Treatment of molluscum contagiosum in children. Molluscum contagiosum: causes, symptoms

Why are children infected with viruses and other types of diseases many times more often than adults? They have no experience that could protect them from these situations. After all, in this way the child studies the world by taking something from the floor in his mouth or stroking an unfamiliar animal on the street. There's nothing you can do about it. But any competent parent always needs to be alert and know as much information as possible about various diseases for a quick and timely response.

What is a contagious mollusk

This disease is nothing more than a viral infection that is transmitted in a variety of ways. Often it is compared to the well-known smallpox. Often there is a contagious mollusk in children. Photos of him can be seen in almost every children's clinic. Interesting fact: there are only 4 types of molluscum contagiosum virus: MCV-1, MCV-2, MCV-3, MCV-4. The disease causes problems in a person with skin.Acne appears with fluid inside.molluscum contagiosum in womenSometimes they look like nodules and are slightly noticeable, as they have a flesh color. By the way, the spread of the virus occurs due to the contents of acne, by combing them or rubbing it about clothes. It happens that molluscum contagiosum is compared to an infection called acrochordone, which contributes to the development of human papillomavirus in the human body. Only people are ill with this disease, i.e. animals are not its carrier and do not suffer from it. Scientists have found that the first two names of the molluscum contagiosum virus are more commonly affected by adults, and the main reason for this is unprotected sexual intercourse.

Contagious mollusk: photo. Treatment: What Depends

The most important thing to remember is a viral infection called molluscum contagiosum that can actively spread on the skin of a person with a weak immune system. Therefore, to avoid the constant repetition of the manifestation of this disease is possible only by strengthening the immune system. So far, neither physicians nor scientists all over the world can find a means by which it will simply cure this virus, because it turns out that it contains DNA molecules.The mechanism of its appearance is simple: when a person is surrounded by an unfavorable ecological environment and the protective properties of his body are significantly reduced, a molluscum contagious forms on the skin. The reasons for its occurrence are due to many facts:

  • In a child, a rash can appear anywhere on the body, as the infection of the virus in babies is due to domestic causes. Treatment of molluscum contagiosum in children occurs in several ways, ranging from the use of folk remedies to laser medicine.
  • For adults, the spread of viral infection in the external genitalia, thighs and lower abdomen is characteristic (if the infection has occurred through sexual contact).
  • If the mollusk gets on the skin of a person, an infection grows in its upper layer. But this may not happen immediately, that is, the result will be visible after a few weeks. Acne resembles nodules with cheesy content. Usually they are located far from each other one by one, but there are also fusions, which eventually form whole plaques up to 3 cm in diameter.

There are a lot of places where you can get contagious mollusk if you are talking about the household method: swimming pools, kindergartens, and any surfaces that have previously been touched by a person already suffering from this virus.Note that often this infection is protracted in nature from the time of its first manifestation. Sometimes its signs are visible only after six months (mainly in the field of tattoos). Pimples are different: dense and not very, solid or pearlescent. They do not cause any pain or anxiety in the form of an itch. And if such manifestations occur, then, most likely, a bacterial infection has joined, requiring special attention. The size of acne varies widely: from small (grain) to large (pea). When you press on them, that same cheesy mass is easily extracted from there, in which you can easily see the mollusks' bodies through a microscope. By the way, such a disease with significantly reduced immunity and improper treatment can regress in the human body for 4 years. This virus is now being actively studied by scientists and physicians around the world, as the cases of infection with it against the background of a significant deterioration of the ecological situation have become frequent. It can develop in several stages:

  1. The 1st is a typical development: the moment when new growths begin to appear, their number is small, they are far from each other and do not cause much concern.
  2. 2nd - generalized development: the number of acne increases, they can appear in different parts of the skin, even far from each other.
  3. 3rd - complicated development: the name speaks for itself. The areas where the neoplasms are located become painful and redden. The number of acne is constantly growing. Of these, pus is released when pressed.

molluscum contagious causes

It is important to know that a dermatologist should help in these cases. It is enough for him to look at the rash to determine the presence of a contagious mollusk. It happens that an analysis is required (scraping or pus), which in most cases only confirms the doctor’s diagnosis. It is easy for the doctor to determine the presence of an infection by the appearance of the neoplasms: they are often indented in the middle; Under the microscope, the bodies of mollusks along with the keratinized epithelium are detected in it. Of course, there is a small chance of confusion with syphilis or smallpox, but it is low. Now in the media there are many posts on how to conquer molluscum (photo).The treatment of such a disease, as well as the initially correct diagnosis made by the doctor, is possible only through the study of illustrative examples. Of course, many are inclined to set their own diagnosis and self-medicate. This should not be done, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor when the manifestation of the very first signs of the disease.

Contagious mollusk in children

treatment of molluscum contagiosum in children

The child is at risk of infection with this infection. Firstly, it often has a state of low immunity due to seasonal diseases and colds, and secondly, it contacts with a large number of carriers of contagious mollusk, for example, in kindergarten or at school. Its manifestation is no different from acne in an adult. Infection in children occurs only through direct contact with the source of the disease. Treatment of molluscum contagiosum in children can be very prolonged for one simple reason - the first signs of the virus will show themselves only after 2-3 weeks, and sometimes even more. A rash on the body of a baby occurs anywhere: body, head, limbs. It is unlikely to cause pain, but itching begins in most cases.Already mature mollusks are acne in a child up to 7 mm in size. They sometimes merge and form plaques. It is important to monitor the hygiene of the infected areas, do not let the baby touch and comb them. Of course, molluscum contagiosum is easily confused with smallpox. But you can check yourself: when the crumbs come out on the crumbs when pressing on a similar pimple, this is definitely an infection. Parents need to take note of the fact that children under 5 years old usually suffer from this disease. The reason is simple - at this time, their immune system is not yet fully formed and not adjusted to the adverse effects of the outside world, often in it failures occur. Therefore, from the first days of the baby's life, you need to take good care of this.

Do women suffer from contagious shellfish?

Of course, in this case, the response of the doctors is definitely positive. Contagious mollusk in women is quite common.molluscum contagiosum in children photoAnd one of the most important reasons is sexual contact with a virus carrier. But domestic routes of infection are also possible. For example, it directly concerns pregnant women of the fair sex. It should be noted that the development of this infection in their body lasts much less than the usual time (hormonal imbalance in this period).Women in the position of contracting contagious mollusks should not worry at all, because this will not affect the development and growth of the baby. During pregnancy, this infection can and should be treated, and at any time. There are a huge number of tools and procedures that allow you to get rid of the mollusk forever and without a trace. The main thing you need to know is that a born child can become infected with this viral infection due to breastfeeding.

Is a man able to become contagious molluscum?

A strong sex can also pick up this disease during sexual intercourse and less often by the household method. Contagious mollusk in men appears most often on the genitals, the lower abdomen, the inner side of the thighs. With focal virus manifestations, acne and their fusions can be located all over the body. It is important to know that a person with high immunity is unlikely to pick up such an infection. Therefore, in the treatment of molluscum contagiosum, doctors recommend that men donate blood for HIV to reduce their fears. Modern treatment is carried out quickly, painlessly and leaves no marks on the skin.

molluscum contagious in men

Treatment of molluscum contagiosum

Very often, dermatologists when analyzing a patient’s health and on the basis of his positive characteristics suggest that he wait for the body to cope with the virus itself. Usually, if there is an opportunity to tolerate, acne is a bit, they do not cause itching and pain, then this process lasts about six months. When the human immunity is reduced and constantly undermined by various seasonal colds and diseases, it is recommended to treat molluscum contagiosum. The treatment is chosen individually, depending on the characteristics of the body and the extent of the patient's skin lesions:

  • Acne can squeeze out, then scrape the curd mass with a sharp spoon of Volkmann. Sometimes this procedure is quite painful, although anesthesia is envisaged. Be sure that after this wound is treated with an alcoholic solution of iodine.
  • The doctor may prescribe various antiviral drugs. Contagious mollusk treatment with ointments also provides, only you need to competently combine them, say, with ultraviolet irradiation of the skin surface.
  • Various external effects of a surgical nature: liquid nitrogen, electric current or a modern laser.
  • The course of antibiotic drugs (from the tetracycline series).

Treatment of molluscum contagiosum in children requires more attention. Although Western doctors also tend to believe that the virus is the body of a small person able to win himself. And the period for this process is given from 2 to 4 months. At the same time it is necessary to observe hygiene, try not to comb or rub acne. Of course, the child is quite hard to do. Therefore, methods of dealing with the disease in this case too:

  • Mechanical method: extruding and scraping. Since not all children are able to withstand such a painful procedure, local anesthesia may be used.
  • Frosting and cauterization.
  • Enhance immunity through the use of immunomodulators.
  • The course of antibiotics in severe cases.

It is important that the treatment of molluscum contagiosum in children, as well as its initial diagnosis, was carried out by a qualified specialist, since in the early stages it is easy to confuse this rash with other skin diseases.

Folk remedies in the fight against him

If, as a result, you are diagnosed with a contagious mollusk, treatment of folk remedies is rarely forbidden by doctors.Therefore, pay attention to the two correct treatments for this viral infection:

  1. Celandine - a plant that is considered natural iodine. Pick fresh leaves and burn with acne.
  2. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Juice garlic burned out the rash, while it must be taken orally instead of antiviral drugs.

Laser medicine

molluscum contagiosum removalIn the case when you are exactly sure that you have a virus called molluscum contagiosum, removing the rash with a laser will allow you to get rid of it once and for all. The procedure is painless and is allowed to clean only the affected areas, without touching the healthy living tissue. After it, the skin will remain crusts, which eventually disappear on their own. The doctor may suggest that you treat them with special means for the fastest healing.

Opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

The well-known pediatrician says that immunity to this viral infection is developed very slowly, especially with regard to the child’s body. If you have been given a diagnosis-confirmed molluscum contagious diagnosis, Komarovsky emphasizes that you just need to be patient.To speed up the recovery process, no antiviral pills and suppositories, as well as ointments and numerous procedures, simply cannot.

Prevention and precautions

molluscum contagiosum ointment treatment

We all know that it is impossible to protect yourself from everything. But to prevent contamination of your skin with molluscum contagiosum is quite simple, you just have to follow some rules:

  • personal hygiene and home hygiene;
  • constant change of underwear and underwear;
  • to adults: to have only decent sexual relations, while knowing everything about a partner in terms of health;
  • if the child goes to the garden or to the school, after visiting them, try to carefully examine him;
  • Do not forget to spend more time outdoors, play sports and exercise, eat well. In general, improve immunity.

Of course, now there is a lot of information about the diagnosis of "contagious mollusk in children", a photo of which can be found in any source, but you, as conscientious parents, first of all have to show the kid to a good doctor. And only then heal the baby and direct all his strength to strengthen his immunity.

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