What is a park and what to wear it with

All men when choosing clothes in the first place are guided by the criterion of comfort. Jackets parks - the perfect option outerwear, which combines practicality, convenience and style.

What is a park

This is an elongated straight jacket that partially or completely covers the hips. A mandatory attribute of the parks is the hood. At the waist of the jacket there is a cord that can be tightened if desired. Due to this style, this jacket is very comfortable and practical.

The parka is lined with faux or natural fur. Very often, fashion designers are decorated with fur and a hood. An important difference between parks and other types of jackets is the presence of a large number of external and internal pockets.

Despite its simplicity, this year the park is considered a fashion trend. Therefore, fashionistas who have purchased this item will not only be stylish, but will not freeze during the cold season.

what is park

How did the park appear

Many fashionistas do not even know what the park means and how it appeared. Most buyers consider the park a normal warm jacket.In fact, this outerwear has its own history of origin.

Initially, jackets, similar to modern parks, were worn by Eskimos to keep warm in conditions of severe frost. Then, on the basis of this clothing, NATO developed jackets for military pilots, slightly reworking the classic model. In the 70s of the last century, citizens of the Soviet Union learned what a park is, on personal experience. At this time, the jacket came into fashion and has become an indispensable thing for every person. A distinctive feature of the parks of those times were tight cuffs and fur on the hood, almost completely covering the face. Classic models are usually sewn from a warm coat or dark colored leather.

What is the park firsthand know some people. So, the Germans and Greenlanders, it is considered traditional clothing.

What is the jacket-park, now knows the modern youth. Now we are witnessing the return of parks in the wardrobe of fashionistas. Modern designers use bright lightweight fabrics that allow you to wear this jacket in the warm season.

According to the parameters of practicality and convenience of the park is the most convenient and practical outerwear.These qualities, as well as the ability to protect from extreme cold, made the park very popular.

what is a park jacket

Parks for men

What is a men's park is well known to athletes, since the classic model of the jacket was also developed for people involved in sports. At that time, designers solved the problem of creating warm clothes that would be as comfortable as possible and would not hinder movement. As a result, they sewed the park, slightly changing some details.

Recently, the park has not only become a necessary thing for every mod. Athletes, mountaineers, tourists, pilots of military aircraft wear this jacket as obligatory outerwear.

For the military, they sewed parks, known as fishtails. Such nickname jackets got because of their style. The fact is that for the military, the parks were made slightly longer in the back than in the front.

In general, the park is men's clothing, although this jacket is very popular among women.

what is man's park

What to wear

After we have disassembled what a jacket park is, we can proceed to another question: what is it to wear? The classic park was sewn from warm materials and was intended only for extreme cold.Modern designers have improved the jacket and began to produce lighter models that can be worn in warm weather. Therefore, when buying parks, it is necessary to consider the season for which it is most suitable. If the jacket is winter - it will surely be very warm. In this case, under the park you can wear any clothes. Even in one shirt under the park a man will be warm enough.

Compared with the usual down jacket, the park is long enough to hide a jacket. Moreover, the jacket is very spacious, so men can safely wear trouser suits and any other clothes.

The park is most successfully combined with casual wear. Stylists recommend men to wear this jacket with jeans or chino pants and sweaters. High shoes look great with the park.

what does park mean

What is a park, they know and business people. The classic suit, shoes and dark-colored park is the image of a modern businessman. But in this case, stylists recommend buying a jacket with a minimum number of locks and external pockets.

Thin parka can be worn in warm weather with a T-shirt or a light jacket, jeans and sneakers.This image is perfect for young guys.

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