When the wardrobe in the hotel fell on you

Is it possible to die under the closet at the hotel? Anyone will say - is unlikely.
But you can easily get serious facial injuries and fractures. To make sure of this "lucky" my friends in the hotel of Vladikavkaz, where we stayed during a joint trip one and a half three weeks ago. In continuation, they were “lucky” to face the unprofessional and to some extent dismissive attitude of the hotel staff, and after publicizing the history on social networks, the hotel is completely threatened by lawsuits protecting honor, dignity and business reputation ...
The story of what happened looks absolutely unbelievable, but at the same time it eloquently demonstrates the depth of the real level, on which the domestic sphere of services, tourist and hotel business is located. Such cases are a real indicator of the real situation of regional tourism. And then regional authorities are surprised why they are not developing tourism ...
Before I set out all the details of this story, I will note one important detail: hotel guests,which will be discussed, we stopped in it, having arrived at the regional forum dedicated to the attention, DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISM IN THE REGION!
Epic fail ...

I submit the story in the first person, as I told it, and then I posted it on Facebook on Arthur Privin
A hotel that can kill. Meet - Planeta Lux (formerly "Caucasus") in the city of Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia.
What worries us when we choose a hotel? Is it new, are the rooms clean, is the breakfast normal ... As it turned out, this is all such nonsense. The most important thing for a hotel is its safety. So she did not kill you!
Security - it was about her that we spoke at the International Forum on the development of domestic tourism in the North Caucasus, which took place on September 14-17 in Vladikavkaz, and we spoke about it at the round table with the deputy ministers of the Caucasian republics. Security is the most important thing that primarily interests a normal person.
And, unfortunately, just talking about her, as on the day of eviction from the hotel Planeta Lux IT happened. My girlfriend Jeanne, 5 minutes before check out at 09.55 approached him. To the cabinet, which was installed in room 226. You know, before leaving you always want to check whether you have left some things, and there are such stupid cabinets that, when opening the door, are very loose,and if, in addition, they are not bolted to the wall, what happens to Jeanne happens.
Jeanne went to the high wardrobe, which, of course, was not bolted to the wall, was not properly installed, and the whole walked around and wobbled terribly. It was possible to use such a cabinet with great caution. Zhanna opened the door, and this “coffin” fell down and collapsed on the fragile girl, almost killing her! The strongest blow fell on the face, in the area between the eye and the temple.
Bottom line: a fracture of the cheekbones (!), A fracture of the bottom of the orbit (!), Many bruises of the soft tissues of the face, head and body, then also sinusitis joined as a result of the injury.
I do not want to think that it would be if the blow fell on a centimeter to the left. I don’t want to think what would happen if a pregnant woman came to open this unfortunate wardrobe or a child ran up to him ...
Ok, the incident happened. How should a hotel behave? Well, just humanly, how? If a young woman has a broken face, does she really hurt and does she cry? Probably, you need to call an ambulance, but while she is driving, bring a first-aid kit and give first aid ?! Probably would have done so on some other planet.But in the "Planet Suite" first aid kit was not there. They called the ambulance only at our insistence: really, what's the point if the victim should leave the hotel in 5 minutes. At my request to bring ice, in ten minutes they brought me ... yogurt. Then, probably, they thought better of it, and after another five minutes they brought the same ice - in a bucket, crushed. No gauze, of course, no other clean fabric. If you want, you should put the cubes on a broken face, if you want, you should immediately put the bucket. They actively helped us to get on the bus - so that we could leave as soon as possible, and Planet Lux would breathe out with relief.
Stop. But what bus are we to? Fast !!! Then there was an ambulance, a hospital, X-rays, certificates without seals, since all the doctors together were afraid to sign. Doctors Vladikavkaz, I now appeal to you! How was it possible to write a bruise with an obvious break in the cheekbones?

(certificate issued to Jeanne on the results of examination at the Republican Clinical Hospital of Vladikavkaz)

(Inquiries received by Zhanna after an examination in the N1 Pirogov City Clinical Hospital after the deterioration of her condition upon her return to Moscow)
Next was a difficult flight to Moscow with a forced landing in Minvody. Then there were the emergency room, ambulance, 2 different hospitals and deterioration ...
"Planet Lux" about her problem guests, naturally, tried to forget as soon as possible. Neither the call, nor the letter, nor the message with the usual such question after all that happened: “How is your health?”, We didn’t wait for them. Although all our contacts and phone numbers at the hotel were.
Only a week later, thanks to the help of kind people, the financial director of the hotel, Milena, finally contacted me. We would love to hear from the hotel an apology, an admission of guilt and, yes, a monetary compensation. But instead of trying to offer us help, she began to convince us that there was no fault of the hotel! This, it turns out, Jeanne herself is to blame - she pulled the door too hard! Careful to be!
Is this the only hotel school? Unfortunately not. Now I will not go into the details of the sanitary situation in the kitchen, I think that they will check it without me, and crawling insects will certainly be found.
I also remember a “dear” security guard, who, when asked to let the toilet in the lobby, answered rudely: “I will not give the toilet key, go to the room”. To the reasonable question: “Why?”, He answered without any guile: “Because of people like you, it’s dirty there.”Well, but from the heart and honestly.
I declare with 100 percent certainty, as the head of several travel agencies of different networks, as a business coach, as a person who visited 53 countries - as long as there are hotels such as Planet Lux in Vladikavkaz, and there is no tourism in North Ossetia. will be! I would never send a single tourist there! And at any opportunity I will remind about it.
What does this story mean?
First of all, that the service in domestic hotels still leaves much to be desired. Why is it hard to imagine such a thing in top and chain hotels? Because they made repairs there long ago, threw away all these antediluvian closets and assembled such furniture that a priori cannot inflict such injuries.
Secondly, that the hotel staff simply does not know how to behave in such situations, including post-situational support.
It is well known that reputation has to be earned long and hard, and it can be destroyed very easily, reducing to NO all efforts. Of course, it is necessary to keep such cases under control, to make every effort for a peaceful settlement in order to avoid scandals and trials.This is speaking from the point of view of pure business, without an ethical side. Well, purely humanly, do not forget about the person who suffered in the territory of your business.
But according to Arthur, at the moment he received warnings from the management of the hotel Planeta Lux about a lawsuit for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation for publicizing history and, according to the hotel, distortion of facts.

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