice of brand. If the question is, which Nikon camera is better to buy, evaluate the totality of all the characteristics proposed above and highlight the most important ones.

Camera for a beginner or a pro

What professional camera is better to buyFor the convenience of consumers, each brand divides its products into informal categories: for professionals and amateurs. There is also an intermediate class: medium-priced technology, designed for those who do not have special skills, but want to learn artistic photography. In the absence of confidence that you will spend a lot of time on this activity, it’s worth starting with a simple camera. In addition to it, you can purchase a tripod and study graphic editors. The popular Photoshop program allows you to make real masterpieces even from medium quality photos. Mastering its basics will be useful for every amateur photographer: in just a couple of lessons you can learn how to improve the colors of images, frame them and remove red eyes.

Necessary accessories

The most important accessory for SLR cameras is the lens. Note, without it, the "carcass" will not be removed. Therefore, distribute the budget correctly, choosing a cheap or medium-priced camera and a good addition to it. An important nuance - all photographic equipment is compatible strictly by brand. In other words, if you choose which camera is better: Canon to buy or Nikon, be prepared for the fact that the lenses and the “bird” should be of the same brand. Immediately have to buy a memory card, keep in mind, in travel or to go to some bright events it is recommended to take several digital media at once. Useful purchase - bag or case to protect equipment. Other additions like a tripod and flash are bought after a detailed acquaintance with the camera if necessary. Some manufacturers offer kits for beginners, consisting of the camera itself, a lens, a bag, and sometimes other accessories.

Who can ask for advice when choosing a camera?

What nikon camera is better to buyDo you need a camera? Which is better to buy? Reviews of photo equipment owners are unlikely to help you. The thing is that the choice of cameras today is huge, while there are not that many people who have tried at least five different modifications.It makes sense to consult with a professional photographer who has been working in this field for quite a long time. But remember, a professional of this level may not be very well oriented in technology for beginners and amateurs. It is for this reason that it makes sense to independently understand the characteristics and important parameters of modern cameras, having previously decided what you expect from a planned purchase. We hope that our article will help you to answer the question: “Which professional camera is better to buy?” Or “What kind of photo equipment should a beginner choose?”.

Good luck to you photos!

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