What to do if moles are inflamed?

- benign education. Nevi are due to a large amount of melanin in a certain place. For a person, ordinary moles are completely harmless, even if there are a lot of them on the body or face. Danger appears only when moles become inflamed. What to do in this case? What treatment does modern medicine offer?

Why do moles appear on the body?

If all people had the same amount of melanin in the skin, then the number of moles on the body would be the same for the entire population of the planet. However, some suffer from an excess of nevi, and some do not have them at all.

moles are inflamed

Heredity has an important role in the number of moles on the body or face. If the parents of the baby suffered from a large number of pigment spots, then the child will most likely have the same problem. Moreover, the heir nevus often occur in the same places as mom and dad. And if the parents of the baby often have inflammatory moles, then the child will suffer from the same ailment and have the risk of skin cancer.

Also, nevi appear from the frequent presence of a person in the sun, hormonal disorders in the body, as well as stressful situations.

It should be noted that a nevus is only a benign education. But the itch, pain and its growth may indicate that the mole has inflamed. There is a lot of photos regarding this, so it is not difficult for a person to determine for himself when it is not worth worrying, and when it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.

Types of moles

Nevi are of several types:

  • vascular;
  • pigment.

Pigment moles appear due to the accumulation of a large amount of melanin in a certain area. Such spots, as a rule, have a brown (dark or light) color and a uniform color.

Mole inflamed what to do

Vascular nevi appear due to congestion of blood vessels in a particular place. They are more common in women and can be on the face or back. Usually such a mole consists of many parts and has a crimson or red color. It may be flat or convex. All this is the norm.

It is necessary to pay close attention to the vascular nevi, especially if the mole on the face has inflamed.

Symptoms of inflammation

If, nevertheless, a nevus has become inflamed, then it is very important to take the necessary measures in a timely manner, since the disease in the initial stages is always easier and better. So, in time to start therapy, you need to know the stage of inflammation.

  1. Especially carefully you need to monitor their health, if the mole is inflamed and reddened. At the very beginning, the nevus increases (more than 0.5 cm), and also has bright edges with puffiness.
  2. It is also worth referring to a dermatologist in the event that the once smooth mole has become convex, increased, changed its uniform color to a non-uniform or changed shape.It is important to be observed by a specialist in case of signs of reborn pigmentation. The following signs will help to learn about rebirth:
  • the appearance of uneven color;
  • the appearance of peeling;
  • redness of the skin around the nevus;
  • if the brown mole has become darker or completely black;
  • if black dots appear around the mole (halo);
  • if a mole with clear boundaries has become more blurred or has changed shape;
  • increase in size;
  • the appearance of seals and assemblies;
  • necrosis of tissue moles.
  • It is necessary to seek advice from a dermatologist if the mole began to cause discomfort, itching, tingling or burning appeared.
  • A birthmark on which hair grows is normal, but an alarming sign may be hair loss in this area.
  • An urgent inspection is necessary if the mole has become cracked and any fluid or blood has oozed from it.
  • An alarming sign is also the suppuration of a nevus.
  • moles inflamed on face

    However, it is worth remembering that not all symptoms are very dangerous. For example, sometimes a smooth mole becomes convex only due to the fact that its "roots" began to go deep into the dermis.

    Mole inflamed. What to do?

    Modern medicine has advanced far ahead, now for a short period of time, you can accurately determine whether the mole is potentially dangerous or it remains only a benign formation on the human body.

    If you suspect a rebirth, a person should consult a doctor. The doctor will examine the site with a dermatoscope and determine the cause of the changes in the nevus. If there is even the slightest suspicion of oncology, then the patient will be sent for a biopsy.

    If the tumor is benign, then a dermatologist can prescribe painkillers and medicines that can relieve acute inflammation.If the mole is in a place that is constantly in contact with clothing (that is, it is exposed to mechanical stress), then the direction to remove the formation can be written out.

    inflamed hanging mole

    If the inflammation is malignant, an operation will be scheduled with a further course of treatment. It is worth noting that melanoma at the first stage is successfully treated.

    Possible causes of inflammation

    So what could have caused the change? Why is the mole inflamed?

    1. Frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays. Long sunbathing should especially be avoided by people with fair skin or red hair.
    2. Injury moles. In this case, it is dangerous not only to scrape it, but also any cut.

    It is worth noting that redness of the skin around the mole or the appearance of blood is a direct indication for the removal of the formation. And do not delay the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor, because at any time a benign inflamed birthmark can turn into cancer.

    Inflammation of hanging moles

    Hanging nevi also do not carry any potential danger. Most often they appear on the back, neck, genitals, armpits.Compared with a smooth formation, hanging moles are easier to injure, especially during shaving.

    If a hanging mole has appeared on the neck, then it is recommended to remove it most quickly by any of the modern methods. Such formations are very often injured by clothes, a razor or chains. And any injury can lead to the transformation of a benign education into a malignant one.

    The safest hanging moles can be considered as those that are located on the back. But it happens that inflammation overtakes them here.Mole inflamed after removal

    So, what symptoms are present if a hanging mole has inflamed?

    1. Discomfort.
    2. Redness.
    3. Puffiness

    For any of these symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

    Surgical removal of a nevus

    The surgical removal of a nevus is almost the most popular way to solve problems with moles. There are many advantages of surgical treatment:

    • only a small area of ​​skin is excised;
    • surgery is performed only under anesthesia (local);
    • Duration no more than 30 minutes.

    Immediately after the surgeon made the cutting of the nevus, the material is sent for biopsy.They do this even when the mole initially did not arouse any suspicion.

    But surgery has its drawbacks. For example, a scar almost always remains in place of the incision. Its size depends on the size of the nevus. In addition, it happens that patients complain that the mole has inflamed after removal, but rather the place where it was located. Then additionally prescribed antiseptic drugs.

    Laser removal

    Laser removal of moles is the most modern and safe way to remove. The operation lasts only a few minutes, while the patient is not in pain, only mild discomfort.

    the birthmark has inflamed and reddened

    It is most often prescribed to patients who complain that moles are inflamed.

    The main advantages of this method can be considered:

    • absolute scarring in the future;
    • fast healing (the site is fully restored in two weeks);
    • short duration of the procedure itself.

    Also, doctors can offer an alternative to this method. This may be radio wave therapy, electrocoagulation, and exposure to a mole by cold, that is, liquid nitrogen.

    It should be noted that each method of removal should be selected individually and only after consulting with your doctor.

    Preventive measures

    How to be to people who often have moles inflamed? Are there any methods that can prevent this process?

    Doctors strongly recommend to protect exposed areas of the body in hot summer from exposure to aggressive sunlight, and people who have a large number of nevi on the body are not recommended to take sun baths or sunbathe in the solarium.

    why was the birthmark inflamed

    It is important to protect birthmarks from unintentional injury, as well as to monitor their condition.

    In addition, for any signs of rebirth, it is recommended to contact a dermatologist. Do not be afraid of oncology, because most often cancer begins with a precancerous condition called dysplasia.

    Dysplasia is successfully treated, although it is a potential danger to humans. During this diagnosis, precancerous cells are detected that do not metastasize and have little effect on the general condition of the patient.

    Medical statistics proves that dysplasia has a favorable outcome.The frequency of complete recovery is up to 99%.

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