Ventilation from polypropylene. Elements of ventilation

Ventilation from polypropylene is in demandFor use in residential and industrial buildings due to the mass of its advantages. It facilitates the removal of polluted air from the room and the supply of fresh supply air.

Application of ventilation

Manufacturers offer a wide range ofThis equipment, which meets domestic and international standards. The products are manufactured taking into account the technological requirements of polypropylene and other high quality materials. Due to these features, the products have a fairly wide range of applications:

  • Residential houses. Basically, the ventilation of polypropylene for the house is installed in the kitchen.
  • Industrial and industrial facilities. They need to ensure effective ventilation in the premises to reduce the risk of harmful effects on the body of workers and obtain comfortable working conditions.

It should be noted that for ventilation installationIn the conditions of production, certain restrictions are imposed on the type in question. They are due to the low level of polypropylene resistance to elevated temperatures. If the room temperature can reach 80 ° C, the possibility of installing such equipment is excluded. If ventilation is not necessary in this place, it is worthwhile to think about installing an external system that will be located outside the premises with a high temperature.

ventilation from polypropylene

Economic benefits

Thinking about how to make ventilation in the house, manyChoose equipment from polypropylene due to the economy. Of course, quality combined with low cost is an ideal option. In addition, manufacturers presented a variety of modifications of systems that allow you to select the most suitable elements for self-installation. It is worth considering the following reasons for the cost-effectiveness of ventilation from polypropylene:

  • raw materials for the manufacture of parts and the system as a whole is of low cost;
  • the ease of the material allows to save considerably on transportation, since the buyer has the opportunity to deliver the equipment himself home;
  • when accessing specialists for installation, maximum savings will be achieved, since the process takes a small amount of time;
  • The use of fans with minimum power is required due to low adhesion.

Thanks to these features, natural ventilation of the house can be installed at low cost.

air shaft

The main advantages of ventilation from polypropylene

To finally make sure that the ventilation shaft made of polypropylene worthy of the buyer's attention, it is worth familiarizing with its main advantages:

  • Long service life. This feature attracts attention, since the owner of the house does not have to repair or replace it quarterly or annually.
  • Strength. Polypropylene has sufficient resistance to environmental effects, chemicals, mechanical stress and temperature changes. In the selection process, it is worth checking whether the ventilation has GOST compliance. This is confirmed by a special mark and a certificate.
  • The product does not pass moisture and gas.
  • Unlike metal ventilation, this equipment is not corroded.
  • The material does not attract dust and other particles.
  • Maintenance is easy and cost-effective.
  • Easily installed using standard hand tools.
  • Is amenable to processing by various means.

Ventilation from polypropylene will be an excellent option for providing fresh air in any room.

natural ventilation at home

Types of ventilation

There are the following types of ventilation:

  • supply air;
  • exhaust;
  • Supply and exhaust.

Supply ventilation is installed forProviding fresh air to the room. It is worth noting that this equipment does not eliminate the exhaust air. It replaces it with the help of a fresh influx.

Exhaust products remove spoiled air, butdo not supply fresh. In order for them to work effectively, it is necessary to compensate for the volume of outgoing air to the incoming. The supply and exhaust ventilation provides for the creation of two counter flows.

It is worth noting that for effective cleaningair is suitable for technical ventilation of polypropylene. It is not considered a separate species, since it is a conditional class of systems of a given type. Its main advantage is the ability to process large volumes of air. The complex technical system is perfect for installation in industrial enterprises, as their premises are filled with a lot of harmful substances.

There are special rules and requirements,according to which the ventilation shaft should be installed in rooms with a large number of visitors. The process of design and installation should be handled by specialists, since this is a serious enough question.


Main technical characteristics

Air ducts made of polypropylene have the following technical characteristics:

  • The shape of the section can be round or rectangular.
  • The circular cross section has a minimum diameter of 30 cm.

Ventilation has additional options:

- ability to perform assembly on site;

- flanged connections with pipelines made of other materials;

- possibility of manufacturing side slopes and exhaust umbrellas.

Specifications may vary by manufacturer and model.

ventilation elements

Disadvantages of polypropylene ventilation

Elements of ventilation from polypropylene haveideal technical characteristics. The only significant drawback is the extremely low fire resistance. This means that the equipment can not be used in rooms not only with high temperatures, but also with open fire. Therefore, in the design process, ventilation from polypropylene can be used within one fire compartment. In some cases, installation is not possible, which makes the equipment less in demand.

how to make ventilation in the house


Ventilation from polypropylene has a massmerits. The most important of them is profitability. Installing such equipment, you can not worry about the presence of fresh air in the premises. If properly installed, the ventilation system will be operated for a long time. For this reason, you can safely install the product in an apartment building, office or factory to eliminate polluted air and get fresh.

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