Weakness in the feet of children

weakness in the legs

With the birth of a child, there are many problems that need to be solved. One of the questions most often raised by parents is weakness in the legs of a child. In practice, the appearance of signs of weakness indicates the development of the disease of paraplegia or rachitism, muscle hypertension is possible, but you should not be scared right away. As a rule, weakness in the legs is manifested in children under the age of 5 years. The disease is divided into two groups:

  1. The manifestation of signs of weakness in young children.
  2. The manifestation of signs of paraplegia in children over 5 years.

Causes of weakness in the legs of a child

Often manifested constant weakness in the child's legs. This is mainly due to improper control over the process of walking the baby. As soon as the crumb takes the first steps, it is necessary to reduce the load in order to avoid excessive pressure of the body mass on the child's bones. It should be remembered that the child may be deficient in vitamin “D”. With all this, the reason can be called muscle weakness, when the muscles of the legs were not developed by parents and became somewhat atrophied, not ready for heavy loads.Weakness in a child can be accompanied not only by weakness in the legs, but also by weakness in the whole body. The cause may be severe diseases in the early stage of child development (hepatitis, sepsis, severe forms of the common cold, etc.). Weakness in the legs can manifest itself in a violation of the musculoskeletal system: incontinence of the head, instead of walking, the child crawls or when walking strongly presses the legs. As a result, the curvature of the legs (X-shaped legs), digestive disorders.

child weakness

The manifestation of weakness in the legs in children

The manifestation of weakness can be seen with the naked eye. Signs of its manifestation are lethargy, the inability to concentrate on movements. The main symptoms include:

- the inability to roll from the back to the stomach on their own;

- the inability to strain the muscles during actions;

- bending of the legs;

- in infants the “sucking” reflex is poorly developed and the child does not take the breast;

- a child over 1.5 years old crawls and cannot start walking;

- The limbs are too flexible and can be freely moved apart.

constant weakness

Treatment of weakness in the legs

To cure this disease today is more than realistic.Treatment of weakness in the legs should be accompanied by professional medical advice. Independent actions can harm the body and make the disease progressive. Of the doctors competent in this matter are nutritionists, endocrinologists and neuropathologists. These are the first experts who should show the child. Nutritionists, in the case of vitamin deficiencies, will prescribe a strict diet that will contain vitamins B and D, as well as “Ca” (calcium). A neuropathologist may order firming foot massages and additional tests, and an endocrinologist will compare the progression of weakness with the child’s age. Do not throw everything to chance. Only calm sequential actions will be the key to achieving success and solving such problems as weakness in the legs.

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