What does biological age depend on?

Factors preventing premature aging

A person’s health and ability to work often do not correspond to the number of years he celebrated on his last birthday. Therefore, to determine the degree of physiological and morphological development of the organism, the concept of "age of development" or "biological age" is used. There are discrepancies between the two indicators: recorded in the passport and that measured by the biological clock. It is possible to determine the intensity of aging of the individual and its functionality. The method of determining the number of years according to the actual state of the organism takes into account the influence of external conditions on it, as well as the absence or presence of pathological changes. There are two main factors determining biological age:

  • environmental and lifestyle conditions;
  • heredity.

biological ageDiscrepancies

There is no doubt that in the second half of existence, those who have a positive heredity are combined with favorable conditions of everyday life look younger than their years.The discrepancy between biological and calendar age ranging from one to five years is considered normal. Well, if it is five to ten years down. The same upward deviations indicate a slight premature aging. About the same condition, only expressed, they say, if the difference between biological and chronological indicators exceeds 10 years.

how to find out your biological ageHow to find out your biological age?

Researchers have developed a huge number of tests to determine the age of a person’s development. The main criterion for its establishment is the assessment of the degree of maturity. In other words, developmental levels of secondary sexual characteristics are assessed. Further, skeletal and dental maturity is determined: the first is based on the degree of skeletal ossification, the second is based on the time of teething (milk and permanent). The heredity of the individual, his constitution and intellect is also assessed. In addition, the test "biological age" may include various morphological and psychological indicators. There is an abbreviated method for determining the number of years on the biological calendar, which takes into account figuresreflecting systolic blood pressure, vital capacity of the lungs, partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood, the state of the sense organs, psyche, locomotor system and the number of healthy teeth. You can try to establish a biological age yourself, but it should be borne in mind that without a special comprehensive examination in a medical institution it is impossible to get an accurate result. Let's take as an example two simple tests.biological age test

  1. If a person is able to run 1.5 kilometers in 7-8 minutes, then the state of his respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems corresponds to what an individual who is not 35 years old should be. The same run for 9 minutes corresponds to 36-45 years. The distance of 1.5 kilometers, overcome in 10 minutes, indicates that a person has reached the age of 46-55 years according to the biological calendar.
  2. The number of seconds during which a person standing with his eyes closed on one leg is able to maintain balance is also an indicator of his developmental age. For young people under 30, this figure is 30 seconds or more, for 40-year-olds - 20, for 50-year-olds - 15 seconds.The biological age of the test person who has stood in such a position for no more than 10 seconds is 60 years or more.

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