Vitamin E for the face: masks, reviews. Vitamin E for skin

Vitamin E (or tocopherol) is one of the most important needs of our body. It is not for nothing that it is translated from Greek as “life-giving”, because without its active participation, not a single metabolic process in the body passes. Vitamin E deficiency can cause a breakdown in the body and lead to a number of unpleasant diseases, including cardiovascular and skin diseases. Also, the correct functioning of the reproductive system largely depends on tocopherol. With infertility, this element is a mandatory component of the medical complex.
Vitamin E is also called "the potion of beauty and youth." It is he who is concerned about the healthy appearance of skin, hair and nails. You can smear your face with vitamin E instead of cream or add it to hair shampoo ... In any case, tocopherol will work for the benefit of your beauty.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

The most effective way to replenish the content of vitamin E in the body - is to use foods with its high content.Since it is a fat-soluble element, the largest amount can be found in oil products and cereals. The most valuable sources of vitamin A are wheat germ. Other suppliers of this beneficial element in the body are almonds, walnuts, liver, fish, olives and olive oil, sea buckthorn, mustard seeds, sunflower seeds.

vitamin e for the face

Tocopherol is an integral component of all multivitamin complexes, since its full digestibility is possible in the presence of selenium and zinc.

Application in cosmetology and reviews

If necessary, self-admission and for cosmetic purposes, you can purchase vitamin E capsules. For the face, this is the best nourishing and regenerating agent that will not replace any cream.

vitamin e capsules for face

The feeling of striving for perfection is familiar to women since ancient times. In search of a means of maintaining the natural beauty and youthfulness of their skin, they tried many different recipes. As a result, vitamin E was discovered for the face. Reviews of this product exceeded all expectations.

Many women note that cosmetic compositions with a high content of tocopherol perfectly cope with excessive dryness and flaking of the skin.
Women who have chosen this vitamin as a method of anti-aging, also noted significant progress. Wrinkles significantly reduce their depth, and small ones are smoothed out altogether.

The healing effect of tocopherol on pigment spots and acne has also been identified.
So, consider some effective cosmetic recipes, in which vitamin E for the face plays the role of "first violin".

Youth glycerin mask

Over the years, the skin has become increasingly demanding to nutrition. The exchange and respiratory processes are slowed down, the production of collagen is reduced, as a result of which the relief of the epithelium loses its former smoothness - the first wrinkles appear. To suspend the aging process, external replenishment is needed.

A mask that includes glycerin, vitamin E for the face and olive oil has become a real salvation for aging skin.

vitamin e oil for the face

For the preparation of this cosmetic you need 25 ml of glycerin, 8 capsules of vitamin E - these components can be purchased at the pharmacy, as well as 1 tsp. olive oil.

We mix all the ingredients and apply to the skin that is pre-cleaned of makeup and impurities. Because of its peculiar consistency, the mask may cause a feeling of viscosity and stickiness, but it quickly passes.After about half an hour, the mask dries out completely and a film forms on the skin. Leave it for another 20-30 minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

As a rule, after using this mask, the skin does not pretend to additional moisture. But if dryness is pronounced, you can use an additional cream containing vitamin E for the face. Customer reviews state that to achieve a visible result, this procedure should be carried out twice a week for six months. After several treatments, a positive tendency to reduce wrinkles is noticeable, the skin surface is smoother and more pleasant to the touch. After a full course, there is a significant reduction in the depth of existing wrinkles and inhibition of the appearance of new irregularities on the skin.

Vitamin Jelly

Who does not like fruit dessert with a playing consistency? But not everyone knows that fruit jelly is not only tasty, but also useful for our skin. Gelatin mask is one of the most effective tools in the fight against wrinkles.

Gelatin is a natural source of collagen, and as part of a renewing mask, it can easily replace glycerin.Vitamin E for the face has softening and smoothing properties. And fruits are a natural source of nutrients.

So how do you create a nourishing dessert for your skin?

glycerin vitamin e for face

We take 10 grams of regular gelatin, which can be found in any supermarket. Fill it with 3 tbsp. l cold water, after half an hour in the swollen granules add 50-70 ml of hot water and stir until dissolved. Add oil vitamin E for the face of ten capsules. We take two strawberries, a quarter of an orange, a couple of slices of lemon, half kiwi and mix in a blender, having washed and cleaned all the ingredients. The result should be a smooth mash. Add gelatin and vitamin E to the skin of the face. Without waiting for freezing, apply the mixture on the skin of the face. Leave for 40 minutes, after which we remove the mask with a napkin. It is best to carry out the manipulation in the evening and then not to wash. During the night, the skin will be able to get the maximum benefit from all the components of the mask.

Such a powerful vitamin remedy returns a healthy look to even the driest skin. Due to the beneficial combination of components, the mask has a smoothing and rejuvenating effect.Fruits saturate the epidermis with nutrients, liquid vitamin E for the face ensures sufficient hydration, and gelatin creates an inconspicuous film on the skin surface that allows you to maintain a beneficial effect.

In addition, the combination of gelatin and lemon provides a whitening effect, allowing you to get rid of age spots and freckles.

Combination with retinol

Vitamin A (or retinol) is a fellow tocopherol in the fight against photoaging. It stimulates cell division, at the same time promoting the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Antioxidant properties of the vitamin can release the skin from accumulated toxins. But the main advantage of retinol is active stimulation of its own collagen production. That is why the aged skin needs vitamin A, which, in turn, is absorbed only when vitamin E is included for skin. Therefore, it is logical to use these substances at the same time.

Retinol does not combine well with acids, so it is better not to add lemon juice to cosmetics with its content.

vitamin e face reviews

There are many recipes, including retinol and vitamin E for the face.The use of these tools is recommended to eliminate the problems of dryness and skin wilting.

It is believed that the vitamins can be applied directly to the skin in its pure form. But cosmetologists are strongly advised not to use concentrated products, so as not to "earn" an allergy. Acceptance of any means, even the most useful, must be limited, otherwise its benefits may be detrimental. Therefore, for the mask it is better to use olive oil as the basis. In addition, you will need 5 ml of retinol and vitamin E for the skin of 5-6 capsules.

Ginger and Honey Mask

Another miracle cure developed by folk cosmetologists is the ginger-honey mask. These products are known to all as savory additions to dishes, and as therapeutic agents. Now it is time to get acquainted with their cosmetic properties.

The spice that came to us from the east proved to be an antiseptic and stimulant. Its presence in cosmetics helps to improve the complexion, restores blood circulation in the integuments, increases skin resistance to external factors, has smoothing and peeling properties.
Honey is one of the most valuable products that Mother Nature gave us.It is a source of many vitamins and minerals. When used in cosmetology, honey has well established itself as a tightening and wound healing agent.

you can smear your face with vitamin e

Vitamin E for the face fits well in this anti-aging composition.
To create a mask you need to peel 100 g of ginger, rub it on a fine grater or grind it in a blender. Add to puree 1 tbsp. l liquid honey, 5 drops of vitamin E and 2 tbsp. l orange juice. Apply the mixture on the face, neck and decollete. During the first minutes there is a pleasant warming effect, which suggests that the mask acts correctly. Active ingredients have an effect on blood microcirculation. As a result, the skin is supplied with all nutrients, its cells are rejuvenated, and the former elasticity returns. In addition, ginger-honey mask perfectly cleans the sebaceous glands, eliminating such unpleasant moments as acne and acne.

Laminaria mask: rejuvenation and peeling

Green algae, often used in food, is also a great basis for a mask. Its composition is quite rich in useful elements. Iodine stabilizes the sebaceous glands, prevents the growth of bacteria in the skin, resulting in significantly cleared surface of the skin.Magnesium constricts blood vessels, eliminates swelling and bags under the eyes. Potassium is responsible for healthy complexion. Vitamin C is a natural stimulator of collagen production, responsible for skin elasticity. Vitamin A and D are also aimed at keeping the skin young.

Does a regular mask or cream replace such a magic composition? Vitamin E for the face is already available in the composition of kelp, so that its additional addition is necessary only in cases when the skin is too dry and dehydrated or as an express anti-wrinkle therapy.

 liquid vitamin e for the face

So, to make a mask, you need to take 50 g of kelp algae, chop it in a blender, add a few drops of tocopherol, if desired, 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 tsp. flower honey. Algae can also be used in the form of powder or tablets, they are sold in a pharmacy. Apply the mask with a thick layer, gently massaging and smoothing the skin surface, leave for 20 minutes.

Super moisturizing: Aloe and Vitamin E for the face

Aloe is a natural component that has the highest penetrating and moisturizing ability among all the gifts of nature. The composition of its juice includes more than 200 active ingredients that are aimed at improving and maintaining youthful skin.

put vitamin e on the face

The mask with aloe plays the role of a biostimulant, enhancing the vital activity of cells and stabilizing their function. This tool is indispensable at the first signs of skin fading, avitaminosis of the epithelium, desquamation and obvetrivanii.

It is very simple to prepare a mask: apply aloe juice and vitamin E on the face with a thin layer and leave it to dry completely, you can overnight. Hydrobalance of the skin is restored, and the skin is noticeably tightened after the first procedure. It is recommended to repeat these cosmetic manipulations as needed, as a prophylaxis - once a week.

Peeling mask with mummy and white clay

No matter how ingenious modern cosmetologists may be, the most valuable components for creams and masks are natural. One of these miraculous elements is the mummy. Its usefulness for the skin can not be overemphasized. Mumiyo is a real storehouse of useful elements, there are more than thirty of them.

This natural product has a rejuvenating effect, promotes cell regeneration, tightens scars, reduces acne, cleans the skin, reduces pores, reduces inflammation, removes toxins.

To prepare a multifunctional mask, you need to dissolve 2-3 tablets of mummy in 50 ml of boiled water or an infusion of herbs suitable for your cosmetic problem. Add the white clay to the consistency of sour cream and vitamin E. Face oil is necessary to soften the skin and make it velvety. It is enough to put a mask on the face and rub it into the skin for 5-7 minutes with massaging movements. After that, it is recommended to wash off the remnants of the product with cool water and apply a moisturizer.

Cosmetic improvisation

The wisdom of well-known cosmetologists says that to put on the skin is mainly natural ingredients that are not afraid to eat.

Vitamin E for the face itself is a powerful component, so for the creation of cosmetics with his participation fit a variety of bases, including those that are often present in our kitchen.

vitamin e for face use

For example, oatmeal is perfect for a nourishing mask. Cucumber pulp, vitamin E for the skin will help get rid of acne. Shredded raw potatoes have a whitening and tightening effect.And rice flour acts as an exfoliating and tonic component.

Choose the components that are right for you, create unique cosmetics and be beautiful!

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