What currency to take to Egypt. National currency of Egypt

Egypt is a country that is proud not only of its historical past and its heritage (the unsurpassed pyramids and sarcophagi of the pharaohs, the majestic and mysterious Sphinx, ancient temples and the Valley of the Kings), but also a modern developed tourist infrastructure.

Millions of lovers of hot climate and pleasant rest, which can be combined with the study of the unique attractions of the pearl of Africa, are eager to visit it at any time of the year.

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Tours from November to March are especially popular, because it is during this period that the Egyptian climate is most favorable for relaxing pastime, exploring all the beauties of the Red Sea and unhurriedly diving into the history of the Ancient World. In addition, tourists are happy to do shopping in large shopping centers and buy souvenirs in small shops to commemorate the trip.

What currency to take to Egypt: tips and tricks

Going on a trip, be sure to read at least a little about where you are going. General information and understanding of the peculiarities of the mentality and attitudes of the people, the guest of which you will be, in many ways will help to avoid awkward, and sometimes confusing situations. What currency to take to Egypt?

what currency to take in Egypt

This question will certainly arise before the trip, because you want to pay for the numerous services and purchases with minimal monetary losses. Experienced travelers know that it is best to carry with you both local money and dollars, which can be calculated in many countries around the world.

A bit about the currency of Egypt

First, let's see what the pound is - the national currency of Egypt. In the international financial language, the Egyptian pound is referred to as LE (or EGP). It consists of 100 piastres (in Arabic the name sounds like "irish"). In circulation are coins of 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 piastres, as well as banknotes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 pounds. In addition, piastres can also be found on paper: these are banknotes of 10, 25 and 50 units.

national currency of egypt

Be extremely careful, because the money is very similar in appearance, and for a person who visits Egypt for the first time and does not know about this feature, it can be a surprise trick of sellers,inadvertently giving you, instead of 50 pounds, 50 piastres.

Features of the Egyptian pound

There are some features uncharacteristic for other world monetary units that distinguish the currency of Egypt. Its name in the international financial turnover and the abbreviation LE (livre egyptienne) translates from French as “Egyptian pound”. Another interesting feature that distinguishes the money of an African country is the presence of text in two languages ​​on a banknote. The front side is characterized by the description of the denomination of the denomination in Arabic using Eastern Arabic numerals, as well as the depiction of significant Muslim objects of architecture. On the reverse side, the description is made in English, the more familiar Indo-Arabic numerals are used, and the monuments of ancient Egypt are depicted.

What to pay for services

The local currency of Egypt is convenient when calculating with taxi drivers, vendors, waiters in cafes and restaurants. The Arabs do not like to give change, and if there is a need for this, they can count it out to you to their advantage. Therefore, paying in dollars or euros, you risk being cheated.

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And it is good if the amount is small, because many tourists like to make numerous small purchases (various souvenirs, including magnets, hookahs, flavored tobacco, photos, booklets). In this case, the result is quite an impressive investment. And if at each transaction you pay in dollars or in euros, and the Egyptian currency is in your hands, then the risk of losing part of the amount on the difference in the course increases.

The benefits of using the Egyptian pound

The advantage of using a pound is that you can give the seller exactly the same amount for the goods that you agreed. And in this case, you will not lose money on the course. By the way, a curious fact: the Arabs are already so accustomed that representatives of the CIS countries do not make purchases without bargaining, that they gladly make concessions. Some of them make tangible discounts just to get rid of the greedy buyer. Keep this in mind and do not miss the opportunity to bargain when you buy something you like.

Please note that other foreigners do not try to reduce the cost and almost always pay as much as they say.

Reflections on what currency to take to Egypt, make you think about the advisability of using the dollar in this country during the trip.

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Of course, if you brought this currency with you or exchanged it at the airport, you can not worry - it is accepted everywhere. But again - the question of the course. Will it be profitable for you? If we are talking about small purchases and small expenses (payment of a taxi, bills in a cafe, purchases of souvenirs), then most likely not. Especially since the change in the calculation with the Egyptians you will receive in pounds, if the seller for some reason does not have small dollar bills. Therefore, arriving on vacation, first of all take care of the exchange of funds.

The national currency of Egypt is available to exchange both at the airport and banks, and in hotels, exchange offices. The optimal course will be at the airport and bank. In hotels and exchangers, it is often disadvantageous for a tourist, because money changers charge an additional percentage for a transaction. In no case do not change money from random people, hotel workers, because you can fall for the bait of easy money.

The most famous bank in Egypt is Bank of Egypt.In it, as in any other, operations for the exchange of funds are carried out from 09:00 to 16:00. On Friday, Saturday, during government and religious holidays, government agencies do not work. After the transaction, be sure to recount the money without leaving the cash register and save your receipt.

Credit cards and dollars: to take or not to take?

If we are talking about major purchases, payment for hotel accommodation, excursions and other similar services, you will need dollars in which many hoteliers and tour operators are happy to accept payment.

Before traveling to the country of the pyramids, many tourists, thinking about what currency to take to Egypt, have doubts about the bank card: is it useful and is it profitable in this case? Of course, you can pay by credit card - in large shopping centers and hotels, this operation is carried out without problems.

egypt currency

Remember that on the eve of the trip, if your plans include the use of a bank card, you must contact the bank and unlock the account to be able to use it on certain days during the trip.However, be careful - in Egypt there are frequent cases of unauthorized use of credit cards and fraud.

Therefore, for greater security, if you still need to pay by card, contact a bank from abroad and open access to the card only for a short period of time to make a payment. Significant drawbacks of using the card include the commission, which is charged for acquiring and ranges in size from 3 to 10%, depending on the conditions of the card issuing bank.

And what is the result?

From the foregoing, it becomes clear what is the currency of Egypt. For tourists, it is undoubtedly beneficial when making payments for various types of services and will help to save well when calculating with Arab sellers. However, the world-famous dollar, more convenient when paying for travel services, will also not be superfluous during a trip to this country.

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