Visa to Finland for Russians: step by step instructions for registration

What could be more beautiful than a weekend spent in one of the most beautiful countries of mysterious Scandinavia? Of course, we are talking about Finland. Despite the fact that it is close to Russia, in order to visit it, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate permit. Below we will tell you what documents you need to prepare in order to get a visa to Finland.

List of required documents for personal submission

To obtain a visa to Finland, you must provide a package of the documents listed below.

  1. A completed application form. It can be filled only in Latin letters.
  2. Photos - 2 pieces that are made for all requirements of Schengen.
  3. Passport - the statute of limitations for its receipt should not be more than 10 years.
  4. A copy of the home page of the passport.
  5. If there are - previous passports.
  6. Copies of the main pages of a regular passport.
  7. Medical insurance in two copies - the original and a copy.It must be valid during your entire stay in Finland. The minimum insurance amount is 30,000 euros. Such insurance policy can be issued only by insurance organizations that have been accredited by the Finnish Consulate or the General, which is located in St. Petersburg.
  8. If you make a request through the service center - consent to the processing of personal data.
  9. A check confirming payment of the consular fee.
  10. Confirmation of the availability of funds for travel (certificate of employment, bank statement, sponsorship letter, etc.).
  11. Confirmation of social status: student card, pension certificate, certificate of employment, etc.
  12. Hotel reservations and air tickets.

This list of documents is required for a visa to Finland as a tourist. There are subtleties in obtaining permission to visit the country as a guest, student or employee.

If you are invited

If you are among the lucky ones and you have relatives or friends living in this beautiful country, then the process of obtaining a visa to Finland is simplified. You will need to prepare the documents listed above, as well as:

  1. An invitation letter - this is necessary in order to confirm that you are waiting in Finland. This letter can be either on behalf of private citizens or on behalf of your employer. It must contain the personal data of the inviting party, as well as the purpose and duration of the trip.
  2. If relatives are waiting for you, you will need to indicate the degree of relationship.

All these documents are needed in order to get an invitation visa to Finland without any problems.

passport cover

If you are invited as an employee

To obtain a working visa to Finland, it is necessary to prepare a standard set of documents, as well as:

  1. Certificate of employment in which your position and salary level will be indicated.
  2. Two color photographs measuring 36 by 47 mm.
  3. You also need to open a bank account open for your trip and provide an extract from it. It should be at least 60 euros for each day you are going to spend in Finland.
  4. Migration card.
  5. Copy of passport.
  6. Work permit

Usually, a work visa to Finland is issued easily. Because it is in the interests of the employer that a valuable employee receive permission to enter the country.

If you decide to study there

You can also apply for a visa to Finland and for education. By the way, its advantage over the others is that you can not only get an education there, but also simultaneously work in a specialty. If you are just going to do, then you need to apply for a visa to Finland as for a tourist trip.

In case of successful enrollment in an educational institution, you will need to obtain a residence permit on the Finnish territory due to your studies. Also, in addition to this permission, you will need to prepare:

  1. Certificate of admission to the school.
  2. A document confirming your material well-being. You should be able to spend 560 euros per month. If the school has any benefits, the threshold may be lower.
  3. Diploma or certificate of education.
  4. Medical insurance policy - if you plan to live in Finland for a year, 30,000 euros will be enough for you. If the duration of your stay is 2 years, then the amount will be 100,000 euros. This will allow you to receive medical care for free.

All over the world have heard about the Finnish education system, it is therefore not surprising that many dream of studying there.If you are sure that you can not only study, but also materially, to ensure your accommodation, then you can apply for a visa to Finland as a student.

filling out the questionnaire

Features travel with children

To obtain a visa to Finland for a child, you must provide a package of additional documents.

  1. Original and copy of birth certificate.
  2. Questionnaires completed separately for each child.
  3. Medical insurance.
  4. If there is - a passport. If the child does not have this, then the stamp is put in the parent's passport.
  5. If the child is sent with only one parent or other accompanying persons, it is necessary to provide consent for the child to leave the country (notarized). And copies of the main pages of the passport of the parents.

Visa to Finland for children under 6 years old is issued for free.

Photo Requirements

In order to issue a Schengen visa to Finland, you need to very carefully and carefully approach the preparation for the trip. Photos that must be submitted with the documents must be made in accordance with the "Schengen" requirements.

  1. Photo size should be strictly 36 by 47 mm.
  2. The head in the photo should be between 25-35 mm.
  3. Snapshot for a period not exceeding 6 months.
  4. The background in the photo should be inconspicuous and lighter than the face.
  5. No major changes in appearance: you should be as close as possible to the image on the photo.
  6. Photographing should be in full face.
  7. No accessories distracting attention.
  8. Retouching photos can not be.

If you react responsibly to the design of a Schengen visa to Finland, then you will take into account all the nuances of its receipt and you can easily visit one of the wonderful Scandinavian countries.

getting a visa

Car travel

In addition to the need to prepare the entire list of documents for obtaining a visa to Finland, you must provide additional documents for your vehicle.

  1. International law.
  2. Insurance international policy (it is also called the "green card").
  3. Technical certificate.

It is best to have all of these documents in duplicate - originals and photocopies.

Varieties of visas

Visas are issued according to the purpose of the trip. There are several varieties of them.

  1. Once - its validity period - 3 months, considering one trip. You can also visit another Scandinavian countryand then come back.
  2. Two-time - the holder of this visa can make 2 trips to Finland in the period specified in the visa.
  3. Multiple - its validity period is 6 months. It is convenient for those whose work activity involves frequent trips to this country.
  4. Annual - despite the fact that this visa is a valid year, you should not be in Finland for more than six months.
  5. Transit - it is done when you have to cross Finnish territory in order to visit another country. But it is allowed to cross it no more than 2 times, and you can stay on its territory for 5 days.
  6. A visa in a joint passport is a convenient option for those traveling with children under 16 years of age.
  7. Returnable is permission to leave the country. It is issued by the police.

You can choose the most appropriate type of visa for you to make your trip to this wonderful country a pleasant one.

flag of Finland

Procedure cost

How much will a visa to Finland cost for Russians? Since Russia is not part of the European Union, its citizens must pay a consular fee, the amount of which is equal to 35 euros. You will also have to pay for the Visa Center services if you apply through it. Add to this the cost of health insurance.It depends on the visa, the length of stay in Finland.

But if you need to get a visa urgently, then increase the consular fee by 2 times. Payment for services of the Visa center is not increased. Only you need to decide in advance whether you will make an urgent visa. Because at the stage of processing documents you can not speed up the process of its receipt.

You can also apply for a visa yourself without resorting to the help of the Visa Application Center - then you can save on the service fee. Then you will need to contact the consulate to get a visa.

You can also ask for help from a standard agency. The price of services can vary from 2 thousand rubles to 10,000 and more. All fees are already included in the price. Experts will be engaged in collecting and processing your data. You can try to save on this expensive pleasure: some agencies make discounts before the holidays, which allows you to save a lot.

visa interview

Important nuances

If you decide to independently prepare the documentation in order to make a visa to Finland, approach this issue seriously.For example, you may be invited for an interview at an embassy. If you are very nervous at the interview, it is best to overpay the visa center or agency. Although you there just ask about the purpose and duration of the trip.

To get Russians a visa to Finland, you need to pay attention to the "Schengen" requirements. Also, be very careful with the photo. Because it needs to be done in accordance with all Schengen requirements. Also, do not forget that in order to get "Schengen" you need to provide biometric data. Keep track of the duration of the "Schengen", because the time spent on the trip, the so-called "corridor", is canceled.

And, of course, be especially careful if you decide to draw up documents for the whole family. It is important not to forget about any trifles, so that all relatives could get a visa and go on an exciting journey to Finland.

Duration of consideration of the application

Approximate dates for a visa to Finland (consideration of the application) - from six to nine working days. This is the time for the standard "Schengen". But waiting for an urgent visa is reduced to 3 days. True, the cost is much more.It is best to submit all documents in advance so that you don’t have to worry about whether you can get your visa to Finland in time.

people at the airport

Can it cancel

Do you need a visa to Finland if you are in St. Petersburg and would like to travel to a Scandinavian country for a day? Answer: yes, you need to get a "Schengen". To do this, you need to arrange a tourist "Schengen" and you can safely relax in this wonderful country.

Of course, many are interested in the question of whether it will ever be possible to visit Finland without a visa. Answer: you can, only if Russia becomes a party to the Schengen Agreement. In the meantime, Russians need a visa to Finland. Therefore, it is better to prepare the documents in advance before the trip.

Finnish city

Of course, if you decide to first get a visa, it is better to seek help from specialists. Because you can simply ignore all the details in order to get it. But if you decide to do it yourself, call the Consulate to get up-to-date information about what documents you need to collect.

Do I need a visa to Finland if you want to get to another Schengen country? Yes, if you need to cross this country.But if you think that, having received a visa in Finland, you can relax in the same way in other countries, then you should take into account that you should leave for Russia from Finland and you should spend most of the time there traveling.

Getting a visa to Finland is not so difficult if you take this issue seriously. After receiving permission to enter this beautiful Scandinavian country, you can admire its beauty and plunge into its unique atmosphere.

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