What is the tag in "YouTube" (simple language)?

To successfully promote your YouTube channel, it’s not enough to have several videos uploaded, even if in excellent quality and with professional editing. In order for your video to fall into trends and often flashed in the search, you must correctly select tags to it. And what is the tag in "YouTube", you will learn from this article.

Tags are special keywords that make the service determine the subject of the uploaded video and decide which category to place it in. Their purpose is to make it easier for users to find the information they need. If there are no tags in the video, the search engine will determine the subject of the video, based on its name.

Help Words

What tags are best written on "YouTube"? They should be:

  • Bright.
  • Popular
  • Attractive.

After all, only with the help of a popular tag in your subject you can bring a video in a row with others. This will give you additional traffic and will attract new views to your video, and as a result - subscribers.The secret of almost all popular videos is not only in a well-thought-out script, but also in properly written tags.

What is a tag in YouTube

How to write tags on YouTube?

Answering the question of what tags are in “YouTube”, you should learn how to spell them correctly. When you open any video on the service, you can see its list of tags. It is necessary to prescribe tags, separated by commas, otherwise the system will perceive different keys as one big sentence.

For proper selection of tags for your video, you must use one of several popular services. They are able to analyze in real time the frequency of those or other search requests on YouTube and give you the best tags on your subject.

Having understood how to write tags on "YouTube", you should decide on the service that we will use.

Popular tags for YouTube

Keyword tool service

To start working with this site, select the Google or YouTube search system you are interested in at the top of the window. It depends on your choice on which system the hidden tags will be oriented. “YouTube”, like Google, can be called a search engine, but the popular keys will differ in these services.After selecting the tab, you must enter the desired keyword to your video and click the "Search" button. The system will analyze the most popular queries on this topic and give you a list with popular tags for "YouTube". By copying, you can apply them as tags for your video.

tags for youtube questions

Google Keywords service

Next in line is Google Keywords. As can be understood from the name, he is more focused on the Google search engine, but he also knows what tags are in YouTube. To access this service, you first need to register an account on AdWords.

Going to the main page of the site, you need to find the button "Search for new keywords" and click it. Next in the field that appears, you must specify one or more keywords and click "Get options". After performing this procedure, you will see ad groups. You need to click on the group that interests you. You will see a list of keywords that you can use as tags to your video.

how to write tags on YouTube

Yandex Wordstat service

Again, based on the name, it is clear that this service is focused on the Russian search engine Yandex. To use this service, you must go to the main page. The advantage of this site is its extremely simple and convenient interface.The main page is a search line, by writing down the necessary keys and clicking the search button, you will receive a list of the most popular queries entered by users in Yandex. They can also be used as tags for video.

hidden tags youtube

General recommendations

Regardless of which search engine the tags for “YouTube” belong to, questions about their proper selection will only be on you. You can use keys from several different search engines. After all, search engines give out not only links to web pages, but also links to videos on YouTube. No need to select the most popular queries as tags. It is desirable that the range was from 500 to 1000 occurrences per month. With the help of such low-frequency keys, you will increase your chances of climbing positions in the search for the first places. After all, such requests have minimal competition.

Also a good solution would be to combine keys from different search engines and online services. In this case, your videos will be targeted to multiple search engines. This in the future may bring you good traffic. Of course, provided that you can go to the top search queries.

How to find out what tags are in someone else's video on YouTube?

Sometimes your chosen tags do not bring proper results. In this case, you need to be clever in every way in order to better promote your channel. Having learned the hidden tags of "YouTube" competitors, you will be able to analyze them, as well as borrow a couple of the most popular ones for yourself. The easiest ways to view tags from someone else’s video on YouTube is:

  1. Go to the page with the video you are interested in and right-click on any point on the screen.
  2. In the context menu that appears, select the item "View source code".
  3. Using the key combination Ctrl + F to call the search string.
  4. Add keywords to it.

After that you will see the registered tags, they will go in a row separated by commas. You can copy everything that comes after the content attribute and paste it into your video. This procedure is best done with the most competitive video. To find them, you just need to enter the keys you need into the search box and select one of the first five videos.


So, from this article it became clear what tags are in YouTube and that to successfully promote your channel on YouTube it is not enough to have only a few good videos uploaded.The secret of the rapid development of the channel is to properly optimize all your videos for search queries. As well as a competent analysis of what is popular now and shoot, and what people will bypass.

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