Where are Gagra? Abkhazia, city of Gagra

Where are Gagra? On the Black Sea coast, in a country whose population barely exceeds three hundred thousand people. This small town today is very popular among Russian tourists, and vacationers often visited here during Soviet times. About where Gagra is and why this question in the world is answered differently, described in today's article.

where are the gagras


So, where are Gagra? The answer to this question knew the Greek merchants in the I century BC. The country in which the city is located is one of the oldest in the world. For 2 thousand years, who only neitherconquered. In the 1st century BC, Gagra was dependent on the Roman Empire. Then it was not a city, but a small fortress. In the fifth century, a citadel was built here, which the locals called Abaata. Despite the wars that took place on these lands more than once, the fortress was partially preserved to this day.

In the XIV century, the Genoese appeared in Gagra. Representatives of this enterprising people not only settled in the sunny seaside city, but also created a trading post here. But the Genoese lived inGagranot for long.Soon the Turks came to the city.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the question of where Gagra was located could be safely answered - in Russia. The official accession to the empire took place in 1810. True, especially Russia did not influence the economy and culture of the city. In the XIX century, Circassians increasingly visited Gagra, and not with peaceful purposes. In order to protect the city from their invasions, they built fortifications. At that time one of the famous Decembrists was here, who later called the climate in Gagra awful. Amazing. According to tourists, this is one of the best places to relax in the post-Soviet space.

Abkhazia Gagra

Resort City

Having been on an excursion in Gagra, you can hear the name of Prince Alexander of Oldenburg more than once. The city is obliged to this person the status of the resort.Oldenburgset out to turn Gagra into Russian Monte Carlo. In part, he succeeded. Despite the terrible events of the early nineties, there are historical monuments, including the famous Gagripsh restaurant, foundedOldenburgin 1903. At the beginning of the 20th century, a park with palm trees, cypress, orange and lemon trees was also laid out in fabulous Gagra.

Finally, we will answer the question that was posed at the beginning of the article. Gagra is a city in Abkhazia, located in the warmest place of the Black Sea coast. One can talk endlessly about the events that took place here in the old days. In terms of population and area, Gagra corresponds to a small Russian city, nevertheless, there are many tragic pages in history.

In 1992, hostilities began in Abkhazia. There have been many crimesperfectGeorgian military. Total killed aboutfourthousands of locals. In the late nineties, Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia. The world community is by no means. In the west, they still consider a small country located in the northwestern part of Transcaucasia an occupied territory. Some today believe that Gagra is in Georgia.

time in gagra

In progressmilitary operations in 1992, the city suffered greatly. But fortunately, the main attractions are preserved. Time inGagracorresponds to Moscow. Cross the Russian-Abkhaz border citizen of the Russian Federationcanwith internal passport. Every day, from the beginning of May to the end of October,Dozens of tourists go to Gagra.

After the militarythe conflict of 19921993 for several years Abkhazia was in the economic blockade. This explains the appearance of many neglected half-ruined buildings of considerable historical value. Gagra, like othersinhabitedAbkhazia points are gradually being restored. However, even today tourists are truly fabulouslandscapes.

About what kind of sea inGagramentioned above. In addition, a large number of rivers flow in Abkhazia, including the shortest in the world.Reproiswhose length is only 18 meters. It is a river as wellGagrypsh,AnyahamandZhoekvara, flow through the city. Attractions include the Prince’s Castle.OldenburgfortressAbaata, restaurant Gagripsh, CaveKrubera-Crow. The visiting card of this Abkhaz city is the famous colonnade on the embankment.

what sea in gagry

Gagra is a favorite city of filmmakers

say the guides, the indigenous people of Abkhazia. It really filmed several Soviet films. Among them: “Jolly Fellows”, “Lady with a Parrot”, “Disappeared Empire”, “Dark Nights in the City of Sochi”. And of course, the tragicomedy “Winter evening inGagra, Released on screens in the mid-eighties.It was against the background of the legendary colonnade that the main character of the film beat offtap dance.

Fortress Abaata

Time inGagraproceeds in a special way. It is not surprising, because, as already mentioned, this is one of the oldest cities in the world. The citadel, which anyone can visit today, was built in the fifth century. And at the beginning of XX century by order of the princeOldenburgone of the walls was destroyed. The main part, fortunately, has been preserved to this day. In the fortress there is a small temple, which belongs to the Abkhazian Orthodox Church.

How to get to Gagra

Restaurant "Gagripsh"

Named institution in honor of the river, which flows very close. In 1903, the whole Russian aristocracy gathered in the restaurant - the resort was officially opened. Later, who had never been to the most famous restaurant in Abkhazia! And Nicholas II, and Chekhov, and Bunin, and Maxim Gorky, and, of course, Joseph Stalin.

How to get to Gagra?

The main attractions we listed.Remainsjust figure out how to get into the city of Gagra. In Abkhazia, you can go just one day. Sightseeing buses leave from Adler and Sochi daily. As a rule, tourists arrive at six in the morning, return in the evening.In this way,in just one day you can explore the main sights of Abkhazia.In the city of Gagra, the participants of the excursion spend no more than an hour, but they manage to take some bright photos against the background of the ancient colonnades.

where are the gagras

The resort town can be reached independently. Gagra is located just 36 km from Adler Airport. From Sochi you can get to Gagra by bus, taxi. However, in this case, you can spend at the border a few hours. As part of the tour usually passport control tourists pass much faster.

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