Vibroplatform: reviews of doctors. Vibration platforms for weight loss: reviews

We all love to dream: as if doing nothing, get rid of a few extra pounds. TV programs, the Internet and fashion magazines are replete with all sorts of proposals, especially for us produce dietary supplements, collect unusual berries, sew special clothes and design simulators. About the latest details.

Very popular for today simulator is vibroplatform. Reviews of these devices are very different. In advertising articles, we can read about the amazing results, and on regular forums people often complain about the complete lack of results after several months of training. So what is it and is it worth it to occupy a place in your home? Let's figure it out.

vibroplatform reviews

Vibration technology

The principle itself is not new. The technology was discovered in the post-war years, then it became actively used in the field of space research.Various vibration systems turned out to be excellent simulators for training future astronauts. They helped to adapt to the conditions of weightlessness. And today we will learn what a vibroplatform is from an advertisement dedicated to weight loss equipment. Reviews of most buyers say that they expected more when buying. Apparently, this is the result of excessive embellishment of the action of the simulator for promotional purposes.

One lesson on vibroplatform

If you believe advertising, then 15 minutes spent on a shaky platform can easily be replaced by a two-hour exercise in the gym or weight training on simulators. Other manufacturers claim that one lesson is an analogue to one hour of swinging the press with a load on the legs. And everyone agrees that training on this simulator successfully replaces two hours of fast running. Such is the wonderful vibroplatform. Reviews of specialists, fitness instructors are not so optimistic. Indeed, such a simulator can greatly increase the load from the exercises, which will reduce the time spent on training. If you just stand and wait for the magical effects of vibration, then lose weight, most likely, will not succeed.

So what is a vibroplatform? Feedback from users and manufacturers can present it in a different light. In fact, this is a simulator that is equipped with a vibrating platform and nozzles, ribbons that need to be fixed on the body. Different modes allow you to carry out the usual workout with increased load or get a high-quality massage, that is, the basis of weight loss is classical exercise, the platform did not bring anything new to this world.

vibroplatform doctors reviews

How does vibroplatform

Under the influence of vibration, the muscles of a person are able to contract and relax. This principle is the basis for the development of miostimulyatorov, also works vibroplatform. Reviews of doctors confirm that vibration with a high frequency of vibrations really makes the muscles work, stimulates the activity of all tissues. Bones, tendons and blood vessels do not go unnoticed, that is, there is still a positive effect on the body, but how is it related to the process of burning fat? Practically nothing, so again: if you want to lose weight, then you still have to work, because you need not stand on the platform,as shown in advertising, and work.

According to the manufacturers, the simulator allows you to get rid of cellulite and promotes weight loss. Due to the high-quality massage, the tissues are actively saturated with oxygen, which ensures their good performance and excellent appearance. An additional trump card manufacturers is that classes on these simulators do not give excessive loads on the heart, and the person does not feel very tired. This is very important for people who suffer from various diseases that limit physical activity. Vibration load is better than no movement at all, but by itself it does not contribute to the burning of fat deposits. You should be aware of this before you go to the store to choose vibroplatforms for weight loss. Reviews of those who have already experienced their effect will help to make the right choice.

vibroplatform slimming reviews

Vibroplatform Brumer dh1003

There are inexpensive and compact simulators designed for home use. One of the most popular is the German vibroplatform Brumer dh1003. Reviews often speak about the absence of fashionable detectors that scan the fatty layer and show the dynamics of occupations. In fact, this is just a marketing ploy. For home use, this is what you need.Its cost is from 13,000 to 15,000 rubles, which is relatively inexpensive. Dimensions in assembled form 64 * 51 * 24. Weight 23 kilograms. Take into account - the sensations from the occupation are completely different, when there is not a rug under you, but a small vibroplatform. Reviews of doctors warn against excessive fanaticism, especially if you are not in the best physical shape. Performing swinging and push-ups, you can easily get hurt, so it's best to start classes in the gym, equipped with the necessary unit, and under the guidance of a coach.

vibroplatform contraindications reviews

Is it possible to lose weight with the help of vibroplatform

Today they are trying to use vibroplatforms for weight loss. Reviews, as with the use of various diets, each has its own. It is important to remember common truths: for the body to begin to part with fat reserves, you need to debug the scheme of energy consumption and expenditure. It's not even about eating less, you need to consume high-quality, healthy and healthy food, which is usually not too high in calories. On the day of the human body requires from 1500 to 2000 calories. Consuming so much, you will not gain weight. Having added a little physical activity, you will start to lose weight.

Then is it necessary to simulator "vibroplatform"? Reviews showthat it is extremely useful if it is not possible to fulfill the need for physical exertion in another way, for example, during the period of recovery from injury. The simulator is very beneficial for places affected by cellulite. It is difficult to overestimate its positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, hormonal and nervous systems. The simulator will also be suitable as an addition to the correct lifestyle, healthy diet and systematic exercise. In order to get rid of fat accumulations, vibration alone is absolutely not enough. We need comprehensive work that includes proper nutrition and adherence to the daily regimen.

simulator vibroplatform reviews

What give classes on vibroplatform

It is completely logical to ask whether a vibroplatform is needed at home. User reviews are divided here. At the same time, people who have already adapted a little to the new conditions of training say that it really allows to significantly reduce the time spent on sports training and at the same time achieve excellent results. Below we will consider a special set of exercises that is most effective on a vibroplatform.Such training enriches tissues with oxygen, improves blood microcirculation, which has a very positive effect on the state of the entire cardiovascular system, in particular, prevents chronic venous insufficiency.


Any simulator has its contraindications, so you should consult your doctor before starting classes. Since the simulator has a full effect on the entire body, then, of course, it has a contra plate. Reviews of fitness instructors confirm that in no case should not exceed the prescribed time, especially in the first classes, even if you feel good. It is necessary to refuse such training if you are pregnant (especially in the first trimester) or after giving birth six weeks have not passed.

Be sure to notify the instructor if you have serious diseases of the heart or blood vessels, epilepsy. Also, a recently performed operation serves as a temporary challenge.

vibroplatform user reviews


Now we consider the actual classes on the vibroplatform. The feedback from beginners suggests that they are incredibly complex, although this is a set of the most basic exercises, just the simulator itself multiplies the load.Often such an assessment is due to the fact that people start training unprepared, but with a lot of overweight. In this case, the coach may recommend starting with only a few exercises, gradually adding new ones.

The basic set of exercises is very simple. An example would be the following:

vibroplatform classes reviewsDoctors reviews

Simple exercises performed on a vibroplatform can be very useful and used by beginners to adapt to physical exertion. But for effective weight loss, they need to be combined with more intense workouts and optimization of the diet. Only then can you get the desired result and appreciate this simulator.

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