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It is difficult to find a person who has never traveled in his life. In some areas, local people live only by earning tourists by renting out housing and providing various services. Almost any airline has its own website where you can book tickets for any date and be at any airport in the world. Recently, however, more and more people prefer independent travel, and here each type of transport has its advantages, because the issue of finance often remains important. For a person who travels alone or in pairs, a motorcycle is one of the best decisions when choosing a vehicle.

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Such travel is relatively inexpensive. Fuel consumption on most modern motorcycles is much less than car consumption. In addition, the motorcyclist is more mobile than a motorist, especially when it comes to driving on rough terrain.Many tourist motorcycles easily overcome the routes inaccessible to the average car.

A motorcycle stuck in the dirt is easier to pull out than a car.

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A motorcyclist, unlike a car driver, is little protected from weather conditions. A sudden rain, cold spell, hail and just a strong wind can spoil the road or even make the motorcyclist stop. Many motorists will prefer to spend the night in the car, instead of putting up a tent, but the motorcycle driver will not only have to take care of the "canvas roof" over his head, but also to save his vehicle. The number of things that you can take on a motorcycle ride is very limited compared to the abundance of equipment that can fit inside the car (and there is also the upper trunk!).

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Necessary things

When planning a trip on motorcycles, you should, above all, think about where to sleep. If this is a tent, then it should be double-layered (with an awning) in order not to wake up in a pool of water during a heavy rain. By the way, you should also think about the tent for your moto in advance.This can be a special waterproof case, such can be purchased at car stores or order online. A more budget option is to sew such a fabric of water-repellent fabric itself; it can be found in stores called “parachute fabric” or “parachute”.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags should be chosen under the planned temperature. Look at the weather on the proposed route in advance. As a rule, the sleeping bag indicates the temperature for which it is designed. For example: comfort +10, extreme +5. This means that the average man will be warm at +10 in this sleeping bag without additional thermal insulation. It refers to clothing.

Tourist foam (karemat), of course, must be present necessarily. Extreme temperature is the lower threshold at which this sleeping bag will be useful. For example, if in the summer, riding a motorcycle to the Crimea, then a sleeping bag of +15 (comfort) will do. A big mistake in this case would be an autumn-winter sleeping bag designed for frosts. It will take a lot of space in the trunks, and in the morning a person will wake up wet from sweat.

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The so-called tourist skins / mats / karemats - the third point in the proper organization of the night. Motorbike drivers often take with them self-inflating mats.Besides the fact that they have excellent thermal insulation, they are soft and comfortable to sleep on. The reverse side is quite a large amount. A simple tourist foam is a more compact and inexpensive option, but it can be quite tough to sleep on one. Before you go on a trip on a motorcycle, be sure to make a test trip for a short distance overnight. You can also take inflatable pillows, but their task is easily handled by bags of clothing.

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Now there is almost always the opportunity to have a snack at some roadside cafe, but this makes the traveler dependent on infrastructure. In any case, you need to have a supply of provisions. For cooking while traveling on a motorcycle, a gas burner, working from small portable cylinders, is best suited. With the help of such a burner you can save time on kindling a fire, have a quick bite and go further or do some other things.

It is important to take a set of dishes. This should be a special tourist dishes, which can be stably positioned on the burner. Often, household saucepans are not suitable for this purpose.Another important point - compactness, this also applies to the burner. Choose models that take up little space, but at the same time are the most functional. Food can be carried in containers, cereals and pasta in the same plastic bottles.

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Marching life

Be sure to bring along simple household tools: a rope, a penknife, plastic ties for various sizes. Traveling on a motorcycle in Russia will be much more comfortable if you take a tourist shower with you. This is a special plastic bag equipped with a hose. Its capacity is usually 10 or 20 liters. Such a shower can be used as a wash basin or wash dishes with it. If the weather is warm, then in the bag you can collect water and fix it on the upper trunk of the motorcycle. After a few hours of driving, the water heats up under the sun. You can take a light shower curtain with you, but it can easily be replaced by a cover for a motorcycle, and the bars from the tent will easily become the basis of the shower cabin. If you plan to travel to Europe, then this device is unlikely to be useful, since almost every campsite has a shower.

A hot water bottle is another inexpensive item that will make your trip more comfortable.It is a small package that contains a substance that heats up on contact with air. Traveling on a motorcycle is often accompanied by a meeting with bad weather conditions, so if you feel cold - open the heating pad, and after a couple of minutes, when the reaction occurs, she will start to release heat. A squeezer costs a little, but is disposable.

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Motorcycle gear

We now turn to the equipment of the vehicle. A motorcycle must have at least one cigarette lighter. So always on hand will be electricity to charge your phone and navigator. While driving in the rain, the connector with wires can be covered with a rubber boot or a simple rubber glove.

The driver's back is another piece of equipment for a motorcycle, which is usually absent in urban moto. During long trips, it is extremely important because it allows you not to overload the pilot's back. Leg lifts will also allow you to travel comfortably, because the most correct posture is with legs extended a little to the sides and forward.

Even if all the equipment got into the wardrobe trunks, you need to bring along rubber harnesses with hooks and luggage rack.They can be tied over the floor mats, put shoes under them and any important things that may be needed on the road.

The windshield will help to cope with a head wind - the most unpleasant thing when traveling on a motorcycle.

The repair kit for tubeless wheels and, consequently, the camera will save a lot of time, if the bike is with camera wheels, as well as a set of tools for repair.

Route Reviews

Experienced tourists know what they are capable of and what they want. But what about newcomers? How to make a travel route on a motorcycle? Experienced travelers are advised to start with an easy trip along the highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Relatively slow ride, the opportunity to enjoy nature, a beautiful track and barbecue in nature. From the minuses, judging by the reviews, you can name only a fairly dense stream of trucks.

An interesting trip will be a trip to Scandinavia, where the north of Finland and southwest Sweden will be affected. On this route, motorcyclists complain about the strong wind: in these countries, it blows constantly, so you need to supply your motorcycle with a windshield.

For those who do not want to apply for a visa, a motorcycle ride to the Crimea will be the best option.Almost all travelers note that the road is excellent, and the infrastructure is developed (if, of course, compared with some other areas of our country), and the weather, as a rule, does not bring surprises, everything is within reason and familiarity.

Fans of hot countries will surely enjoy the route from Portugal to Egypt. We'll have to drive through Spain and Gibraltar, then wait for the ferry to Tunisia, and from there you can go straight to Egypt along the entire African coast. Motorcycle pilots agree that the only flaw in the way is dust. It is clogged everywhere and everywhere, so this must be taken into account when buying equipment.

One of the most beautiful motorcycle routes is the Argentine coast of the Atlantic Ocean. At any time, you can stop to soak up the warm waves, have a snack and fill up the moto. Motorcyclists' reviews are unanimous - there are almost no flaws in this route.

A motorcycle trip to the sea will be an adventure that can be remembered for a long time. The owners of the "iron horses" say that the feeling of freedom that you experience when riding a motorcycle doesn’t compare with anything.You are not tied to the schedule of trains and airplanes, all equipment can be carried with you. No hotel? It does not matter, because the tent is always at hand. However, any such journey requires preparation. It is necessary to recheck all the equipment several times, trying to reduce its weight and volume, but to increase the functionality. Well, if one thing will perform several functions. Before the trip is also required to conduct a full technical inspection of the motorcycle.

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