Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional

Scion xB - the car that became the secondmodel of the same name brand. It is built on the Toyota Yaris platform. It is worth noting that this is a very original car, which differs in a lot of features - from a non-standard appearance and finishing with high-quality details.

Scion XB

The lineup

So, Scion is a brand of the famous JapaneseThe car manufacturer, whose name is Toyota. This brand was founded in 2002 and was positioned (and at the moment is the same and remains) as a youth. Each Scion xB vehicle is offered to customers in one strictly fixed configuration. The first car of the brand was Scion хА, and then - and хВ. After a while, namely in 2005, the model line was replenished with the Scion tC coupe. But the production did not end there either, since in 2007 the manufacturers released the second generation of xB and xA. It should be noted that these are American cars that are of excellent quality, and this topic should be considered in more detail.

toyota scion xb

Main characteristics

It is worth noting that this car is being purchasedmany just for driving around the city, and in its quality SUV such motorists do not get too far. The most important thing for any car is the presence of a good review (that is, large glasses). Also, many prefer these cars, in which you can easily sit down and just as easily get out of them. And, of course, it is important to have an automatic transmission. All this is inherent in the car Scion xB. Characteristics, it is worth noting, very worthy, because of what this model and became popular. So, firstly - the Japanese assembly. Secondly, the gearbox, engine and suspension - all this is similar to other models from the famous Japanese concern. Many also note the spaciousness of the salon. In this car there is really no stiffness, the windshield is heavily removed, there is a mass of free space for the legs and above the head. In general, this machine claims to be the most spacious. And, of course, everyone is attracted to such details as additional equipment. This ABS, air conditioning, full-time radio, electronic windows, music system and much more.


It should be noted some more features,concerning the car Scion xB. The reviews show that her engine is very good. This four-cylinder unit, whose volume is one and a half liters, and power - 106 liters. from. The motor is very economical, especially if judged by American standards. The fuel consumption in the mixed mode is about eight liters per hundred kilometers, and on the road - 6.5 liters. And this, it should be noted, is very good performance, if you compare the model with other cars that have similar technical characteristics.

scion xb specifications

Restyling in 2010

Toyota Scion xB, compact front-wheel driveminivan, became so popular that in 2010, manufacturers showed the world a restyling version of this car belonging to the second generation. Developers have somewhat changed the appearance of the model, in addition, a number of options have been added. The usual Scion xB somewhat resembles a box - because of its unconventional appearance, which differs in the angularity of the bodywork. However, thanks to restyling, the model has acquired softer, as if streamlined lines of the body and form, but still retained its main features. If you compare the car with its predecessor, it is worth noting that the upgraded version has increased in size. This positively affected the internal space. Also, the capacity of luggage was increased to 611 liters. If you fold the rear seats, it will increase by half - to 1230 liters. The engine has also increased, now its volume is 2.4 liters. The same motor can be seen in the Toyota Camry. Excellent performance of the power unit gives the best dynamic performance.

Ratings and sales model

It should be noted that Scion xB was originallysold only in California, but after a while became popular in many countries around the world. More than 64,000 car owners in the US were interviewed, and following this survey, this model topped the rating for all indicators.

scion xb reviews

And after all, in fact, this choice is justified. A non-standard interesting appearance that makes the car noticeable, high-quality finishing materials, economy and thoughtful interior are all that is needed for a regular motorist. It should be noted that this brand, which is Toyota's "daughter", not only produces such cars. She is engaged in the manufacture of expensive exclusive components, as well as electronics for other machines. But due to Scion xB the company became the most famous. This car is ideal for people who want to stand out from the gray flow of other cars, and ordinary consumers who like solid, stylish and compact units. Every year this model becomes more and more popular. How to know, maybe after a while it will become a youth car that is universally accepted throughout the world, and many drivers will get excited by the desire to purchase this unusual car.

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Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional Toyota Scion xB - stylish, compact and functional