Where to celebrate your birthday in Moscow?

Everyone wants to celebrate a birthdayyour child or your anniversary is fun, interesting and unforgettable. But how can this be arranged? Moscow has a huge variety of entertainment and offers, but even here it is difficult to find something unusual. Does your child or you have a birthday? Where to mark it? Moscow is a special city, so everyone can find something of their own here.

Shikarus - great idea for a holiday

A unique service is the celebration of the holiday,corporate and other celebrations in Shikarus. This is a trendy and famous club bus. Shikarus is a comfortable means of transportation and at the same time a place for a fun-filled celebration. You will tell, how it is possible to celebrate birthday, wedding and any other holiday? Places are small, crowded and what is there to do? No! Shikarus - an unusual bus - a transformer. It has amazing sliding walls - sliders. They make the bus fat more than twice. This will be an amazing surprise for your guests. Imagine how surprised they will be to see the bus become bigger in their eyes. Inside, the chicarus has a buffet table, comfortable sofas, karaoke, light-music and more.

In the chicari you can dance in full growth,singing karaoke, listening to music, you can also invite animators or arrange a costume party. Decorating the chicarus with balloons and compositions of flowers, you can create an amazingly festive atmosphere. In comparison with the organization of the birthday in a nightclub or bar, the organization of a celebration in a chicar for the number of guests and the cost will be approximately the same. But it will be unforgettable and interesting. Having chosen an interesting route and program, you will definitely surprise your guests.

And here you again thought: "On the nose is the birthday, where to celebrate? Moscow:

Entertaining center "Cosmozar"

In Moscow there are entertainment centers "Cosmozar", where there is a great choice for organizing any celebration, anniversary, birthday of the child and adult.

For each celebration, the game Cusar is suitable. This is an exciting, fashionable, interesting game that is suitable for any gender and age. Kuzar is a team laser game for dynamic indoor music. All actions unfold in the cosmic labyrinth. Players are given special vests with blasters and are divided into two teams. The meaning of the whole game is to capture the enemy's base, hitting the players of the opposing team with laser shots. Shots are completely safe and painless. This is an entertaining entertainment that is suitable for both teenagers and adults. Here, respectable and grown-up uncles can throw off their official appearance and plunge into an exciting game.

Also in these entertainment centers are availableGaming machines for exciting games for both children and adults. Here you will find an interactive shooting gallery, in which a beautiful plot design and a large selection of weapons.

Feast for the child

To celebrate the birthday of the child is suitableany bowling club, water park or go-kart. Such a holiday organization will also be interesting and memorable for the child and his friends. In Moscow, the Seahorse Club and Alice's House provides a variety of animation programs for holidays, with the participation of any animated characters that your kid loves.

"Crazy Science" offers an interesting scientificAn interactive show with exciting experiments and dynamic games. Here your children will get irresistible delight, the child himself participates in all scientific experiments and experiments, and this is so interesting! Here you can find the program "Detective Science", in which children can find themselves in the place of Sherlock Holmes, learn to search for clues, take fingerprints and make a fingerprint. And this is not a complete list of places where you can celebrate your birthday in Moscow. After all, this is a big city, and hence the possibilities in it of the sea!

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