What can be done from plasticine?

There is an amazing artificialmaterial, intended just for modeling. It's about plasticine, which is flexible, does not wither, like clay, when it comes into contact with air, it is used to create small sculptural works and models. What can be done from plasticine?

Children use clay for crafts, hehelps to develop fine motor skills and finger coordination in children, creative imagination for children of any age. In schools of the arts this material is necessary for the pupils for a long work on the models of sculptures and the possibility of their reworking.

Types of plasticine

  • Special sculptural plasticine holds the form well, allows you to create miniature details and to solve in the molding are already serious tasks.
  • For children's creativity is often used mass for modeling called hendgam or "clever plasticine", which is able to change color, glow and magnetize, break, leak and break.
  • Ball-shaped plasticine - airy and light, these are tiny sparkling beads-beads on weightless glutinous threads; its colors are easily mixed, which is convenient when creating patterns.
  • Floating plasticine is suitable even for yearlingschildren, tk. based on herbal ingredients. Figures from such a test do not sink in water. The mass is pleasantly kneaded in the fingers, it does not stick to the skin of the hands and will be an excellent entertainment for the child.

There are also:

  1. not freezing in air;
  2. congealing fairly quickly;
  3. coarse-grained;
  4. fine-grained.

Crafts from plastelin

Reflecting on the question: What can be done from plasticine? - we understand that everything can be done absolutely, it is important only to understand who does and for what. Volumetric figures and pictures, cakes and pastries, figurines of fairy tales or literary characters, animals, real people, birds, fish, trees and flowers - the choice is unlimited!

  • Soft plasticine (Playdoh) is perfect forcreating a variety of prints, for which even the most unexpected objects will be useful. It is enough to roll a dough for molding a plain leaf from a tree or lace, then roll it out again with a rolling pin and carefully remove the object from the plasticine. With molds, cut out "lace" figures from this plasticine mass.
  • From plasticine balls, sausages and tortillas the child will make cupcakes, cakes, sweets and other "food" for dolls.
  • On a special plastic plate, even just on cardboard, you can "paint" a plasticine color picture: a forest, a flower garden, a still life or a whole plot.
  • It can be made from plasticine, for example, volumetricfigurines and play a real puppet show. Let's try together to fashion a plasticine spider. Here is suitable plasticine bar black. First it should be stretched to the working state, then roll a large ball and slightly flatten it - the "trunk" of the animal. For the legs of the spider roll 8 thin "sausages" and connect them to the "trunk", placing 4 paws on each side. Free ends of your legs bend upwards in the form of hooks. From yellow plasticine roll 2 small balls-eyes and attach them to the "body", a little flattened. To "eyes" see, do in each of them on a small depression. Two vertical strips of white plasticine, fixed on the front of the muzzle, below the eyes, will present the "teeth" spider. From the plasticine of a gray shade, make a "web" against which the black spider will look bright and distinct.

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