What is a pool? Game types

What is a pool? The game is one of the varieties of American billiards. There are many subtleties and intricate rules. For those who do not know what a pool is, this activity may seem like a real art. In addition to the usual hit balls in the pockets, often a whole lot of strategies are used, and also uses its own specific terminology. The most popular types of billiards consider in our material.

Differences from Russian billiards

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Before we figure out what a pool is, let's see how this game differs from the Russian billiards that we are used to. So, here are used tables with wider pockets. The balls at the same time have smaller dimensions. Due to this, in the course of the game, there are practically no so-called “dead zones” from which it is impossible to execute a resultant strike. However, most varieties of the pool are complex, since the rules imply sending balls into pockets according to ingenious combinations.

Pool balls have a diameter of 57.6 millimeters. Their weight ranges from 156 to 170 grams.For comparison: the weight of the ball in Russian billiards is 285 grams, and the diameter is 68.5 millimeters. Among other things, in the pool, seven balls have a striped coloring and the same number is continuous.


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To figure out what a pool is, it’s enough to play G8. This game is the most simple and common type of American billiards. Only two opponents can be involved here.

The leading ball is laid out on the table in black and another 15 spheres of individual shades. At the first blow, the player has the right to pocket any projectile, except for the number “8”. If at first a striped ball disappears from the table, the participant should subsequently aim only at similar spheres. The same rule applies to the release in the pocket of shells with a solid coloring. The game ends when one of the participants scores all the balls of his “own” color.


Considering the types of pool, the concept of the game, it is worth noting its popular variety, as "Nine." The best option here is the participation of two rivals. However, the rules do not prohibit the division into teams with a large number of people.

As the name implies, 9 balls are used in the game.Each of them contains the corresponding digital designation. Projectiles are killed one by one. The first in the pocket send the ball with the number "1". Then play the remaining spheres in ascending order. If there is a projectile with the wrong number in the pocket, penalties are imposed on the participant in the form of transferring the right to strike to the opponent. The winner is the one who manages to score more balls in order.

In fact, there are about ten varieties of the pool. However, many of them are quite difficult to understand rules. Therefore, lovers of billiards who are just beginning to get acquainted with the pool, it is worthwhile to begin to dwell on the above two types.

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