What fantasy series to watch?

In the modern world, serials have firmly taken theirniche. They deserve their popularity by using them to relieve stress after a hard day, and the main characters, thanks to spending much more than one and a half hours of screen time with us, are firmly entering our lives and we empathize with them as our old acquaintances. While watching the series, we have the opportunity to move to another world, which most of us will never succeed in.

First of all it concerns fantasyseries. They are not worse than others capture attention, because fantasy worlds, as a rule, are well-developed and are in fact a fairy tale for adults. In this article, we'll look at three popular TV shows that can help you have a great time.

Once upon a time, in a Fairytail

Once upon a time, in a FairytailThe plot unfolds in two worlds - the present and thefabulous. The son of the main character Emma, ​​from whom she refused many years ago, finds her and tells her that she is the daughter of two fairy-tale characters - The Beautiful Prince and Snow White. The main character first perceives such information not seriously. But her son is persistent and confident that there is a fairy city - Storybrook, in which, in consequence, it turns out Emma.

In another, fairy-tale world, there is the Evil OneQueen, who in combination is the adoptive mother of Emma's son. And, as usually happens in fairy tales, the main villain wants to establish his order in the world. That's why Emma has to come to terms with her destiny and join the battle with the Villain.


KingdomThe series narrates about Queen Mary of ScotlandStuart. About her life, about the castle intrigues and how difficult it is to make a choice between her own heart and the country, and at the same time her people. Behind the life of a young queen in the world of court intrigue is really interesting, although it's mute to watch sad.

Let the series does not pretend to be historicalreliability, and is unlikely to help prepare for the exam in history, but for the sake of a fascinating story, talented direction, high-quality camera work, actors' play and a qualitatively recreated atmosphere of the era - it's worth paying attention to this series and joining the ranks of its fans.

Royal Hospital

Royal HospitalThe screenwriter of the series was made favorite by manyStephen King. If you like terrible stories about old hospitals and the horrors that are created in them - this is definitely your choice. But you will not be shown an old hospital on the outskirts.

In this series you will see a modern medicala building that was built on the site of an old hospital, to which, alas, all the ghosts and other inexplicable and eerie things were transferred from the old place. But this interpretation makes the series more creepy, as after watching it, one gets the feeling that terrible things can happen in any modern hospital.

This list can be continued indefinitely -There are a lot of fantasy series that can interest you. And to find and see them is most convenient on the site http://serializm.com/zarubezhnye-serialy/fentezi/.

Enjoy watching!

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