What is a telegram and how to send it?

Some time ago, people actively used this type of message as a telegram. At that time there were no cell phones, and landlines were not in every apartment. Therefore, if necessary, to inform the urgent message or to congratulate a loved one on the holiday, many used postal telegrams.

Nowadays, in the age of high technology, this type of communication has lost its popularity, but it has not been forgotten. Some people still use the telegraph to greet their loved ones on holidays. After all, this method in our time is considered unusual and even original. Want to surprise someone with your congratulations? Send him a congratulatory telegram - and such a gift will definitely be remembered for a long time.

What is a telegram

But still, modern residents of megalopolises, as well as small towns, most of them do not know what a telegram is and how to send it. This article will tell about this interesting and almost forgotten form of messages, each version and ways to send a telegram.

Telegram - what is it?

What is a telegram? The definition of this word is as follows: a telegram is a text message intended for transmission by means of telegraph communication both domestically and abroad.

Telegrams are divided into several categories:

  • Governmental.
  • Simple.
  • Urgent.
  • Certified
  • With return receipt.
  • With paid return reply.

Usually people use urgent and simple telegrams.

New Year's telegram

Even in the recent past, every child knew what a telegram is. The definition for children living in the high-tech world can be summarized as follows: this is a letter on paper that the postman will bring and hand personally.

Rules for filling in the telegram form

Difficulties may arise when filling in the telegram for the first time. What is a telegram? This is not a simple text message, but words that will be transmitted by telegraph. Therefore, the writing of the text of the telegram should be approached very carefully. Previously, Morse code was used for this, and now digital technologies are used for this.

telegram through

It is necessary to compose it in such a way that whenever possible it does not contain prepositions, conjunctions and punctuation marks. In the telegraph transmission of messages, they simply do not exist.If necessary, put a sign in the sentence, it is written in abbreviated letters. For example, comma - zpt, dot - point, brackets - skb, colon - dvtch. And the prepositions are simply skipped. Therefore, when composing the text and rewriting it on the form for the telegram, it is necessary to take into account these simple rules.

Other types of telegraph messages are mainly used when necessary when executing any documents, where there must necessarily be a copy of just such a message.

How is the telegram price and delivery time calculated?

The cost of sending such a message is calculated depending on the length of the text, the type of telegram and the additional services attached to it.

The operator considers how many words are written in the form, the addressee’s data are also taken into account. The number of words is multiplied by the established tariff, and the amount to be paid for the telegram is obtained.

comic telegrams

Delivery times vary depending on the category of the telegram itself. If the government or urgent was sent, after 3 hours it will be delivered to the place of destination, and a simple one will find its addressee within 6 hours.

Sequence of filling the form of the telegram

When filling out the telegram form, you need to be careful and avoid mistakes. Any corrections made directly on the form itself should be certified by the signature of the sender.

Filling out the form should begin by noting the category of the telegram. If the category is “simple”, then it is not indicated.

The next mark on the form is a type of telegram. It can be: hand-handed, artistic, with delivery, a cryptogram, etc. In the event that the telegram does not fit to any of the types, the mark is not placed.

Then the field is filled in, where the address is indicated, to which it is necessary to deliver the telegram. You should also specify the data of the addressee, his last name, first name, middle name.

The next point in the filling of the telegram is the writing of the message text itself. It may consist of two words, and maybe of several sentences. The main thing when filling out do not forget about the rules for writing punctuation marks.

And the last item is the signature of the sender. It is not mandatory and, if unwilling, you can leave this column empty.

What is a notification telegram

Telegrams are used not only for congratulations. They are also used as evidence in litigation. The notification telegram sent to the addressee remains as proof of the message available. It is only necessary to keep a copy certified by the post office with which it was sent.

What is a telegram definition?

What is a notification telegram? If the "telegram with notification" is marked, the sending person will receive a delivery report to the addressee. If the addressee was not found at the specified address to which it was sent, and according to a certificate from the traffic police he lives exactly at this address, the sender will receive a notification that the telegram did not reach the addressee due to his absence from the place of residence. In this case, you can safely present in court a copy as proof that you have done everything possible to inform the addressee of important facts of the case.

Congratulatory telegrams

As mentioned earlier, telegrams are now increasingly used to congratulate relatives and friends on holidays, as an original way. This kind of greeting is suitable for any holiday. On the form you can write a sincere wish or comic greeting and send it to the addressee by mail.It is very nice to know that someone decided to go beyond the usual and congratulate you on this holiday in such an original way.

But there are also postcards in the form of a beautiful form of a telegram. They can be in honor of any holiday. On March 8, flowers are drawn on it, the New Year's telegram is decorated with snowdrifts and holiday symbols, and many, many different ideas can be found by choosing the congratulatory option.

Comic telegrams can be especially interesting and fun. This kind of greeting will be ideal for people with a sense of humor and those who love to have fun. The most interesting is that the market is not limited in such offers. They are both with already written creative text, and with empty lines to express your thoughts. It remains only to find the perfect postcard-telegram and send it to the addressee.

How to send

Many people wonder what a telegram is and how to send it? The first half of the article already defines this type of message, and the next section will describe how to send it.

What is a telegram definition for children?

You can send a telegram in the traditional way. This means you need to come to the nearest post office, fill out a form and write in it the text of the message, pay at the established tariffs, and it's done.The addressee will receive it in due time. If you pay a telegram with the notification, you will receive a message of receipt in person.

How to send a telegram without leaving home

In the age of the Internet, it would be strange not to be able to send a telegram on the World Wide Web. At present, a special program has been created for sending such messages via the Internet. It is only necessary to go to her page and register, an electronic form will appear on the screen. After you complete it, you will only have to pay.

What is a notification telegram

Usually several payment options are provided. This may be a debit from a mobile phone account, payment by credit card or electronic money (for example, Yandex.Money). After writing off the required amount from your account, the addressee will receive a telegram, and you will receive a message about the delivery.

Telephone services

Telephone companies offer another convenient way to send messages. When a fixed telephone is connected, it can be supplemented with such a service, with the help of which a telegram is sent via the telephone. Payment can be made by one of the payment systems offered by the telephone company.

This method is often used by people whose profession implies secrets and secrets.For example, it may be scientists working on a new project, journalists seeking to find and publish sensational news, or business partners who cannot reveal secrets to their competitors. What is a telegram for each of these people? This is a secure way to transfer data in person.

In some countries, such as India, Denmark, the Netherlands, it was decided to completely abandon the telegraph message and it would be difficult for the residents of the country to answer the question “What is a telegram?”. In our country, this kind of message, though slowed down, but continues to exist. In some cases, there is a risk that it is impossible to continue work without communication using a telegram. And while people use the telegraph message, it will exist for many years.

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