When to accustom to the pot?

With the advent of a little man, any lovingparents, with bated breath, follow his successes. And they are very worried if one of their peers makes a first step or speaks the first word before. After all, their crumbs are genius and must outstrip others in everything. Therefore, when deciding when to accustom a child to a pot, they are guided by their experiences, and not by the recommendations of doctors.

Important points

Too early acquaintance of the unformednervous system with a pot, can lead to its complete rejection, the development of fears and an increase in the process of habituation. To avoid this, pediatricians advise not to forget the physiological norms established by science. Strong conditioned reflexes are fully formed by the age of three years, respectively, the natural reflex to control the secretions is formed in the period from 1 year to 3 years. Thus, the knowledge of toilet science can be started unambiguously if:

  • the child had a stable bowel movement;
  • The diaper may remain dry for longer than 1.5-2 hours;
  • the kid knows the name of body objects, clothes and understands the words "pokakal" and "pissed";
  • the child can undress himself, as well as enter and leave the toilet.

In addition, the preparation of parents is important. After answering for yourself the question of when to accustom to the pot, you must take into account that the time spent on communicating with the child will increase noticeably. To put the child on the pot you need, approximately, to eight or nine months, while watch out for his reaction. If he is nervous, do not insist, do not try to keep him by force. At the beginning of the acquaintance, offer the baby a pot when the probability of a "process" is highest - after sleeping, after eating, if the diaper is dry for a long time. Encourage and praise the young talent, and in case of failure - do not show your distress. Turn the toilet procedure into an interesting game - "Adults do so", kids like to imitate. It is important that the pot is not perceived as a toy, but as an object of a certain purpose.

When the child quietly sits down on the pot, andsometimes even he asks for it, go to the next stage - do not use diapers during the day. If everything turned out, we try to limit the time spent in diapers, taking them off at night and during walks. Better, to conduct accustomed work in the warm season - this reduces the risk of colds. If the child lacks diaper rash, and there are no problems with diapers, the moment of schooling to the pot can be postponed even up to 2 years. The older the baby, the faster he will master this science. An interesting fact is that girls are accustomed to pots faster than boys, because of their physiological characteristics. The advice of doctors, friends and relatives does not give a clear answer, how much to accustom to a pot you need, and when you can. The only correct option, when both the parents and the baby are ready.

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