What is the best septic tank to give? Feedback from buyers and experts

The septic tank is practical option of the local sewerage of the private house. There are many sewage treatment plants, from ordinary storages of sewage to autonomous stations capable of completely separating impurities from liquid household waste. Owners often face the question: which is the best septic tank to give or at home? Some take on the creation of sewage treatment plants independently, while others prefer to purchase a factory model.what better septic for giving

Problems arise due to the lack of centralized sewage. As a result, there is nowhere to collect and dispose of domestic waste water. To do this, you need a septic tank - an installation for their collection, sedimentation and cleaning.

The simplest septic tank

The cheapest way is to collect waste in plastic storage tanks and their removal by a truck. In fact, septic tanks are more modern designs of cesspools, which are airtight and have only an inspection hatch and a pipe for the release of gases. The volume of the drive is chosen not less than the truck can take out.

What is better to install a septic tank in the country? Reviews of buyers who come to the country from time to time, are inclined towards the cumulative capacity. The budget option is Eurocup.what septic is better to install at the cottage reviews

The advantage of this method is simplicity and durability. The disadvantage is the need for periodic export, requiring costs, and the unpleasant odor that occurs during pumping.

You can make a budget for septic tanks. Which is better to do with your own hands? Of course, the one that requires minimal cost, for example, made of concrete and without a bottom.
septic tank for giving what better do it yourself

It does not hold drains for a long time, and their removal is not required, or it is rarely done. In case of problems with lifting equipment, automobile tires can be used as a building material. Ways are the most common, but not the best in terms of ecology.

How does a septic tank work

A typical septic tank consists of 3 chambers, but there may be fewer (1-2). The drains from the house first fall into the first one, where the primary sedimentation takes place. Light fractions with fat remain at the top, while heavy ones are deposited. The clarified waters through the overflow by gravity flow into the next chamber, where sedimentation also occurs and the cleaning process continues with the help of anaerobic bacteria. Their livelihoods pass without air access.The advantage of this method is independence from electricity. All processes occur during the movement of waste by gravity. When processed by bacteria, mineral deposits are formed. The gas released during this process is released through the pipes.

The third section serves for the last settling, and from it the water purified to 60% goes to the filtration well or to the filtration fields. There it is finally cleaned, leaving the ground.

what better septic for giving

Features of biological treatment

The biological treatment station differs from a septic tank by its higher productivity and processing quality. It removes up to 98% of impurities. The principle of operation is as follows.

  1. The drains from the house enter the first chamber, where they are immediately aerated and treated with aerobic bacteria. With active stirring, the large particles are ground and quickly decompose. The heaviest impurities precipitate.
  2. In the next chamber, the process is repeated.
  3. The third chamber is filtered, and then the water enters the tank, from which you can water the garden.

Do I need pumping septic tanks?

In many advertisements and even specifications it is noted that septic tanks work without pumping. In fact, it is not.In any settling tank, precipitates are formed and must be periodically removed. Purification devices that do not need maintenance do not exist in the world. When choosing an expensive septic tank, you need to remember that it will also have to be cleaned, set up, repaired and constantly buy special preparations. Properly assessing the cost of funds, labor and time, many users are inclined towards the usual storage tanks. In addition, commercially available tools, which are added to the cesspool, you can get rid of unpleasant odors.

Which is better to choose a septic tank to give on indicators

It is especially important for sewage treatment plants how well wastewater will be treated. Before you decide which is the best septic tank to give, you need to decide on a few indicators that affect its effectiveness. First of all, it is their average quantity arriving per day. It depends on the number of residents of the house, its attendance by guests and the activity of the use of sanitary appliances.which is better to choose a septic tank to give

The next indicator is the composition of the soil, which determines the filtration rate at the last stage.

It is also important how the family lives in the house.If it is permanently located in it, then this requires some means of processing waste, and during periodic visits, others.

The choice of wastewater treatment plants and their costs depend on these three factors.

Choosing a septic tank for performance

The quantity and volume of the septic tank chambers depend on the water flow. The total volume should accommodate the average three-day discharge flow. According to sanitary norms, water consumption per person living in a house per day is 200 liters. Then for a family of 4 people have a volume of 1.8 m3. Taking into account the required reserve of 30% and the choice of a standard volume of capacity in the direction of increase, a septic tank of 3 m3.

The height of the septic tank exceeds its width at least 2 times. This is necessary to ensure that the drains are better settled.

The type of soil significantly affects the rate of removal of wastewater. If it is clay, the filtration fields will not work. The problem is solved by replacing a large amount of clay with crushed stone with sand, but this requires significant excavation work. Here it is advisable to install a septic tank with a biofilter, due to which water is purified by 98% and can be used for watering the vegetable garden.

Capacity material

Most models of septic tanks are sold in plastic. Tanks are lightweight, durable and have sufficient strength. To prevent them from floating, they are attached to a concrete base. From punching the side poured sand in a mixture with cement in the ratio of 5: 1 and a width of at least 300 mm. Over time, a solid frame is formed around the tank, protecting it from being pushed by the ground.

The manufacture of containers of metal, reinforced concrete or brick requires a lot of labor and time. Each material has its own advantages, for example, concrete has a high resistance to temperature changes, and the design of it is better to use in cold regions. In the middle lane and in the south, preference is increasingly given to plastic models with a full cleaning cycle, despite their high cost.

Septic tanks for questioning: which one is better? Reviews

When evaluating wastewater treatment equipment, homeowners look at specific models.septic tank for giving what better reviews

Choosing which septic tank is better for giving, according to the aggregate of positive and critical user reviews, you can focus on Tank, Triton and Topas. Following them in popularity are the models "Topol", "Tver" and "Yunilos".

Comments on the "Tank" appear because of the wrong choice of performance, when he does not have time to cope with the actual load, as well as due to violations of installation and operation technologies. Most positive reviews note the following advantages of this device:

  • comparative cost corresponds to the specifications;
  • high quality cleaning;
  • no operating costs required;
  • ease and simplicity of service.

Consider other septic tanks to give. Which is better? Topas is one of the leaders, and many buyers prefer this option. It differs in reliability and unpretentiousness in work. According to user feedback, it has the following advantages:

  • work without the addition of special preparations, but you can purchase them to improve efficiency;
  • effective decomposition of sewage;
  • rare periodic cleaning of sediment.

The septic tank copes with the treatment of waste water within its capabilities.

The Yunilos model does not require periodic pumping. Cleaning is reduced to the annual removal of solid sediment shovel. Work requires electricity.Some users mark an overcharged price.

The septic tank "Triton" differs in the small price and good operational characteristics about what many responses speak. Many praise the compact device "mini", which fully cope with cleaning.

Reviews of the septic tank "Tver" are contradictory, but there are also many positive ones. Basically the notes relate to installation and configuration.

Professionals offer to carry out orders "turnkey". In this case, septic tanks will function correctly and perform their work in accordance with the specified parameters. If the installation costs are high, you can assign the specialists only the most responsible part of the work.

Comparative evaluation of septic tanks

When choosing, it is advisable to evaluate in comparison with the septic tank to give - which one is better. User feedback reflects all the problems that the average person faces for the first time. Comparison is made for similar models and prices. For example, you can evaluate the septic tanks to give - which one is better - "Astra" ("Yunilos") or "Topas". Here one should give preference to the first. It is stronger and made of the best materials.In addition, the septic tank "Astra" is a modernization of the "Topas" and is better adapted to the conditions of the Russian climate.

The septic tank "Tank" differs in the increased durability about what its name speaks. In addition, it is better than "Yunilus" recycles waste, but needs more frequent cleaning.

The characteristics of septic tanks "Tver" and "Yunilos" are close, but the first one cleans drains a little worse, and also requires more thorough maintenance.

Prices for septic tanks

Of these models, there are no ones that should be abandoned. If you choose the same septic tank for giving - which one is better? Prices are everything.

When focusing on storage tanks should be aware that their cost will be 20 - 30 thousand p. The price of septic tanks for cleaning depends on performance and starts from 40 thousand rubles.septic tank for giving what is the best price

If you decide which septic tank is better to install in the country, it is not necessary to take a powerful installation. You can stay on the mini-models and meet the price of 20 thousand rubles.

This will run the entire cleaning cycle.what is better to install a septic tank in the country


Before the owners have a choice, what is the best septic tank to give. The easiest option is a cumulative capacity, which can be manufactured or purchased factory.The method is better suited for periodic visits to the home. With permanent residence it requires a more thorough cleaning of household waste. Domestic septic tanks have proven to be reliable in operation and can be successfully used for private houses and cottages.

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