Types of flooring and their advantages

When the house is repaired, the question often arises as to which type of flooring is best to choose. The answer depends on the characteristics of your room, and, of course, on your preferences. So, let's understand in order, what are the types of flooring, and also highlight their advantages and possible disadvantages.

Flooring from boards

This option is the simplest and most inexpensive element of floor finishing. Often this board is used in cases where not aesthetics is important in the house, but practical application. In addition, you can additionally cover the board with sheets of fiberboard. In this case, you get the most durable and durable floor. But when choosing, remember that wood flooring does not have a wide variety of designs, unlike other materials.

Linoleumbathroom floor tiles

If you wish to purchase an inexpensive floor covering, in which an interesting design is still present, we advise you to pay attention to the linoleums.To date, this finish has a lot of colors. This confirms the fact that in two hardware stores you will not find a similar design of linoleum. And this is a big plus. In addition, this coating is easily and quickly installed, and during operation you do not need to monitor the appearance of cracks and irregularities, as in the first case. It is also worth noting that these types of flooring are easy to clean and are not afraid of water at all.spanish bathroom tile


This option is a great solution for those who appreciate above all the comfort and convenience. Carpet can be used in almost any room, be it a bedroom or a nursery. Another plus is a large range of colors, patterns and patterns. You can also choose a specific length of the pile. The main disadvantage of carpet - it requires frequent self-care. Every week you have to do a thorough cleaning, otherwise such coverage will not last for a long time.

Ceramic tile

This is a very popular type of floor products, which due to its properties can be easily applied in rooms with a high concentration of moisture. Floor tiles for the bathroom exist in almost every hardware store. This option is very easy to install and unpretentious to maintain.Her material is not at all afraid of exposure to moisture, dirt and grease. It is possible to wash such surface by means of a usual rag. Its important advantage is the diversity in design and manufacturers. For example, if you likeSpanish tile for the bathroom, you can easily find it in Russia. Among the disadvantages are two points.types of flooringThe first is the high heat transfer of the tile. All the time, its surface will be excessively cold, so you need to additionally order floor insulation. The second disadvantage is the vulnerability to mechanical damage, including during installation. Therefore, when installing such a floor is better to trust the professionals. And in the future you need to ensure that the tile is not subjected to damage (especially if the family has small children).


So, we figured out what are the types of flooring. Now you can safely proceed to purchase!

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Types of flooring and their advantages 65

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