What is the most powerful laptop

Practically in all sectors of the economy there is healthy competition. Each manufacturer tries to stand out from among the competitors with its unusual invention and innovation, with which the company introduces and gains the trust of its potential buyer.most powerful laptop

The fast growing sector of the economy

The computer technology market is far from the exception. This market is developing by leaps and bounds, constantly emerging new models of laptops, computers and their components. Here, for example, a very interesting announcement took place the other day - the not so well-known computer manufacturer Digital Storm announced that it would release the most powerful laptop in the world. Sounds promising and tempting, doesn't it?

About laptop manufacturers

There are a lot of gaming notebook manufacturers around the world, and they produce almost identical models that differ only in their case. But let's take a look at this model.

A little about the technology itself

At Digital Storm, a simple-looking configurator, however, almost everything can be changed in a laptop.We will not say that for now the body and the matrix are only in a single copy, but there is a “change” button there, which means that the components can be remade for themselves.most powerful laptop 2012The choice of configuration here is between good, expensive and very expensive. What is it worth the very possibility to install two video cards and two SSD-drives with six hundred gigabytes! Of course, you can give it the name “powerful gaming laptop”. From exotic products - here you can change the thermal paste, which will reduce the heat and reduce the noise of the laptop (IC Diamond Premium Class).

Computer configuration

This laptop last year was introduced to the market with the following configuration:

- six-core Intel Core i7 processor model 3960XM Extreme Edition with overclocking up to 4.5 GHz;

- thirty-two gigabytes of RAM;

- Two Intel 320 Series SSD (as much as 600 GB!);

- two video cards of the NVIDIA model, a two-gigabyte GeForce GTX 675M;

- Blu-ray drive;

- A powerful enough adapter for the Killer Wireless N1103 network of Bigfoot Networks.

This car really deserved last year the status of “The Most Powerful Laptop 2012” It turns out that the dream laptop will cost as a used foreign car - about 6678 dollars. But the truth is, the manufacturer gives a ten percent discount, but still it ends up expensive.Also in the form of a bonus, a laptop is manually assembled, customization and stress test. And technical support is guaranteed on a lifetime basis, without restrictions.Gaming powerful laptop

Taiwanese dragons

But just, is this really the most powerful laptop of all available? Are there any other manufacturers who allow the configuration to be so flexible? After all, besides the company Digital Storm, MSI, ASUS, as well as Dell with its subsidiary brand, known as Alienware, are trying to make the most powerful laptop. However, Taiwanese companies such as ASUS and MSI do not have a sensible configurator, but the most powerful models are also impressive. And yet up to the bar at six thousand dollars no one has yet reached. Best compared to ASUS and MSI, Alienware does. He has the following configuration:

- Intel Core i7 processor type 3920XM;

- RAM of thirty two gigabytes;

- three 512 gigabytes SSD;

- video card model GeForce GTX 680M;

- BD drive and for DVD-RW;

- Killer Wireless-N 1103 Series;

- Windows 7 Ultimate.

It is equipped with a modern processor, it will not “fake” in games. But a little lose in multi-threaded programs and games. Alienware price is 6604 US dollars and a discount within $ 200.

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