Tourism and Teletskoye Lake. Camp sites

One of the main attractions of Gorny Altai is Lake Teletskoye. The camp sites began to be built here in Soviet times, because this is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Siberia. In importance in Altai it can be compared with the mountain Belukha.

Tourism on Lake Teletsky

Tourism on Lake Teletskoye began to develop in the Soviet era. Previously, Teletskoye Lake could only be reached by a trail, the road to the village of Artybash (Lake Teletskoye) was built quite recently.Teletskoye Lake camp siteBut even on foot to get to the opposite shore of the lake is quite difficult, its shores are steep and impassable. Therefore, boats run on the water, taking tourists to various key points.

History of tourism

In 1928, the history of tourism on Teletskoye Lake officially began. A tourist base was created in the village of Artybash and a planned tourist route was developed. In the tourist camp were local residents, specially invited from the nearest settlements. The route was the first not only in Altai, but also in the whole of Siberia.The first hostel, the host of Soviet tourists, had the name "Golden Lake". Currently, there are a lot of camp sites on Lake Teletskoye, and then there was only one, and that was created on a state basis. The first expedition, which left the camp, followed the route: Artybash - Lake Teletskoye - Cape Kirsay (southern coast). The trek lasted 38 days.

In 1960, a tourist camp was opened for children - “Bear Cub”. Since then, children every summer rested on Lake Teletskoye, made boat trips on boats.

77th route

The most difficult planned route in the USSR. Existed for 33 years, was closed with the onset of perestroika. Route 77 passes through 11 passes. It begins and ends in Biysk. On the first day, the group was thrown at the Katun camp, then in Edigan. The walking part of the route was located between Edigan and Cape Kirsay on Teletskoye Lake. Then the path went along the water to the “Golden Lake” camp site. The duration of the voucher was 24 days, and the hike along the route - 18 days, while on foot - 10 days. The walking part of the route starts in Edigan.Artybash Teletskoye LakeOn the first day, 17 kilometers are covered. On the second day, the Taman-El Pass is overcome.From the pass there is a very beautiful view of the ridges and valleys of the Altai. Then the path passes through the valley of the Toguskol River to the Saigonosh Pass. Then the descent from the pass is quite steep and the crossing over the Malaya Sumulta river. Further, the ascent to the headwaters of the Aksaazkan River and the transition through the Uymensky Pass, from where a beautiful view of the Uymen Lake opens. And the descent to this very lake, where the grayling is found. In the vicinity, if lucky, you can see mountain goats on the rocks. The next step is to go through the Karasazkan pass. After the rest, you should go through the Sumultinsky Ridge (Pass "Tripod"). He is the tallest on the route, but is easy to pass. After a rest, the Samurlu Pass is overcome. Then there will be a transition through Chakryn - the spur of the Altyn-tu range. Then the crossing over the river, the last pass and the trail goes steeply down into the valley of Chulyshman. Then, down the river, the tourists finally reach the last point - Cape Kirsai, where they rest at camp sites on the shore of Lake Teletskoye and go on a 3-day boat trip to Artybash, in order to raft down the Biya River to Biysk.


The lake is beautiful at any time of the year, in winter it does not freeze, but you can only navigate the water surface on a boat in summer.Because in the winter on the lake sometimes such a wave rises, which reaches five meters. This is due to strong winds that blow from the adjacent valley of the Chulyshman River. Even the names of their specific - "nizovka" and "verhovka."chalets on the shores of Lake TeletskThe nature around the lake is diverse, for example, coniferous trees dominate in the north, and deciduous trees dominate in the south. This is due to the fact that on the southern coast a few degrees warmer. Once there were even fruit orchards, created by the efforts of the monks of a previously existing Christian monastery.

Chalets of Teletskoye Lake

The tourist business on Lake Teletskoye is currently very well developed. The largest number of hotels and hostels of Teletskoye Lake is located in the villages of Artybash and Iogach. You can reach them by a good highway from Biisk (Altai Territory) or through Tashtagol (Kemerovo region).Altai Lake Teletskoye camp siteThere are camp sites and hotels for every taste. Cheapest rooms from 350 rubles per day. Although in the summer, in July, the season begins, and the hotels and chalets of Lake Teletskoye are becoming more expensive. But at the same time, it is possible to save money and stay in a tent camp, to feel like a real tourist without amenities and comfort.But the reward will be a clear starry sky overhead and the fresh smell of the forest, and of course, delicious food cooked on a live fire.


Tours on Lake Teletskoye committed on large ships or on numerous private boats. The most popular is a walk on the lake to the Corbu Falls, but sometimes the ship goes even further to Cape Kirsay (the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye). If there are a lot of people and souvenir shops in Korba, then on Kirsay you can quietly and calmly admire the views of the lake, which are always picturesque and diverse in different weather. On private boats you can reach the Stone Bay, look into the village Yaylu.

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