What is the pins for jewelry?

The production of jewelry and jewelry by one's own hands becomes a popular hobby. Someone treats him easily and at ease, only occasionally indulging in this occupation. And for someone the creation of handmade jewelry becomes a matter of all life, bringing a good income.

If you decide to master this craft, you can not do without knowing the accessories. In the work you will need different accessories, designed for making jewelry, which, fortunately, today are available in the widest range. And the base element, without which no master can do, are pins. Usually those who are seriously engaged in the manufacture of jewelry, always have at hand a huge number of these auxiliary elements. What are pins? Let's look at the article.

What is the pins for jewelry?


Pins are designed to fix beads where they belong. With their help fasten elements of earrings, rings, bracelets, beads. What pins are, even beginners know, who collect their wares from purchased beads.

They are used to create bracelets, rings, chains, necklaces, earrings with beads and various decorative elements. Pins make it possible to achieve a very interesting effect.

Mode of application

Pin is passed through the bead, its free tip is rounded off with the help of a special tool, which allows to fix it in the right place.

The rest of the wire can be cut with the help of nippers, shoved back into the bead, or wound around the pin.

Kinds of pins

All the variety on the market can be divided into three groups. First of all, these are carnation pins. They are so called, because they look like ordinary nails, only the look is more elegant. Work with them the easiest, this is the simplest pins for jewelry. How to use this fittings, you can guess intuitively. The pin is inserted into the bead, the cap does not let it come off, and the free protruding tip can be rounded at will. Such pins serve for the final elements of the product.

There is another common type of the first type - decorative pins for jewelry, the photos of which are presented below.

The name speaks for itself: in addition to functional, they also carry a decorative load. The hat of such a pin is decorated with some element: a rosette, a flower, a small bead, a rhinestone. Like the first, these pins are designed for the final elements of the product, to which nothing else is attached.

What are pins with eyelets are known to those who weave chains and bracelets in which the beads are joined together. This element allows you to make a cyclic system in which the beads passed to the pins are connected to a common base. The principle of working with such pins does not differ from the previous one. The only difference is that instead of the cap the pin is crowned with a loop, to which you can attach a connecting ring, chain, earring svenzu, bracelet lock and all that is needed.

Colors of metal

The most popular and common today are metal pins for jewelry. The following colors are widely represented on the market:

In addition to the above, many different colors: blue, green, burgundy, brown and others. Such a huge range opens up to the master the widest possibilities for creativity.

Exclusive and handmade

It may seem that the market of jewelry accessories has been completely and completely won by the Celestial Empire. In fact, it's not like that at all. And although the Chinese furniture belongs to a huge segment, you can easily find a completely unique things. They are especially appreciated by those who work with semi-precious and precious stones, exclusive glass-blowing beads, pearls, author's elements for jewelry. Noble metal adequately emphasizes the uniqueness of the basic elements.

Today, the author's furniture is presented in the market: forged locks, toggles, shvenzy, beads hugs, pins for jewelry. What kind of fittings is it and who produces it? Often, the same master jewelers, wireworms, blacksmiths. Although among this category there is also a small percentage of the products of factory production.

Pines in work

What happens in the end? After all, just finding out what pins are is not enough for a good result. Products made with the help of such accessories are light and ringing, similar to clusters of mountain ash or grapes.

In order to make earrings, we need:

  • beads of the same size or different, depending on the idea (paired quantity);
  • pins-carnations for jewelry (according to the number of beads);
  • two pieces of jewelry chain of the desired length;
  • a pair of Svens;
  • pair of connecting rings.

In addition, can not do without round pliers and nippers.

Try to pick up accessories of the same color. Unsuited metal reduces the cost of the product, gives it the features of consumer goods, and not exclusive work of the master.

First, divide the beads in half to get two identical sets. However, asymmetrical earrings are in fashion today. It all depends on the design.

In order to work more conveniently, we first fix all the beads on the pins. The tips protruding outward, round the pliers.

On the connecting ring we put on a piece of a chain and a shvenzu. Tightly fasten the edges. With the second set we do the same. We fasten to the chain free ends of the pins, bent into the rings. The more beads, the more magnificent earrings will be.

Pins like decor

Some masters use pins not as an auxiliary material, but as an independent element of decor.

Look at this necklace. To create it, the master needed a handful of pins with ringlets on the tips, several colored beads, a chain with a clasp and a standard set of tools. To grapes of pines looked more magnificent, their ends were selectively cut, giving to them different length. You can take and pins of the same length.

By the way, the earrings on the photo are decorated with connecting rings of a contrasting color. This proves once again how important it is to know the accessories used in the work.

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