Vladimir Zelensky: biography from the first person

Vladimir Zelensky, whose biography has become a topic of discussion and gossip in the last few years, from childhood he was filled with the joy of constant travel. Born in Ukraine, Vladimir with his parents had to live for four years in Mongolia, where his father worked in the direction.

Childhood in two countries

He also went to the first school where his father worked. The difference in the educational systems of the two countries played a cruel joke with him - he began to study for a year or two later classmates. In Mongolia, children begin to attend school at the age of eight, so his family had to agree to these conditions.

Vladimir Zelensky, whose biography is the subject of his master’s deserved pride, once mentioned that in childhood he knew Mongolian and successfully communicated with his peers in the local dialect. Upon returning to his native and familiar Krivoy Rog, memories of sand dunes, shaggy local horses and bright tulips began to smooth out, and with them the foreign language also disappeared.vladimir zelensky biography

Study and dreams

In Ukraine, an active boy orientated rather quickly and began simultaneously pulling up his studies, attending a local theater group and trying himself in sports.

He was very cheerful and gambling, which has been preserved to this day. Zelensky was a little boy dreaming of how he would be a border guard, and when he had settled down a bit, his special dream was the specialty of a translator and diplomat in distant hot countries.

University and KVN

Having completed courses in secondary schools, he became a student of the Krivoy Rog branch of the Kiev Financial Institute. After studying, Volodya received his law degree. In numerous interviews, Zelensky Vladimir Alexandrovich, whose biography is distinguished by originality, has repeatedly mentioned that he did not have time to use the diploma for his intended purpose.Vladimir Zelensky biography photo

The creative inclinations of the student and the future professional lawyer were almost immediately discerned by teachers and classmates. He was invited by the chief dancer of the dance numbers in Zaporozhye-KR-Transit, the KVN team, which at that time was very famous and popular. Very quickly Zelensky began to take a lively part in concerts, not only during the dances - he performed in separate rooms.

The beginning of work in KVN coincided with the formation of the image of a comedian; during this period, the future style and media persona, Vladimir Zelensky, was born. Biography, photos from the first performances allow readers to satisfy their curiosity and look at the first steps of the future showman and filmmaker in the humor and entertainment industry.

Beginning of the legend

In 1997, he and some team members from scratch created the 95th quarter team. There was much more room for creativity here - Vladimir Zelensky, whose biography is inseparable from the world of KVN, began his journey with writing scripts for the numbers. And, I must say, unsuccessfully, with which, of course, everyone who saw this person on stage will agree. Later, Vladimir Zelensky, whose biography and family at the time were a secret to the audience, became the team captain due to his resourcefulness, liveliness and natural charm.

Fruitful and painstaking work gave its natural and expected results - a couple of years the team took off to the top of KVN and the corresponding place in the prestigious Premier League.

Their concerts were constantly successful and guaranteed to pay off in any city and village. Concert activity did not prevent Vladimir from touring the country and the entire post-Soviet space.An additional item of income and a kind of personal growth training for Zelensky at that time was writing scripts. Corporate events and festive events with branded jokes turned from indiscriminate absorption of food and drinks into a branch of KVN.Zelensky Vladimir A. biography

Work on TV

The conflict between the studio "95 quarter" and the AMIK group provoked the departure of the team from the club, but some fans continue to consider them undefeated champions to this day.

Vladimir Zelensky, whose biography is full of unexpected surprises, seriously took up work in the vastness of Ukrainian TV.

Successful numbers of former officials did not go unnoticed. Soon, under the strict guidance of specialists, the team became a studio called Kvartal-95. Vladimir also became the founding father, the ideological inspirer and the face of a new television project.

The “Evening Quarter” program very soon gained national fame, and Zelensky’s sharp and topical jokes ensured its popularity. During this period, the team worked on several projects at the same time, and each of the numbers was a model of satire and caustic, flashing humor.

Vladimir Zelensky, wife, biography and future plans for which are the most unpleasant topics for discussion, willingly shared details and ridiculous situations from the projects in which he participated, and stubbornly kept silent when it came to personal. Writing scripts for numerous musicals and motley TV shows did not prevent the showman from taking an active part in Dancing with the Stars. Vladimir worked well with Alena Shoptenko, a professional dancer. Although there were various rumors about this pair, this did not prevent the duet from taking the first place and not giving a damn about all the spiteful critics from a high pedestal.Vladimir Zelensky wife biography

Film career and prospects

What else can you tell about such a famous person as a TV presenter Vladimir Zelensky, a biography? The family and personal life of a showman are topics that are always of interest to fans, but the hero of our story prefers not to discuss such issues with outsiders. According to Vladimir, his wife Elena willingly lets her husband go to the next shooting, but they certainly spend their leisure time together. The “non-publicity” of Zelensky's relatives allows the showman to enjoy his rest in a quiet family circle and protects his loved ones from discomfort.Vladimir categorically does not intend to discuss biographical details, especially concerning family relations, which is his principled position.Vladimir Zelensky family biography

A career in KVN, a sense of humor and acting skills helped him not to get lost on the set and not fade among the more "star" colleagues; The informal situation on the set also contributed to the infusion of workflow.

Judgments of critics of Zelensky are not very worried - he continues to act in films and do what he likes. It is possible that ahead of him are waiting for new career horizons, among which will be dramatic and tragic images and roles.

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