What distinguishes Rostest from Eurotest? What's better?

When choosing a particular electronics, in particular a smartphone, we are sometimes surprised to notice that the same model can be sold with a significant price difference. The sales assistant, in response to this misunderstanding, states: "This is Eurotest!" But not every one of us is aware of the meaning of this word. Therefore, let's see what makes Rostest different from Eurotest. First, we define what is hidden under these definitions.

What is Rostest?

Rostest is the largest center for testing and certification in the Russian Federation. He is accredited by the government of our country for the issuance of certificates. To obtain such a document, according to the legislation, the product must meet a considerable number of technical regulations, prescriptions of safety standards for environmental protection and human health.

What is the difference between the growth test and the Eurotest?

Therefore, manufacturers, in order to find the mark of Rostest on their products, must necessarily carry out the products through the certification procedure.If the goods have passed it, then the company has the right to put on them a Rostest logo. This will mean that, for example, a smartphone meets Russian quality and safety standards.

We recommend you remember the mark of Rostest, since there are many sellers in the market of illegal, fake, and therefore low-quality goods, which are issued for the original, branded and sold at a rather high price. Naturally, on its packaging there will be no logo of this large Russian certificate authority.

And we continue to understand how Rostest differs from Eurotest.

What is Eurotest?

First of all, we need to know that there is no Eurotest! The term was coined by sellers by analogy with Rostest. Under it most often means Conformité Européenne - European conformity with the CE mark.

If we consider Rostest or Eurotest, what is the difference? The latter term may mean that the device in front of you complies with the European requirements of standards for environmental protection, safety and human health.

evrotest or growth what is the difference

However, we still advise to ask the seller about what he means by the definition of Eurotest. If this is CE (European Compliance), then there is no reason to worry.And sometimes, counterfeit gadgets are also called the mysterious Eurotest to deceive the buyer. Such a device can come from Asia or America, and from the manufacture of handicrafts.

Rostest and Eurotest: similarities

Those who are looking for what distinguishes Rostest from Eurotest are primarily concerned with the quality of devices. But there are no differences regarding this parameter - manufacturers try to manufacture universal products for the whole range of consumers. Therefore, for example, a phone with a Rostest certificate will be similar in quality to a device that has a sign of European conformity.

Owners of gadgets with a mark and Rostest, and Eurotest can equally qualify for full warranty service. The presence of a certificate does not affect the authority of the warranty card. It doesn’t matter what it says: Eurotest or Rostest.

growth test or evrotest is better

What is the difference? Many people think that the differences in the location of the manufacturer: the goods bearing the CE marking are issued in the European state, and Rostest - in the third world countries. But this is also a false statement - in most cases, gadgets are made in one factory.

Rostest and Eurotest: differences

So how does Rostest differ from Eurotest? From all this we can distinguish several points:

  • Rostest is Russian certification, and Eurotest is a fictional concept. It can mean both CE - European conformity, and "candy wrapper", under which a counterfeit product is hidden, which has no document whatsoever.
  • As a rule, prices for products with the Rostest logo should be higher. If an ordinary fake is hidden under Eurotest, then its cost will naturally be significantly lower than the price of a certified product.
  • If you buy a gadget with the CE marking, then there is a high probability that its documents, instructions are not Russified, and the charger will not fit the Russian outlet.

Rostest, Eurotest, iPhone

How to determine, Rostest or Eurotest - certificate of your iPhone? "Apple" gadgets in the domestic market are generally divided into 4 categories:

  • "White" - Rostest.
  • "Gray" - Eurotest.
  • American
  • "Black" - a fake from China and his ilk.

The latter two groups, we do not recommend the acquisition. "Black" - for good reason. And the US - because the device can be blocked for service only from a specific operator, and also becausethat so far official service centers do not everywhere agree to free repair under warranty.

How to determine iPhone growth or Eurotest

The "whites" are iPhones with Rostest certification. They have passed all the necessary checks, comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, with their warranty service will not be problems. Do not worry if instead of the familiar sign of the PCT is the EAU. The latter is a symbol of Eurasian conformity (Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus). It is similar to Rostest.

"Gray" - this is all the other iPhones. They can also be called Eurotest. Their main difference is that they were imported bypassing official shipments from Europe. What makes it stand out at a lower price - the middleman has considerably saved on duties, certification, taxes, etc. Is this an iPhone of Rostest? Hardly. But one thing: the device can be "sharpened" for the country for which it is intended for sale. Hence the conflict with the SIM cards of the Russian operator, the inability to turn off the sound of the camera, the limitation on the maximum volume of music and other minor but unpleasant moments.

So what is better - Rostest or Eurotest? Still, the first. By purchasing a PCT-labeled gadget, you are buying a “white” device.And Eurotest can be both counterfeit and fake.

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