Tornado remedy for weeds

Weeds are a scourge of any garden. Under all weather conditions, on different types of soils, they perfectly green and blossom while cultural plants are ill and require special conditions and careful care. We have to spend a lot of time and effort to clear from weeds at least a small piece of land. But the modern chemical industry is ready to offer helpers in this struggle - a variety of chemicals, for example, the "Tornado" from weeds.

tornado from weedsWhere do weeds come from?

They can take it from anywhere! Even in well-groomed areas, weeds are constantly appearing. Their seeds are carried by birds and animals, wind blows through the garden. They creep from neighboring plots or from the street. Therefore, it makes sense to use "Tornado" from weeds, reviews about which the overwhelming majority of truck farmers have positive.

How to deal with weeds

You can use old tested grandfathersmethods. Take over the garden tools and root, cut, dig. And you can rely on chemistry, such as "Tornado" from weeds. The most significant shortcoming of mechanical methods is too much effort and time. And how it is insulting, when a couple of weeks after a complete cleaning of the garden you see a new shoot! Just hands go down. Often also truck farmers cover for the winter garden bedstornado from weeds instructionwith a transparent film. This does not allow the weeds to germinate, since the sun does not reach the seeds. And in the meantime worms process grassy parts on compost.

What is a Tornado from weeds?

"Tornado" is a herbicide, the main activethe substance of which is glyphosate. By the way it acts, it is leafy, therefore, its destructive effect has a direct contact with the leaves. It is also systemic, which means the ability to move around the plant in the direction of the roots. And, finally, it is indiscriminate, that is, it acts on any plant that gets into it. It has a very pleasant property to completely split in the ground, which allows after harvesting the weeds to plant any crops without much harm. It should be borne in mind that the drug "Thortornado from weed reviewsit is necessary "does not work on unextended seeds, so weeds may again appear, although in smaller quantities.

Security measures

Herbicides, like other chemicals,can cause serious damage to health. Therefore, when working with a drug such as "Tornado" from weeds, the instruction should be studied thoroughly! The treatment is carried out in special gloves, so that the drops do not get on the skin. It can also be dangerous for already raised cultural plantations, as well as for trees. If you splash it with even a slight wind, the drops can seriously damage the garden. Therefore, use the "Tornado" from weeds in windless weather, and useful plants are recommended to cover.

The mechanical destruction of weeds, of course,much safer in many ways. But if you want to save your strength, "Tornado" will help get rid of boring thickets effectively, quickly and permanently.

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