TV tuner - short and clear

A TV tuner is a device that receives television channels whose signals come from an internal or external antenna, satellite or cable television.

TV tuner

Types of tuners

TV tuner is of three types:

- An internal tuner is a card that is installed, for example, inside a computer. Also with it are installed special drivers and software for proper operation.

- An external TV tuner for a TV is a set-top box that connects to a TV or computer. It can work both with the computer / TV turned on and off.

- Hardware external - can be connected to the gap between the monitor and the video card. Works without a computer, just enough monitor and speakers.

The cheapest

External TV tuner is the cheapest, as well as multifunctional. It receives channels from an antenna or cable television. In addition, there is a function for receiving FM-radio.It can also be used as a video capture card. As practice shows, the quality of the received signal of different internal tuners is almost the same. But there are differences in functionality. Cheap tuners cannot sort channels, there is no automatic recognition of the color system, etc.

external tv tuner

average price

Devices called external USB TV tuners have fallen into the middle price category. Their functionality is the same as that of the internal ones. But they have one plus, and it lies in the fact that they can be connected without opening the computer, and used almost immediately after installation. But for laptops it will be inconvenient.

High price range

In the high price category got hardware external TV tuner. He is able to make a full-fledged TV from any monitor that will not depend on the PC Connect the monitor signal cable to the tuner and connect the tuner cable to the video card. You will receive a high quality image. In this case, the computer does not need to turn on. The disadvantage of it is that there is no possibility to record the program, because the tuner is not connected to the computer.Some models do not have a video input for a bundle with a video capture card.

Which one is better?

what is tv tuner

Nevertheless, you will find a tuner for a hardware-type TV, which has the function of video capture and transfer of this information through a USB port in mpeg4 format. However, the cost of such a tuner is much higher, and it will be easier to purchase an internal one and another - an external one. You will also find in the modern market internal and external tuners that can receive satellite TV. When buying such a device, we should not forget that for receiving satellite channels you will need at least the simplest satellite dish. If you have to record fragments of programs, then the internal tuner will be the most optimal acquisition. A hardware - will be the best for regular viewing of programs and save space.

Now you know what a TV tuner is, buy, connect and use it at your pleasure, watching your favorite programs, switching between many different TV channels.

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