What do deer eat?

What do deer eat?

  1. Deer noble (Cervus elaphus) - Feeds of noble deer are also very diverse. Where winter is not very snowy, grassy vegetation all year round is of great importance in feeding deer. The greatest role in the food ration is played by cereals, especially in spring and early summer. Often eat Compositae, legumes and umbrellas. In winter, perennials deer use green root leaves and stems. They also eat rags. From woody and shrubby plants deer eat oak, ash, maple, beech, aspen, linden, mountain ash, willow, spindle grass, viburnum, ivy, mistletoe, etc. Leaves leaves, buds, shoots, gnaw bark.
    Deer northern (Rangifer tarandus) - In summer, deer feed on grass, especially willingly eat plants such as cotton grass, horsetails, sedges, legumes, sorrel, often feed on leaves for a long time, find mushrooms. After the formation of the snow cover, the deer switch to feeding with yagel - this food forms the basis of reindeer nutrition for 9 months. Using a superbly developed sense of smell, they are very accurately found under snow and unearth not only the yagel, but also sedges along the banks of rivers or berry bushes and mushrooms.
    Spotted deer (Cervus nippon) - Deer use 281 for food 43 species of trees, 29 - shrubs, 4 - lianas and 205 - herbaceous plants. In winter, when herbaceous plants dry up and go under the snow, leaves, buds and leaves remain on the spotted deer feed. A valuable food for sika deer in all areas where oaks grow are acorns.
  2. The reindeer (Latin Cervus elaphus) is a cloven-hoofed mammal from the family of deer (with subspecies of Caucasian deer, European deer, maral, Bukhara deer or tugai deer, wapiti, wapiti) - herbaceous vegetation, cereals, legumes. In winter, he uses acorns, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, lichens, fruits, berries, bites stems and bark of trees, does not disdain needles of pine and spruce. In food, noble deer consume salt, extracting it from solonetzes.
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    Reindeer (in North America caribou, Latin Rangifer tarandus) belongs to the family of reindeer suborder ruminants, the only member of the genus Reindeer (Rangifer), a cloven-hoofed mammal of the deer family. He lives in the northern part of Eurasia and North America. He ate yagel. Yagel is the main winter animal feed. In the summer, he also eats all sorts of herbs, grasses, leaves of shrubs and half-shrubs, mosses and mushrooms, enjoys the branches of blueberries, willows, siksha, dwarf birch. If a deer finds a bird's nest with eggs or chicks, it will not refuse such food.
    Northern deer, experiencing a deficiency of protein and minerals, actively prey on lemmings (polar mice) and eat them in large quantities. During the light day, one deer can catch several dozen mice, which in the people are sometimes called deer mice.

    To make up for the missing items in the body, the deer eagerly eat the discarded horns.
    At any time of the year the deer enjoy salt licking with great pleasure. Once in the conflagration, eat ash, replenishing the lack of minerals in food.
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  5. In addition to the said clever and clever: Deer, especially the northern, do not disdain and eggs of birds, chicks, lemmings. And during the migration of lemmings this food prevails.

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