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The incomparable atmosphere of Vyshny Volochyok, an ancient Russian city, is shaped by the abundance of eternal companions of the cultural and historical heritage of Russia. The temple and monastery complexes, the estates of the Russian nobility, the Travel Palace, parks, water canals and museums are imperishable monuments of antiquity, located in the town of Vyshniy Volochek.

Cathedrals and Monasteries

Vyshny Volochek sights

The Kazan convent has the most interesting architectural appearance among religious buildings. The complex was built in 1872. He owes his appearance to St. John of Kronstadt. The architectural dominant of the ensemble is the thirteen-headed Kazan Cathedral. At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, the Andronikovskiy Cathedral and the bell tower were attached to the complex.

Restoration and restoration of the monastery began in 1991. Currently, the temple complex is operational. However, it is extremely difficult to get into it.It opens doors for visitors only on Sunday services, but not everyone can visit them. Most travelers admire the ensemble, being behind a concrete fence or on the coasts of the Tveretsky canal.

Epiphany Cathedral - the main active temple ensemble, built in the city of Vyshniy Volochek, the sights of which attract the attention of not only tourists but also pilgrims. For the construction of a complex with features in the Empire style, in 1814, a picturesque peninsula was chosen, surrounded by the Tsna River and two canals - Tsninsky and Obvodnoy.

g Vyshny Volochek

In 1866, the temple was subjected to a radical restructuring. His appearance changed beyond recognition. The features of the Empire style were erased from the buildings of the ensemble, leaving no trace of them. The architectural appearance of the cathedral acquired clear lines of the pseudo-Russian style.

The activity of the cathedral at the time suspended the Bolsheviks. Without action, he stood 14 years - from 1931 to 1945. Snow-white temple can be seen from afar. The majestic church attracts the attention of passersby on the banks, bridges and islets of Tsna.


Park "Textilschikov" broke in the 60s in the central part of the city Vyshniy Volochek.Sights of such a plan are classified as nature monuments with their own unique highlight. A unique feature of this park complex is its location on islands towering above the water surface of Tsna.

All the islands in the park are connected by beautiful bridges. They offer magnificent panoramic views of the city Vyshniy Volochek. Reviews about the park, as well as about most attractions, are disappointing. Everything is in a semi-abandoned state. The infrastructure of the park is undeveloped, there are no facilities for entertainment. People come to it to walk, sunbathe and swim.

Venetsianovsky Square - the center of cultural life of the city. There are significant events, holidays, including the Day of the city. Vyshny Volochek, its central quarters are built up with old buildings. The square is surrounded by monuments of architecture.

City day Vyshny Volochek

It is adjacent to the Vanchak Line - a one-way street. The buildings here are practically butted. Among them, the Drama Theater is particularly notable - the pearl of the provincial city. In the square stands a sculpture of Alexei Gavrilovich Venetsianov, a Russian artist, the founder of "household painting."


The Museum of Local Lore contains relics and documents telling about the history of the Tver land, on which the ancient Russian city is spread. It contains over thirty thousand relics. Its expositions show unique collections of coins from the times of antiquity, rare books, Russian furs, paintings by artists and products manufactured by the local glass factory.

A whole section in the museum is devoted to a unique system of water utilities - the grandiose hydraulic engineering structure of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The museum of local lore tells about the archaeological research, industry and nature of the region, the events of the Great Patriotic War.

Vyshny Volochek is full of chamber attractions claiming to be places of honor in the chronicles of the Russian cultural and historical heritage. It is to them that the museum “Russian boots”, created at the factory where woody products are made, belongs.

This is the only Russian enterprise where boots are made exclusively by hand. Valenki, produced by the factory, exhibit in the museum. In addition to the emotional winter wardrobe of the Russian people, collections of felted paintings and sculptures are collected in the Russian Valenki Museum.

Vyshnevolotskoy Drama Theater

The Drama Theater is a beautiful red brick building, decorated with white vignettes, built in the manner of old Russian towers. Its architecture in the Central Russian style is sustained in the best traditions of Russian architecture. The repertoire of the theater is based on the imperishable classics of Russian drama. In this theater 38 plays by A. Ostrovsky were staged.

Vyshny Volochek reviews


Several ancient estates preserved in the city of Vyshniy Volochek. These sights are in complete desolation. The estate of M. A. Serdyukov, who created the hydraulic system of the city, is represented by the ruins of a manor house, which is made in the early Baroque style, a stable, an outbuilding and an office building that was once part of a distillery complex.

In the estate, built in 1719, Peter the Great visited. He came here to inspect urban water utilities built by self-taught hydraulic engineer Serdyukov. In the estate grows a bush of barberry, planted, according to legend, by the hands of the emperor.

In Repin's country house, built in 1884, students of the Academy of Arts practiced. The academic dacha includes a house for students, a dining room, a library and an octahedral tower - a guest pavilion.Russian celebrities liked to come here: Repin and Serov, Tvorozhnikov, Savitsky, Kuindzhi, Chistyakov, Brodsky, Baksheyev and many others.

The cottage is still used for its intended purpose. Here, in the vastness of the picturesque Valdai, novice artists continue to draw inspiration.

Water canal system

Russian Venice - as Vyshny Volochek is often called. The sights created by Peter the Great on Tsne developed into a unique hydraulic system consisting of water channels and locks. The water system, invented by self-taught hydraulic engineer Mikhail Serdyukov, is considered an exceptional monument of Russian engineering.

Vyshny Volochek museum

It became a waterway connecting Petersburg with the central regions of Russia. Initially, calculations were performed by Dutch engineers, revered by the emperor. However, they failed to take into account all the features of the local relief. The smooth operation of water utilities was established by M. Serdyukov.

The water communications created by him became a textbook model on which many engineers rely. Now no one is watching the channels. The embankment is uncomfortable, it is becoming more and more neglected every year.

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