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Last year, the famous Russian actor Yakovlev Vadim Vasilyevich celebrated his seventieth birthday. More than fifty years his career in cinema lasts. More than two hundred roles, in the list of which there are many bright and memorable characters to the viewer. Who is he - a great talent, born in Vladimir, but all his life he considers himself a true St. Petersburger?

Vadim Yakovlev


Vadim Yakovlev was born on a spring afternoon in March 1946 in the Vladimir region. It is not surprising that the boy from early childhood showed artistic abilities. Creativity was inherited. His mother is an artist known in Vladimir, and his father is an actor. The childhood of little Vadim literally passed behind the scenes.

Theater career

Nobody was surprised that the guy, having finished school, entered the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Cinematography and Music. After graduation, the Leningrad Komsomol Theater opened its doors for him. Here he will play and Stalin in the play “Stalin.Night, ”and Masters from the work of Bulgakov, and the romantic poet staged“ Return to Love ”.

Twenty years later, Vadim Yakovlev leaves his own theater and begins active work in the Academic Drama Theater named after A. Pushkin. Here he worked for more than four and a half years and returned to his native stage of Lenkom again. In addition to participating in theatrical productions, Yakovlev was also engaged in writing music. According to critics, very, very good compositions.

Vadim Yakovlev actor

Big cinema

In 1957, for the first time, an unknown young actor, Vadim Yakovlev, appeared on wide screens for the first time. The films in which he starred were quite popular at that time. But the first roles of the actor, unfortunately, were so insignificant that the name was not even mentioned in the credits. A small role in the episode in the film "Day of Happiness" was the first to be played by him.

Invitations to play in a movie while Vadim Yakovlev receives a lot. But the roles are mostly episodic and insignificant. Movies on military and industrial themes, in which the actor was filmed, the viewer, as a rule, was not remembered. He was actively filming, but he was always like offscreen.

Bright stripe

1978 becomes the year when Vadim Yakovlev appears to the viewer. The biography of the actor and his filmography are discussed in newspapers and in Soviet magazines. There are photos on the covers. The actor himself connects the first success with Yevgeny Tashkov's dramatic picture “French Lessons”. After filming it, he won real popularity and, as he himself says in an interview, he was even recognized on the streets.

Vadim Yakovlev movies

There were even action adventure films in the actor's filmography. For example, the movie “The Quartet” released in 1989.

All images are submissive.

Vadim Yakovlev - an actor who is able to perform any creative tasks. They often say about such people: “All genres and images are submissive to him”. He could take part in filming as bright, incendiary and eccentric comedy productions, as well as in serious criminal or detective dramas.

The merits of the actor were recognized not only by the audience at the movie screen, but, as they say, "at the very top". In 1985, he received the title of national artist. And for the enormous contribution to the development of theatrical and cinema art in St. Petersburg, he is awarded the Medal "For Services to the Fatherland" of the II degree.

On wide screens

The general public recognized the actor Vadim Yakovlev after the appearance on the screens of the country of the detective series “The agent of national security”. Yakovlev immediately accepted the offer of the director to play the investigator. In his time, he played criminal authorities, party workers, and policemen. No difficulty caused the role.

Yakovlev Vadim Vasilyevich

Further, there were fascinating and interesting, in the opinion of the actor, shooting in the TV series "Streets of Broken Lanterns". There was the historical film "Brezhnev". And in 2013 - successfully shot the tape "Judas", where Yakovlev plays the main role.


Despite his age, Vadim Yakovlev is not in a hurry for a tinned rest. “I'm a bad pensioner,” says the actor. Recently, he enthusiastically engaged in a new business for himself - dubbing of foreign films.

Did you know that the heroes of "Star Wars", "Enemy of the State", "All-Bank 2" and many other popular films speak in Yakovlev's voice? He is engaged in dubbing and animated films, calling this work not only funny and interesting, but also very productive and instructive. In total, the actor voiced more than thirty tapes.

Vadim Yakovlev biography

Personal life

As the actor says in an interview: “I got married once and for all.” The wedding was young and early, but the marriage was long and strong. Svetlana Alekseevna, the wife of an actor, is also directly related to the theater. She graduated from drama school. In the first years after graduating from a higher education institution, she worked as a scriptwriter on radio, wrote theater projects. But then she completely devoted herself to the profession of theater expert.

In parallel, young sons grew up in young theatergoers. Their birth Yakovlev considers the main event and achievement in their lives. The eldest son, it would seem, followed in the footsteps of his father. He enrolled after school in theater, even successfully graduated from it. But over time, as they say, he went into big business. According to the father, the son could achieve great success in the profession of director. But the family supported and approved his business initiatives, not bondage film career.

Vadim Yakovlev

The second son also tried to follow family footsteps. But, having entered a theatrical university, he could not stand the prejudice of teachers, and dropped out. Higher education younger son Yakovlev received at the Faculty of Psychology. He is currently engaged in programming and creating computer music.

On the Novgorod land, the Yakovlev family has a cozy country house.The wife, as the actor says, loves to do housework. He, although he does not like digging in the ground, does not leave a spouse without help in the garden. The actor is closer to building and working to enrich his family nest than he enthusiastically and is engaged in his spare time in the cinema.

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